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Hi welcome to chapter 1 I hope you will like it 


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 


Chapter 1 : Doorstep Delivery

(Part 1/1) 

(This means I'm talking) 

[This means it's the scrip/ video talking] 


Third person pov


As the words disappeared the screen turned on to display the movie starting I can already tell that I won't like this 


But oh well, I then slupped back into my seat and got comfortable as my life was being played. 


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/Transcript


Doorstep Delivery


[It is nighttime in Surrey, we see two owls on the street sign "PRIVET DRIVE" and the camera pans to the street with very identical looking brown bricked houses.] 


[One the owls fly away to reveal a elderly man with crimson robes, and the long silvery white beard named Albus Dumbledore walks through a forest near the street.] 


"look its you professor" cried the twins as Dumbledore smiled at them calmly. 


[He takes out his deliminator and activates it. Dumbledore zaps all the light out of the lampposts.] 


[He puts away the device and a cat meows. Dumbledore looks down at the cat, which is a tabby and is sitting on a brick ledge.]


"hey look its Minnie" called sirius yelping as remus slapped his head and Professor Mcgonagall glared at him.


The others(apart from snape and mad eye) all laughed at him,Harry smiled as they had fun.


[Dumbledore: I should have known that you would be here...Professor McGonagall.] 


[The cat meows, sniffs out and the camera pans back to a wall. We see that the cat's shadow progressing into a woman with a tall hat. There are footsteps and Minerva McGongall is revealed.]


"HA I new it" yelled sirius jumping up and doing weird dance, remus then dragged him back down on to the sofa.


[McGonagall: Good evening, Professor Dumbledore. Are the rumours true, Albus?] 


[Dumbledore: I'm afraid so, Professor. The good, and the bad.] 


[McGonagall: And the boy?] 


[Dumbledore: Hagrid is bringing him.] 


[McGonagall: Do you think it wise to trust Hagrid with something as important as this?] 


[Dumbledore: Ah, Professor, I would trust Hagrid with my life.] 


Mcgonagall blushed red in embarrassment and mentally apologising to hagrid in her head.


[There is a motor sound, and the two professors look up to see a flying motorcycle coming down from the air.] 


"THATS MY MOTORBIKE!!" cried sirius as he pointed an acussing finger at hagrid on the screen remus sighed at rubbed his aching forehead. 


[It skids on the street and halts. A large man with shoulder length black hair and beard named Rubeus Hagrid, takes off his goggles.]


[Hagrid: Professor Dumbledore, Sir. Professor McGonagall.] 


[Dumbledore: No problems, I trust, Hagrid?] 


[Hagrid: No, sir. Little tyke fell asleep just as we were flying over Bristol. Heh. Try not to wake him. There you go.] 


[Hagrid hands a baby wrapped in a bundle over to Dumbledore.]


[McGonagall: Albus, do you really think it's safe, leaving him with these people? I've watched them all day. They're the worst sort of Muggles imaginable. They really are...] 


[Dumbledore: The only family he has.] 


"yeah some family" scoffed Harry quietly,while sirius and remus looked at him with confused looks. 


[They stop outside a house which is 4 Privet Drive.]


McGonagall: This boy will be famous. There won't be a child in our world who doesn't know his name. 


"don't I know it" sighed harry, snape heard him and clocked an eyebrow in silent confusion 'potter doesn't like the attention' 'hmmm interesting'. 


Dumbledore: Exactly. He's better off growing up away from all that. Until he is ready.


[Dumbledore places the baby on the ground slowly. Hagrid sniffles, he is sobbing a little. He clears his throat.]


"YOU LEFT HIM ON A DOORSTEP IN AUTUMN ARE YOU MENTAL!!!" screamed Mrs weasley, Sirius, remus, ginny and Hermione they all lepted out of their seats 


They all cornered dumbledore all wishing they had there wands on them. 


"I did put a warming charm on him before I left bedsides they where his only family" said dumbledore hesitately. 


Harry looked shocked at what happened but then remembered about the dursleys his looked turned to a terrified one. 


'oh dear merlin' he thought dropping his shoulders in defiet,everyone then calmed down and returned to their seats as the movie played on. 


[Dumbledore: There, there, Hagrid. It's not really goodbye, after all.] 


[Hagrid nods. Dumbledore takes a letter and places it on the baby, who is now at the foot of the door.]


All the women in the room cooed at baby haryy "Awww  your so cute harry", Harry blushed bright red as Sirius laughed. 


[ Dumbledore: Good luck...Harry Potter.] 


[The baby has a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead. The camera slowly zooms towards the scar which glows brightly and it immediately flashes, transitioning to a stormy cloud sky.] 


[The film's title in metallic gold zooms out around the camera, and lightning flashes to brighten it up. Then, the lightning flashes engulf the screen, transitioning it to the present time.]


  The screen then turned black and more words appeared on the screen 


(and that is the end on the first chapter of this movie) 


Everyone was silent not really knowing what to say, sirius and remus where thinking, tonks was next to remus casually rubbing his arm in a comforting way. 


Harry was still in panic mode as he remembers what happens next and the snake. 


Mrs weasley, hermione and ginny where All angry at the old Headmaster who had a sad look on his aging face. 


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 


The end 


This is the end of the first chapter, I never new how short this scene is so I guess they won't be longer than 1,000 words but what ever. 


It will be easier to update now but yeah comment (only nice) comments on what you think of this, because it's actually fun writing this so far chapter 2 will be up later so look out for it. 


Anyway Bye! 


Word count : 1001



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