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I was burning. I could feel the sweat. The fire crawled up my leg and started to penetrate my shorts. Crap. Come on. You got yourself into this mess, get yourself out. 


I sat up gasping. Thinking about the dream, I threw my covers aside and went to the closet. Picking out a black sweater and jeans, I turned to my mirror. I got dressed quickly, like I always do. Practically running down the stairs, I bumped into my mother.


"Sorry, Mother. What's for breakfast?" She smiled her sad smile. "Toast. In fact I was just about to butter it. I will get right on that."

She set down the basket and turned towards the kitchen.


Grabbing the basket, I set it in the Mud Room. Then I turned and followed her. "Oh, and happy birthday!" It was my turn to smile. I was eleven today. June 21. The equinox.


Stepping into the kitchen, I sat down. Knock, knock, knock. "Carlos muct be here." Carlos. "I'll get it, Mother. You stay here." I stood up and went to the door. Instead of my father, a huge man was standing there. "Hello! I'm Hagrid."






A/N-Sorry for the short chapter. Longer ones will be published TOMORROW. So keep a watch out for that. If your reading this, please check out Boy Fight, Love Ain't, Try Me, and many others by me. Also please check out my latest favourite story, Stars Between Us by WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter. Thanks, and again, sorry. Please review!

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