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The children and parents had both thoroughly enjoyed the next few days, and September 1st had finally arrived. Reese woke up early, around 7:30 and packed all of her new school supplies. She dropped one of her books on the floor, waking Linden who was sleeping in a cot next to the two beds. 

“Morning” he said tiredly 

“Good Morning” she said, picking the book up off the floor and putting it in her trunk. They heard footsteps down the hall, and then Hermione popped her head in the door.

“Hey, guys, its time to wake up” she said “We’ve got a busy morning ahead of us.” At this, Max and Euen awoke, but James lay in bed, still sound asleep. Reese hit him with her pillow.

“W-what time is it?” He said groggily.

“8 o clock” said Euen

“Too early,” James said, pulling his pillow over his head. Reese and Max dragged him out of bed by his feet.

“Ah, you got him up” Ginny said from the doorway, “Good work girls.”  

Reese and Max laughed. 


Hermione had managed to get them all ministry cars to go to kings cross. With many children and many large trunks stuffed in the cars, they headed to kings cross. The 5 teens split off from the rest of the group and went off towards platform 9 ¾. They all reunited with old friends, and dropped off their trunks at the luggage station. Albus and Rose went off to find their mates, as well as Lily and Hugo. Reese hugged her mother and father, and headed to find a compartment with Max. Euen hugged his father and allowed his mother to kiss him on the cheek before running off to James, who was following Reese and Max. Once they found an empty compartment, they began to speak quietly about news James had hear from his father.

“He said the death eaters are starting to attack people” James began “All of the people attacked so far were either in the Order of the Pheonix, or Dumbledores Army.” 

“Are our parents safe?” Asked Reese

“They should be,” he replied, “Dad said he would be adding protection to ever Order and DA members house that he knows of at the moment and they are trying to get in contact with the rest before the news breaks in the Prophet. 

“When will it?” Asked Euen 

“Probably tomorrow or the day after that” James replied. A first year boy then opened the door. 

“H-hi, s-sorry to bother you, but have you seen a bit of parchment with a list on it anywhere?” The group all shook their head no, the boy apologized again and quickly left. 

“First years,” muttered Linden

“You know, that reminds me,” said James, reaching into the pocket of his jeans and pulling out a piece of parchment. 

“I remember Uncle George telling me about this, and I nicked it from my Dads office this summer,”

“What,” said Max “A bit of parchment?”

“Its not just a bit of parchment” Reese said, pointing her wand at it, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

“The Marauders Map” Max read, and James opened it up. 

“Its a map of the whole school, all the secret passages, and trapdoors and secret rooms, everything its all on here,” 

“Woah” said Euen 

“And,” said James, “Look.” He pointed at a black dot in the Headmistress study. The group bent forward to see. Minerva McGonogall, it read and Max gasped.

“You can see what everyone is doing, where they are, every minute of every day” James said.

“Now that, is awesome” said Linden. 

“Anything from the trolley dears?” Asked the witch from outside the compartment. James quickly stuffed the map under his leg. Once everyone had gotten their sweets, he tapped it with his wand and said “Mischef Managed”

“We better change into our robes” said Euen, and they did that, as the Castle came into view over the mountains. It always felt amazing seeing Hogwarts for the first time every year. It felt like the start of something amazing.

Professor McGonagall hit her fork to her glass, and the whole Great Hall fell silent.

“Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts, everyone” she said “Before we begin the sorting, I’d like to welcome our new Transfiguration teacher, Professor Hillien.” The students clapped as the new professor stood up. 

“Now,” continued Professor McGonagall, placing the sorting hat on the chair, “Let the sorting begin.” The hat sang about chance, opportunity and some “dark peril”. The sorting then began with Arwen, Wyatt, who was sorted into Slytherin. They all watched the nervous first years approach the stool, and cheered loudly when someone was sorted into Gryffindor. Finally, after a few words from McGonagall, the feast appeared in front of them. They dug in, and conversation about the upcoming school year arised. 

“I’m thinking of holding Quidditch tryouts in about two weeks,” Freddie said “Then we’ll have a good amount of time to practice as a team before the first match, which is mid-October.” 

“Sounds good,” Reese replied 

“Yeah,” James agreed, mouth full of chicken.

Conversation continued throughout dinner, and they all headed up to the Gryffindor common room.

“Password?” Said the Fat Lady.

“Lucidrious” said the Prefect standing in front of them, and the portrait swung open. It revealed the common room, dressed in red and yellow fabrics, fire a blazing, a warm, homey feeling to it. 

“It feels good to be back,” said Max. The group hung around in the crowded common room, before going off to bed, when the head of Gryffindor, Professor Longbottom came in to make sure everyone was off to bed. 

“No sneaking off on the first night, you lot,” said the Professor. 

“No promises, Professor,” replied Linden. 


The next morning, Reese woke to Max shaking her. 

“Time to get up, lazy” said Max, “Breakfast is starting soon.” Reese got up and out of bed, and put on her robes. The rest of the girls in the dormitory were already getting ready. Reese brushed her hair and teeth, and the girls headed downstairs, where they met the boys in the common room. 

“Why do girls take so long to get ready?” Asked Euen. 

“I don’t know,” said James, “But they sure do look better than us.” He smiled at Reese, which Max caught. 

They ate breakfast and received their schedules for the day, which included Transfiguration, Defense against the Dark Arts, and double Herbology all together. Other classes were different for each of the friends. Reese had Astronomy with James, and Ancient Ruins with Max. Linden was the only one still taking Care of Magical Creatures. 

They went through their day, and after lunch, they all headed to Transfiguration together, ready to scope out the new teacher. 

“Alright, lets see who’s here, everyone” Hillien began attendance. 

“Wren Axim” she said 

“Here” said a dry voice from the back, James groaned, he was not excited to have Wren in his class

“Next, Linden Meyers” 

“Here,” said Linden

“She seems pretty cool,” James said to Euen

“Tucker Kidwell” the teacher continued.

“Yeah,” agreed Euen 

“Maxine-“ the Professor was cut off

“Max.” Max said “Its Max”

“Alright then,” said the professor 

“James Potter” 

“Hurrrrr” James said in a funny voice. The teacher laughed. The entire room was surprised. There were only a few cool teachers at Hogwarts.

“Reese Wood,” the teacher continued, Reese raised her hand. 

The class continued, and the 5th years were surprised to how much fun they could have in a Transfiguration class. James and Reese were walking out of the door, talking, when the back of Reese’s cloak was pulled, and she staggered backwards, but did not fall. James and Reese turned around to see Wren Axim standing there. 

“Fun class, eh” said Axim, “hot teacher, bet you loved that James, since you can’t keep a girlfriend,”

James looked infuriated. Reese grabbed James’ arm,

“Let’s go, James, he’s not worth it,”

James looked at her, and calmed down slightly. She turned him around and they began to walk the other way. 

“That’s right, Potter, just let your little incompetent girlfriend calm you down, but we all know your just too much of a sissy to hit me,” Axim said loudly so everyone in the hall could hear. James lost it, and lunged at Axim. 

Professor Longbottom was walking through the hallway at the time, and pulled James off of Axim, and brought him into his office. Everyone looked at Axim. He had a large purple mass on the side of his head, probably from James’ wand. Reese was very confused to why James had even jumped on Axim. He was walking away, until Wren called her incompetent. She, however, ignored this, and continued onto her next class with Max. 



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