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“So how were your summers?” Hermione asks. “Crookshanks no!” She scolds her new ginger cat who’s chewing on her shoe. 


“Good until I broke my leg.” I respond after I swallow my cheesy pasta. 


“Better now.” Harry says.


“Great! Egypt did us all well! I think Scabbers enjoyed it too, of course now he’s all sad. And depressed. And scared FOR HIS LIFE!” Ron glares at Hermione and Crookshanks (Ron hasn’t taken to him much). I, on the other hand, think Crookshanks is nice. He’s very active, unlike Stripie, but he’s also rather nauty and I can’t imagine taking care of a cat like that (too much work). The whole point of cats is to have a pet, but stay lazy. 


At the end of the table Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are whispering about something. I swear I could have heard my name. Once we finnish dinner, everyone heads up to their bedrooms. Only when I reach mine, do I realize that I left my wand on the table. I turn around and start walking down the hall. At the bottom of the stairs, with his body pressed against the wall, is none other than Harry Potter. 


“Harry!” I say startling him.


“Shhhhh.” He says. He points to Mr and Mrs. Weasley who seem to be having a heated discussion.


“They need to know!” Mr. Weasley says.


“They are just children!” Mrs. Weasley exclaims.


“We can’t not tell Harry and Fox that a mass murderer is after them!” Mr. Weasley insists. I gasp and Harry and I share a look. “Black was clearly repeating ‘They’re at Hogwarts, they're at Hogwarts.’!”


“The Ministry has clearly said-”


“I don’t care what the Ministry has said Molly!” Mr. Weasley sighs, “Look, it’s been a long day, we’re all tired, let’s just go to bed.” Together they head up the other staircase (thank god). 


“So….Sirius Black is after us.” I say, trying to be brave.


“Yup.” Harry says, perfectly neutral. I guess this isn’t anything new for him. I grab my wand and rush to bed. Tonight, I am not gifted with dreamless sleep. I have horrible nightmares of a black dog with a knife, chasing me. 




“Sirius Black is after you two? Are you sure?” Hermione says skeptically.


“Yes! Mr. Weasley JUST told us AND we heard it last night!” I say. Before we can hear their responses, the train stops with a jolt. The lights go off and the sky outside gets darker. The Professor sitting next to me stirs a little. Ron puts his hand on the window as his glass of water starts freezing over. 


“I-I think someone’s coming aboard.” Ron says, his voice trembling. Frost starts covering the window Ron’s hand is on. I start shivering and I see my breath in front of me.


“It’s so c-cold!” I exclaim. I can feel Sal turning hard as stone on my shoulder, reptiles are cold blooded and can freeze completely with too much time in a cold environment.  Stripie buries his head as far into my lap as possible. Ron squeaks in fear as a black hand opens the compartment door. In floats a hooded figure. A dementor. Then, I feel it. Like all the joy I had about starting Hogwarts is being sucked out of me. Then I hear it:


NO! Ruuuuuuubbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! AHHHHHHHH!


“Fox! Fox!” Hermione is shaking me awake. My eyelids slowly peel open. I look at the compartment that is lit again. Ron sits on the ground, shaking Harry and a man who I assume was Professor R. J. Lupin under the cloak, holds out a piece of chocolate at me.


“Eat. You’ll feel better.” Lupin says. I don’t take the chocolate. Our last Deense teacher was clueless and knew nothing and the one before had Voldemort on the back of his head. 


“Take it, Fox.” Hermione said. “He magicked the dementor away.” I look at the chocolate wearily but slowly take it. I pop it in my mouth, MMMMMMM! I feel like I just swallowed sunshine! Chocolate is officially my favorite candy. WAY above licorice after this! Harry wakes up and we explain about the dementor to him. Lupin goes to tell the train conductor something.


“Did….anyone else faint?” He asks.


“I did. But for a little less time.” I say. Wolfing down the second square of chocolate Lupin gave me. “Can I have yours?” I ask Harry, nodding to the piece in his hand. 


“No! Harry has to eat his.” Hermione bosses.


“Fine!” I pout. Harry talks about a scream he heard. Ron and Hermione insist there was no such thing. I keep quiet. I DID hear a scream, but I know Harry heard something different. Dementors make you relive YOUR worst memories. 




Dumbledore says there will be MORE dementors around the grounds! Lovely! 


“Hey, Potter! Is it true you fainted?!” Draco calls to Harry. Next to him, Pansy pretends to faint. Harry just looks away.


“I fainted too you know?!” I tell Draco. His face goes slightly pink.




“Yes.” He doesn’t say anything else about dementors that night. 




“Arithmancy and Ancient ruins.” Blaise says.


“I have Divination and Arithmancy.” Theo says.


“Arimacy? You?” I raise my eyebrow but Theo just shrugs. “Well, I have COMC and Divination.” 


“Ancient ruins and Care Of Magical Creatures.” Draco grumbles. “I chose it before I knew that oaf was teaching it!” He strokes his new cat Bernadette (who I nicknamed Dettie). Draco hates the nickname but Dettie seems more taken to it than her actual name. She’s a very fit, black cat, with Slytherin green eyes. Stripie’s been checking her out all day. Bleh! Cat love. Crabbe and Goyle grunt in agreement to Draco’s classes. Of course they have the same ones!


“What are we talking about?” Pansy says sitting down next to Draco. I roll my eyes.


“Classes.” Draco replies simply. 


“Oh! I have all the usualls' and COMC and Divination!” I groan. 


“What’s the matter with you?” She says, sassily.


“YOU are the matter Pansy, YOU!” I say. Pansy pretends to fake-pout. 


“Oh! I to go.” Blaise says, standing up and collecting his books. 


“Where?” I ask, confused. 


“He and Daphne have a study date.” Pansy says. I frown. A date? Aren’t we too young to date?


“It’s not a date!” Blaise mumbles with a blush. “She just asked me for some help with her transfiguration!” Draco and the Goons ‘Ooooooooo’ while Theo makes kissy noises as Blaise leaves the common room. 







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