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“Today, we will be doing duelling.” Moody said in a weirdly calm tone. “Duelling? With magic?! Someone could get killed!” Hermione blurted. “I hope I get potter or Weasley! I can’t wait to make them suffer!” I said chuckling. “I will turn you to a ferret again Malfoy.” Moody said. “Fine fine, ‘sorry’” I said Sarcastically. “Anyway, I will partner you up, and we will be duelling outside as there’s Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor in here. “Hey- move away!” Said a girl, I had just noticed Everyone was squished. I scoffed as I was sitting on a desk. “Follow me!” Moody said. 

{at the fields (Near Quidditch practice/broom shed)}


“Ok! Ronald.W and Carla.M!” Moody began. “Oh, great.. I’m stuck with that girl..” I heard Ron mumble to Harry and Hermione. After a while they was less and less people. “Draco.M and...” Moody said but looked around, there was me, Harry, Cedric and a slytherin boy left. “Cedric.D!”. I rolled my eyes and walked off with Cedric. “Wand ready!” Moody called out, “FIGHT!”. I quickly jumped behind a big rock. ‘Think of a spell!’ Came a voice from my head. I quickly jumped away from the rock. “STUPEFY!” I yelled it just missed him. “ EXPELLIARMUS !!” He yelled. I quickly leaped away from his aim and the spell came bolting forward. “STUPEFY!” He yelled again. I quickly rolled to my back, dodging. “STUPEFY!” I yelled as fast as I could. I saw his limp body fall, his wand fall from his hand. I quickly ran over. “Finish him!” Chanted the Slytherins. “Remember to finish them, you simply take their wand.” Moody reminded the Slytherins who seemed a little, well, overreacting. I sighed. I decided to undo the spell. Cedric blinked. I held my hand out. “You good?” I asked. “Yeah, thanks for un-doing it..” he replied. He grabbed my hand and I pulled him up. We got stared at I could feel their eyes on us, but why were they staring? We both looked down. ‘Oh no!’ My mind quickly said. We still had our hands locked. We quickly separated. “Uhh, thanks for un-doing the spell— thanks—“ He said. “Nah, it’s alright..” I said awkwardly. “Why didn’t you take my wand? And ‘finish’ me off?” He asked. “Oh, I didn’t want to........ oh look!” I said looking at my wrist that had nothing on it, “it’s time to go bye bye!”. I quickly ran. ‘That was awkward! I was getting stared at, arghhh! Breath Draco, Breath...’ My brain told myself, ‘I didn’t just make a new friend.... did I?’ . I couldn’t help but, smile at that thought. I ran to the great hall, really early for lunch. I checked the time using my wand. ‘Still 5 minutes..’ My brain informed me. I was starving. I thought about how I may of made a new friend, I couldn’t help but smile. I putted my head in the arms on the table then sighed.

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