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I don't own Harry Potter, I just wrote the story for entertainment purposes.


Chapter 6- Their secret affair no longer a secret and people close to them reactions aren't what they expected.



Chapter 6


They returned to their flat and hadn't wasted any time. They quickly undressed each other and slipped in between the sheets. Their  wedding night had been everything they had hoped it would be. There was passion, love, contentment. They talked long into the night, laughed, and loved. Neither one of them could have asked for a better wedding night. Draco found that his love for her grew with each passing day, and he hadn't thought that was possible.



It was a night they would remember long into the future. Reminded them of their own little affair they had had a few years ago. When no one knew they were a couple. They hadn't advertized the fact, they just sneaked around like teenagers with their first crush. After everyone found out about them things had changed. The passion was still there, the desire still there but it was the secret that made the excitement for them. It made the affair work.



Both Faith and Draco tried to pretend that it was still a secret, but it wasn't possible. Eventually, they found a way to get that feeling back and it was role-playing. Draco had been the one to originally initiate it. He had been role-playing for years, he had taught a reluctant Hermione and she had growned to love it.



Draco grinned now, sometimes he wished it was still a secret, he thought remembering when his best friend had found out about their affair.  Draco had been reluctant to tell his friend fearing what Blaise would say, Blaise was the only person who stood beside Draco after the war and Draco didn't want to lose that.



Flashback begins:



"Draco, What's wrong with you, man?" Blasie demanded. "That's the fourth female you've turned down."



Draco shrugged, and avoided his eyes. "Not in the mood," he replied he had to say something, but not really wanting to talk about it.


Blaise frowned at him. "Come to think of it, it's been a while since you've been in the mood." Blaise did a quick calculation in his head. "Several months in fact."



"People change, Blaise," was all Draco offered his friend.



"Not that drastically," Blaise returned with. "Not when they have a high sex drive like you do."



Draco gave a small smile. What would Blaise say if he knew he was getting it almost every night. Some nights, several times. That wasn't something he was sharing with anyone even his best friend. His feelings for Hermione were his and his alone to deal with. He wish he could figure her out, he thought again. She gave herself to him so willingly, so passionately, so completely, he wondered if she had deeper feelings for him than just sex. He shook his head, clearing away the image of Hermione spread out on his bed.



"What do you think we will make in potions?" he asked Blaise. "I hope it's something good."



Blaise laughed. "Changing the subject isn't going to work. Come on, Dray, give. What's going on?"



Draco eyed his friend thoughtfully. Would Hermione mind if Blaise knew their secret? Blaise could be trusted. He trusted him with his life.



"Well," Blaise interrupted his thoughts. "What's going on?"



Draco grinned and made a decision he hoped he wasn't going to regret. "I'll tell you, Blaise but you have to promise not to keep it to yourself. It's sort of a secret."



Blaise frowned in puzzlement. What kind of secret could Draco have? he silently wondered. "Now, I'm curious." He had known there was something going on with his freind but had no idea what it was. "What's the big secrect, Dray."



Draco grinned again. He wasn't sure how his good friend would take this news, but he suddenly wanted him to know. "Well, it's like this," Draco took a deep breath and let out his secret. "For the last five months I've been sleeping with Granger." He down played it, not wanting Blaise to know how important she was to him until he knew where they stood.



Blaise jaw dropped and his eyes grew wide. "No, way," he muttered in disbelief. To say he was shocked was an understatement. He was flabbergasted. "Oh my God," he whispered huskily. Shaking his head. "Is it true?" he asked not truly believing it. "How come you didn't say anything. Five months? Well, Dray, that's some kind of record for you."



"I know right," Draco said laughingly now. He could hardly believe it himself. "I didn't even think i could be a one woman man," he admitted a smile on his face.



Blaise continue to stare at him. "But Granger?" He shook his head again not getting around the idea yet. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked.



"It's complicated," Draco said and only then did he realize just how complicated it was. "We didn't want anyone to know as it was only a sex thing. Then we realized we both wanted more," he continued telling his friend just how it was. "Now I think I might be in love with her."



Blaise wasn't surprised to hear that. For Draco to go five months with one woman it had to be serious. Blaise laughed at the look on Draco's face. He looked like he didn't even know how serious he was into her. "So, how does she feel?" he wanted to know.



Draco shrugged. "I don't know. We don't talk about feelings. What we do is sneak around acting like teenagers."



"Where do you sneak around to?" Blaise asked curiously.



Draco laughed. "We use the room of requirement for romantic dinners. It's absolutely wonderful." He was remembering a time when he used that room for sex, and from Blaise's look he knew that he was remembering it as well. "Sometimes we sneak into the village. Hermione knows some secret passages that we hadn't discovered."



"You and Granger," Blaise said. He still found it hard to believe. They were going to have a hard time of it if their romance went the distance. The Malfoy family alone would not stand for it. Even if Draco was out from under his father's influence there was still his mother and she still believed as old man Malfoy did. "I'm happy for you my friend," he told Draco. He was too. Draco deserved to be happy he had had so much heartache in his life.



"Remember it's a secret," Draco reminded him. "No one can know. You're the only one."



Flashback ends:



Blaise hadn't been upset or hurt jsut surprised Draco recalled. They had included him in their get togethers after that.




Chapter 6 is done. 

I own nothing of Harry POtter.





























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