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Since you could now go to Hogsmede at any age and on any day Hugo returned to the shop the very next day. He couldn’t help himself. On reflection, he felt a little silly for rushing out in such a panic. Now he’d had time to think, he supposed what he’d seen must have been a clever trick, some sort of magical illusion and nothing more, after all, no one can make birds out of magic especially not silver ones. But he found himself desperate to know exactly how the owner of that wonderful shop had done it, how he had made those magpies seem so real. 

He had spent breakfast trying not to look over ya the Slytherin table as they were making threatening gestures towards him throughout their meals. After breakfast Hugo slipped out and walked outside into the Sunday sunshine. He walked along the path to Hogsmede village and breathed in the fresh air. The endless blue sky had the burning sun beating down on him on that beautiful summers day. Hugo retraced his steps passing HoneyDukes and finding himself back in that narrow street. He walked down the path and saw the small shop with the words THE NOWHERE EMPORIUM written in gold on top of the doorway.


The sign still said closed and Hugo argued with himself one side of him telling him not to but something else was making him do it. He twisted the nob slowly, slowly... The door was open he wondered why it wasn’t locked but decided not to think about it as h3 stepped into the shop. Inside it was exactly as he’d left it, the books on the table, the prophets up on the ceiling, the only thing that was missing was the magpies.


Treading softly, he walked towards the red velvet curtain and dropped to his knees looking for the rubies. Suddenly he curtain was pulled open and a man with scruffy black hair looked down at him. Silence. The man opened and closed his mouth several time but no words escaped. Finally he said something “do you remember this place?”

“What do you mean I was only here yesterday.”

“Do you remember it?”


“What do you remember?”

“Well the books the prophets the—“


“Well yes.”


Silence. “How is this possible?”

“How is what possible have I missed something?”

“And your from Hogwarts?”


The man nodded. “Have you ever noticed weird things happening around you? Lights flickering, Mirrors smashing, That sort of thing?”
“No! Why?”

“No reason.” He said and pulled a Hugo out of the shop and said “Once again we’re closed so good day and good bye.”Hugo trudged along the path in a bad mood. Perhaps if he were feeling in a better mood he would have noticed the door opening a little or perhaps a hand coming out if it? Or maybe even noticed two silver birds being let out onto the narrow street following Hugo...

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