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They say it’s always darkest before the dawn.


Whoever said that clearly hasn’t been to Pigzits or ever been turned into a turnip for a week. When you’re a turnip with no eyes for a whole week it’s really dark.


On Monday my teacher accidentally turned me into a turnip. He didn’t know how to change me back. Neither did any of the other teachers. This sort of thing happens frequently at Pigzits so nobody was too alarmed. It wasn’t my first time being transformed into a root vegetable and it probably won’t be the last.


The magic wore off throughout the week and I gradually turned back into myself. Starting with my toes and working up. The top of my head is still a turnip but at least now I can see.


Rudolph, if you’re reading this in the future just remember...give it a week and things always get better. Unless they don’t.


I'm hoping this weekend will cheer me up. They booked Norbert Babbage to come give us an inspirational speech. He’s the 4th best Harry Potter impersonator and a Pigzits alumnus. They say he does real magic so that should be cool. His patronus is a walrus.


Maybe next week will be better? Hang in there, buddy. If you don't choke on a biscuit or you're not horribly killed by a Vapid Barbasoot, you’ve got seven more years of this. Until next time.




Rudolphus Tubb

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