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I finished my salad and went to the sink. To my surprise and relief it washed itself. That was good, a Malfoy never knew how to do house chores. 

I went to the living room, where Granger had her eyes closed. Suddenly, a book, a blanket, and an armchair appeared infront of her. My eyes widened. 

How did she do that? 

She opened her eyes and saw them. She smiled and reached for the book. But for some reason she immediately let go as if burned. She tried sitting in the armchair but reacted the same. Finally she tentatively touched the blanket and seemed relieved. But then she dropped it to the floor and gasped in pain. 

What is going on? I wondered. First Granger somehow wishes all theses things, then they don’t work for her. 

I shook my head and went upstairs to the bedroom. I was speechless when what remained of our bed was only the mattress, and the frame. No pillow, no blanket. I checked the bathroom. Only the sink was working. There was no soap. 

I went downstairs again and nearly laughed. 

Granger was on the floor, rubbing her back and complaining loudly. Adding to the surroundings around her was a pillow, a water bottle, and a piece of parchment and quill. 

“What happened Granger? Chair gave away from your weight?” I mocked. 

“No. It disappeared.” She said absent-mindedly.


Disappeared? Who cares. I need a blanket and a pillow to sleep. And I’m not going to share the bed again. 

“Well, thanks for the stuff. I needed them.” I said, forgetting what had happened to her when she held it. I grasped the pillow and smirked, while Granger watched me with wide eyes.


 “What?” I snapped. 

“You’re holding it?” She pointed. 


“Erm, yeah.” 

“But I couldn’t!” She exclaimed. 

I looked at the pillow, expecting smoke or something. Thankfully, nothing happened to my precious skin. She got up and touched the pillow again. 

“Ow! Why is it that you can hold it while I can’t?” She said, blowing on her finger.

“I don’t know. But it works for me.” I grinned evilly and gathered all the things, taking them to my bedroom. 

“By the way, I’m TAKING THE BED!” I shouted back as I went upstairs. 

“MALFOY! GET BACK HERE! I NEED THOSE!” She hollered, running after me. I ran into the bedroom and slammed the door shut. Then I smirked and prepared my bed for tonight. 




​​​​​​​How did he do that? 

​​​​​​​ I wondered, as he slammed the door in my face. I trudged back to the kitchen, the only place where there was any chair. 

“Hello.” A misty voice said behind me. 

I turned around and saw the maiden ghost. I rolled my eyes. I was cranky and decided to ignore her. 

“I’m not that easy to ignore.” She said, as if reading my thoughts.


 “I AM reading your thoughts.” She said once again. 

I whirled to face her. She could read my thoughts? 

So much for privacy.


​​​​​​​“Indeed. Even I find it quite annoying when John does that to me.” She agreed. 

I squinted at her. Now that I saw her more closely, I saw that she resembled someone.. but I didn’t know who. I even got that feeling from John.. 


“Who are you?” I asked. 

She hesitated, then said, “Mary.” 

That didn’t feel right. I had a feeling that John wasn’t that ghost’s name either. They were lying, but I guess they had their own reasons. 

“Ok.” I accepted. Then I remembered why I had decided to ignore her in the first place. 

“What type of riddle was that? You give the hint to me, but Malfoy gets benefits!”


 “Ah. About that. You didn’t listen to it properly. Run it through your head again. You will find the answer.”


I thought and played her riddle over in my head. 

Empty as the room, empty your mind, think about what is needed, but ONLY TO BE KIND. 

“Yes. Exactly.” Mary said, nodding to my train of thought.


 “So I thought of something that was needed, and only Malfoy can use it; the whole TO BE KIND part... That means.. Malfoy has to think of something, and then I’ll have some comfort in this house!” I groaned and buried my head in my hands. 

“What’s wrong?” Mary asked, confused. 

“Malfoy. He’s never going to do anything for me. And everything he needs is already with him! Thanks to me! He’s even taken the bed!” 

“Hmm..” she tapped her chin. 

“No! Wait! Didn’t you say yesterday that we have to share the bed?” I asked excitedly. Yesterday I would have slept on the floor, but the sleep wasn’t that bad.


 “Sorry. That was only meant for yesterday.” She said apologetically. 

I returned to massaging my temples. So far, it didn’t look like I would survive here. 

“I’m sorry. Now, today will be free, then tomorrow John and I will have something for you.” She informed me, then left, leaving me to deal with my own problems.


I spent the rest of the day eating, sitting, chatting with the ghosts, and banging Malfoy’s door. I didn’t tell him about my discovery. My best hope was that he accidentally thinks of something, and then I get to use it.


It was soon night. The breeze was chilly even though the windows and doors were shut. I curled up in the living room, beside the fire. 

The stone floor was freezing, and I didn’t have a sweater or blanket. I was kept awake by the cold, and also disturbing thoughts about Hogwarts.


Are Harry and Ron searching for me? What about Professor Dumbledore? Does he know where I am?

​​​​​​​I eventually slept, too tired to even bother with the cold.





​​​​​​​I was thirsty. I got up and went to the kitchen sleepily. After drinking a glass, I went back through the living room. I saw Granger curled up beside the last embers. 

It was cold. I wondered if I could give my blanket to Granger. She looked like she needed it more than I did. 

Suddenly I spotted a neatly folded blanket beside her. I frowned. That definitely wasn’t there before. 

Grabbing the material, I realised I could touch it. I hesitated. One blanket wasn’t enough for me in the freezing cold. On the other hand, Granger was shivering and her breath was becoming raspy. The fire was also pretty dim. 

Before I could change my mind, I spread the blanket on top of her, covering all the exposed skin. I stepped back. 

What is wrong with me?

I went to my room, muttering to myself. What I didn’t see was that two ghosts were smiling at me from the kitchen.


AN/: hey..sorry. I was SUPER busy for the last few days.. anyway. Hope things are a bit clearer now! 

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