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So Hi welcome to the first chapter this is set in the summer of harry's Fifth year so they are all at 12 Grimmauld place and Sirius is alive still!

Anyway let's begin

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Prologue : The Beginning
(Part 1/1)
(This means I'm talking)
[This means it's the scrip/ video talking]

Third person pov


So far for harry his summer had been horrible but that was saying something he hadn't heard from his friends for weeks or sirius


He was getting annoyed, but that all changed when he was saved by the order when they came to the dursleys a few weeks into the summer holidays.


Harry was over the moon with Joy when he saw sirius again after what happened last year.


Now that brings us up to date.


Harry pov


"dinners ready everyone" called Mrs Weasley, I then made my way downstairs quietly tiptoeing past Mrs Black's painting.


I soon got to the kitchen where Mrs weasley was finishing dinner, I've missed Mrs Weasleys cooking.


Now I don't have to cook everyday like at the Dursleys.


As I walked in I saw that most of the order was hear maybe they have a meeting after dinner, I thought as I sat next to sirius who was at the head on the table


With professor lupin next to him on his left, then next to me was Ginny and then the rest of the weasley and order were sitting down.


It was a slow but fun dinner everyone talking and laughing the weasley boys all scoffing there food.


I've missed this so much when I was at the dursleys, with nothing to do not even being able to talk to my friends.


Soon everyone was finished the kids (me, Ron, hermione, ginny, Fred George) were all kicked out as the meeting started.


We all decided to sit outside on the floor in the hallway by the door, we tried listening in but we couldn't hear.


They must have used a charm so we wouldn't hear them, damn it unfair, I don't know how long we were sat there


But I was starting to get dizzy and my vision went back, I felt my body collapse onto the dusty floor.


_. _. _ _ _ _ _ _ - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 - - - -  __.


I could hear a voice trying to wake me up.




"harry wake up"


"pup come on I need you to wake up"


It sounded like sirius's voice, he was the one trying to get me up, so I did I opened my eyes


As I did I saw a blurred figure kneeling down next to me, "sirius" I mumbled.


I felt his hand on my cheek. "yes pup it's me are you OK" he said


"y-yes I'm fine I think" I said sitting up with sirius's help, he then gave me my glasses so I slipped them on


And I could see again, I saw that the order and all the weasleys also professors Dumbledore, Mcgonagall and snape where there.


We were in a room of some kind, it have many sofas and a huge screen in front of us.


As we settled down in the seats provided for us I was in the middle of remus (who kept on telling me to call him that instead of professor) and sirius.


We were all in some sort of line next to each other.


(hi everyone!)


Then suddenly the screen came to life and a few words appeared on it, everyone was shocked and reached to grab theirs wands


But they weren't there!


(no magic allowed here thank you very much)


Then new words replaced the ones from before! "who are you" called Professor dumbledore calmly.


(I am just an ordinary fangirl who wants to mess with my favourite characters)




(*laughs* ummm because its bloody fun, I've already done this with the Sherlock characters so now it's your turn)


"why are we here what are we meant to be doing" asked Mrs weasley


(you are All here to watch the harry potter movies which are based on young Mr Potters life)


I then groan quietly to myself as Sirius and remus pat my shoulders.


(so yeah, first we are going to start of with The first movie which is called


'Harry Potter and the philosophers Stone'


(so enjoy!)


(also jsut so you know all of time has stopped so when you have finished watching all 8 movies time will resume and you will be able to leave and continue on with your lives)




As the words disappeared the screen turned on to display the movie starting I can already tell that I won't like this


But oh well, I then slupped back into my seat and got comfortable as my life was being played.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


The End


I hoped you have liked this I've always wanted to write a harry potter characters watch the movies fanfiction and I did it so sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes.


Updates will probably be late and long because I will eventually forget I ever started writing this but anyway I hoped you will enjoy reading this as much as reading my other characters watch (something)


Also I will be writing about more than 1,000 words each chapter (apart from this one obviously) so they will all be long with lots of words




Word count : 890


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