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This is chapter 2 woop! Three updates in one night!


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Chapter 2 : The Vanishing Glass! 

(Part 2/2) 

(This means I'm talking) 

[This means it's the scrip/ video talking] 


Third person pov


As everyone was thinking the screen turned back on again and began playing the next scene of the movie.


[The scar's glow immediately dies down, and the camera pans to see Harry who is now 10 years old, still sleeping.] 


[Then, the light turns on outside his bedroom cupboard under the stairs]


[Petunia: Up. Get up. [She knocks on his closet door repeatedly] Now! [Smacks door of closet and walks into the living room]


[Harry wakes up, turns on his bedroom light and puts on his glasses with tape on the bridge, indicating that it was partly damaged.] 


[A large, tubby boy, Dudley Dursley, suddenly comes running down the stairs above the closet. He stops half-way down and goes back, jumping on the staircase.]


[Dudley: Wake up, cousin! We're going to the zoo!] 


"what a big kid" said Fred and george as everyone but Mrs weasley laugh, she looked over at harry then at younger Harry on the screen frowning. 


[Harry looks up to the join works of the stairs with small amounts of dusts rising. Dudley laughs, comes down the stairs and runs for the kitchen.] 


[Harry tries to come out of the closet, but is pushed back in by Dudley. Petunia is in the kitchen, where Dudley has gone.]


[Petunia: Oh, here he comes, the birthday boy!Vernon: Happy birthday, son.] 


[Petunia and Dudley giggle together. Harry comes into the kitchen, dressed in outgrown clothes.]


"wait petunia giggles I thought she only cackled" said snape softly, Harry heard what he said 'did snape just make a joke' he thought. 


[Petunia: [to Harry, unpleasantly] Why don't you just cook the breakfast, and try not to burn anything.] 


[Harry: Yes, Aunt Petunia.] 

[Harry then gets to work on cooking the bacon]


"wait a minute" yelled Mrs weasley getting eveyones attention, she looked pointedly at harry "you were cooking on a hot stove when you were 10 harry dear" he asked softly. 


Harry nervously nodded his head, "aunt petunia tought me how to cook since I was like 7 but I've been cleaning since. I was 5" he mumbled. 


Almost everyone glared at Dumbledore who looked down ashamed again. 



[Petunia: I want everything to be perfect for my Dudley's special day] .


[Vernon: [to Harry, who is taking his time placing the bacon on the plates] Hurry up! Bring my coffee, boy!] 


[Harry: Yes, Uncle Vernon.] 


"they don't even call you by your name harry" said hermione looking like she wanted to cry. 


[Petunia leads Dudley over to the family room, where there are a vast amount of presents. Dudley stares.]


[Petunia: Aren’t they wonderful, darling?Dudley: How many are there?] 


[Vernon: Thirty-six. Counted 'em myself.] 


[Dudley: Thirty-six?! But last year last year I had thirty-seven!!] 


"spoiled brat" professor Mcgonagall snarled in a very snape like fashion at dudley.


Whixh earned a few laughs from everyone around her. 


[Vernon: Err yes, well, some of them are quite a bit bigger than last year.] 


[Dudley: I don't care how big they are!] 


A small" spoiled brat" was whispered again this time by professor Snape.


[Petunia: [calming him down] Oh, now, now, now. This is what we're going to do, is that when we go out, we're going to buy you two new presents! How's that, pumpkin?] 


[Outside the house morning. The happy family is heading to the car.]


[Petunia: This will be a lovely day at the zoo. I'm really looking forward to it.] 


[Harry then goes to go in the car, but Vernon stops him, pointing his keys at him.]


[Vernon: I'm warning you now, boy. Any funny business, any at all, and you won't have any meals for a week. Get in.] 


[At the London Zoo. The family is in the reptile house, looking at a large Boa constructor.]


[Dudley: Make it move.] 


[Vernon taps the glass of the cage.]


[Vernon: Move!] 


[Dudley taps the glass much harder, and Vernon nervously winces.]


[Dudley: MOVE!] 


[Harry: He's asleep!] 


[Dudley: He's boring.] 


[Dudley and his parents head over to another enclosure. Harry is left with the snake.]


'oh dear merlin not this part' harry though desperately as he buried his head in his hands. 


[Harry: Sorry about him. He doesn't understand what it's like, lying there day after day, having people press their ugly faces in on you.] 


[The snake looks up and blinks.] Can you...hear me? [The snake nods]

[It's just...I've never talked to a snake before. Do you...I you talk to people often? [The snake shakes its head]


[You're from Burma, aren't you? Was it nice there, do you miss your family? [The snake turns its head in the direction of a sign which says, Bred in Captivity] I see.] 


[That's me as well. I never knew my parents, either.] 


[The now awake snake has attracted Dudley's attention. He comes over to the glass, knocking Harry to the floor.]


"you can speak to snakes harry" asked sirius, Harry nodded not looking up form his arms, sirius sighed and hugged harry, Harry flinched abit but then hugged back. 


"its fine" said sirius. 


[Dudley: Mummy, dad, come here! You won't believe what this snake is doing!] 


[Dudley puts his hands on the glass wall. With his back turned, Harry glares at him. Suddenly, the glass disappears, causing Dudley to wretch forward, losing his balance.]


[Dudley: Whoa! Ahh! Ahh!!] 


[Dudley falls into the snake enclosure, sputtering in a pool of water. Harry snickers at what he saw. The snake gets out of the exhibit, stopping in front of Harry.]


Everyone then begins roaring in laughter as the fat pig well into the tank.


[Snake: Thanks.] 


[Harry: Anytime.] 


[The snake slivers off to the exit.]



[There is a lot of screaming as the snake heads for freedom. Dudley gets up to get out, but the glass is now back over the enclosure. Seeing that he is now trapped, he pounds the glass in panic.]


[Dudley: Mum, mummy!] 


[Petunia: [notices him in the exhibit] AHH!] 


[Dudley: Mum, help! Help me!] 


[Petunia: My darling boy! How did you get in there?! How did you get in there? Dursley, oh, Dursley!] 


[Harry grins and snickers, Vernon notices this and glares down at him. Harry's grin disappears, knowing that he is in trouble with Vernon.]


Sirius growls at the scared look his godson had on his face from his uncle. 


The screen once again turned black and everyone didn't know what to say they just sat there 


A few words then appeared on the screen 


(next chapter... 


Letters from know one!) 


Harry smiled as he remembered this scene 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _


The end


This is probably the most updates I've done in one day so I hoped yoy have liked this one!




Word count : 1160



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