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Everyone started coming in, I decided it was best I sat up, so I did. I saw Cedric wave towards me, I waved back. I noticed his hand was wrapped in a bandage. He started walking over. “Hey.” He said. “Hi... what happened to your hand?” I asked. “Oh, when I fell in Moody’s class.. when you stupefied me.” He said smiling. “You’re ok though?!” I suddenly asked. “Yeah, A small stick just dug into my hand!” He said smiling even brighter. I chuckled. “Sorry for worrying..” I said awkwardly looking at the table. “Hey, it’s ok! I would of felt that way to— I better go..” he said seeing Hufflepuff kids staring. Cedric walked off to them and said hi and sat down. I sighed. I saw the food appear. I looked around the table and saw tomato soup. I shrugged and grabbed it.


{7:00pm end of classes}


I was exhausted, I had lots of classes. All I wanted to do was sleep. I finally reached the dungeons stairs and walked to the Slytherin dorms. I went to my 4 poster bed, got changed then laid down. I sighed, turned to my side and drifted off into a deep sleep. It only felt as if it was 5 minutes (it was actually an hour) when I heard someone in the common room. I slowly walked out, clutching my wand. I saw it.... A black dog staring at me. I stared in horror. I raised my wand to fight it. It was too late. I felt it jump on me. I let out the loudest scream I ever screamed as I felt it’s claws.



{who do you think the “dog/wolf” is? Do you think it hurt Draco?}


{Thanks for reading! Next chapter coming soon!!}

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