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Albus Dumbledore stepped onto the doorstep of Gales orphanage ready to see a boy named Harry Potter who had been put there since his aunt and uncle decided they didn’t want him any more. He rapped on the door three times and waited for someone to answer. It took a few minutes because of the amount of locks on the door, and the person who answered it was a tall man with a very large head, he said, “how may I help you?”

“I’m am here’re about the boy.”

“Ahh well you’ll have to follow me.”

“I wish to see him.”

“Oh! Fix him?”



Albus was shown down a few flights of stairs into a long narrow basement.

“You keep him down here!” He said.

“We have no choice.” He began, “he gets fed regularly and he’s aloud out once a week!”

They both stopped behind a big iron door. “Do you want me in there with you?” Said the orphanage owner.

“No I wish to see him alone.” And the owner took a few attempts to unlock the door before opening a dark room with a lot of books. The door shut behind him. “Who are you?” Said a boy with scruffy black hair.

“I am Albus Dumbledore.”

“Are you a doctor?”

“No I am a professor.”


The boy was reading a book called Treasure Island. Dumbledore scanned the bookcases looking at a few more children’s books like Alice in Wonderland but also seeing adult stories like Shakespeare and Hitler.”

“You’ve read all these?” Asked Dumbledore.


“Impressive... Do you like it here?”


“Well these  ‘incidents’ that keep happening around you... Show me what you can do.”

The boy stood in front of the bed and looked straight into the books, they went straight up into the air onto the ceiling. Albus didn’t know what kind of magic this could be as nine year olds shouldn’t be able to do that. He knew that the boy was just like him. He had expected to pick him up and tell him about Hogwarts but instead he decided to tell him something else...

“I-” He started,

“They call me a monster but I am one anyway.”

Everything Albus was going to say flew out the window. “I’m a monster too.” He said before making the books on the shelves and in the book case tremble and then soar around the room.



The very next day...


The orphanage owner sent a doctor in to see the boy with jet black hair but was surprised to find he wasn’t there. But little did he know no matter how much he searched that it was he who helped the boy pack his suitcase to go with Albus Dumbledore. He had no memory of it. But it was strange how many time he had that dream where the boy had a very strange man were walking out into the dark night but no matter how many times he ran and ran he could never quite catch them.






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