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Hugo’s eyes cracked open. He was lying in a warm bed with rugs flooding the floor. He put his feet down and got a drink which he found lying on the side of a cupboard. There was a window and rows of patchwork fields lay ahead if the waist height grass. He spun around and saw a small wooden wagon that must be the room he was staying in. Memories came floating back of him escaping Scorpius and about to get hit by brooms. He wondered if he was in heaven... He stepped back inside and looked in the mirror, he had no cuts it bruises on him so how couldn’t he be dead?

A girl walked in and looked at him up and down with her arms folded. “Enjoying your sleep? Was it nice and comfy? Unbelievable this is nicer than my room!” Hugo didn’t understand how that small wagon had another room in it.

“Am I dead?” He asked.

“Dead? Where did you get that idea!?”

“I was about to crash into those brooms...”

“He must have saved you. Besides we never get anyone knew here! No one real anyway.”

Before he could even ask her name she walked out through a red door. Suddenly the owner of the shop walked in. “Follow me and I will explain exactly what happened.” He said.

“But what about the girl?”

“Oh her. Don’t bother with her. And don’t look so scared I checked for the last if the escaped lions yesterday!” He said laughing at Hugo’s shocked face. He led him down a corridor and up dozens of steps which was impossible before taking him through a door, behind a red curtain and they were back in the shop! “This isn't right. This can’t be right!”


“Ok Hugo I need to tell you something before I explain. Your supposed to be dead. I interfered in fact... I saved you.”

“You saved me?”

“Yes I did. I am a traveler, and this shop is my means of transport. I travel through time as well. And up those hundreds of stairs are my wonders. People pay to come here and they get to see my shop, the wonder, the delight! It’s like nothing anyone could imagine. People pay a small fee to get in here and it isn’t money or gold it is a piece if their imagination. Now now, don’t look so shocked! It grows back... In time... But that’s what keeps my shop running! Not magic or spells, but imagination does the trick. The only thing is, is that they can’t remember after all they have left is a foggy glow of happiness or maybe, just maybe, the feeling that their lives have changed forever.


“How and why did you save me?”

“I got my silver birds to follow you around and they saw you were going to get hit and well, I was nearby so I pulled you out if the way took you to this shop and basically saved you.”

“But why?”

“The moment I realised you remembered this place I knew you were special. I need to test you in some way to see if you really are. Come with me travel the world! I’m giving you the chance if a hundred lifetimes! Maybe even thousands! I will give you lessons and if you pass you can work with me.”

“And if I fail?”

“I’ll send you back to your time a though you didn’t nearly get hit.”

“Well we have ourselves a deal.”



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