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Hugo gathered his things together the next day for herbology. He was dealing with mandrakes and thought he was fairly good at it. “Right class put your earmuffs on don’t forget to or you may pass out for the day on your second week back to school.”

“Yes Professor Longbottom.” The class chanted. Professor Slughorn walked in and muttered something about Professor Mcgonagal needing some help about an escaped mandrake.

“Er class dismissed I’m afraid we will have to postpone this lesson.” And with that he ran out.

Hugo started to worry as it had been three days since he had escaped from Scorpius and each day he knew his revenge would be more and more terrible seeing as he had stolen all of those items back from them... Suddenly he felt a pair of hands close around his shoulders. “Happy to see me?” It was Gib Scorpius’s most faithful pal and Hugo for one was not happy to see him. All of their first year he had gotten bullied by Gib and Scorpius terribly.


Hugo started to struggle but no matter how much he did Gib always got him back to him as if he was a ball he was throwing and catching. “Just cone with me ginger.” And he dragged him all the way to a classroom with Scorpius and his pals waiting there for him. He heard the door close behind him and knew that Scorpius’s gang were guarding the door. In front of him stood Scorpius big and bold.

“Right here’s the deal. I want you to steal everything you stole back from us.”

“And what if I don’t?”

“Well you’ll get one slap for everything you don’t bring!”


He looked around the room and saw Smit and Rash guarding the door. An idea came into his brain, he was on the first floor! He stomped on Gibs foot and he howled in pain loosening his grip on Hugo. Hugo darted to a nearby window, forced it open and jumped down. He heard Scorpius say “GET HIM!” Hugo sprinted cross the fields and didn’t see where he was going. He heard Scorpius say “Hugo look out!” But about fourteen brooms we’re heading his way. A match was on the quidditch pitch. Hugo closed his eyes and knew if those brooms hit him he would not survive. Darkness surrounded him.


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