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Reese Wood groaned from under the covers. Frustrated, she clamped the pillow over her ears, attempting to shut out the rather annoying tapping sound coming from the window. Giving up on another ten minutes of sleep, she sat up in her bed and pushed her light brown hair out of her face. Her bright blue eyes looked towards the wooden clock on the wall. 7:18, it read. 

 “It’s too early for this,” she muttered under her breath as she staggered across the room and unclamped the window. A jet black owl was staring back at her, carrying 3 letters in its beak. It almost looked surprised that the teenager had actually gotten out of bed to let him in. 

“I ought to just leave it open, Irick,” she said quietly, speaking to the owl “But it was hot last night.” She took the letters as the owl flew across the room into a metal cage. The first letter was from her best friend, Max. 




I’ll be there on the 29th then. I’m very excited to see you and the whole lot. Summer is extremely boring in the muggle world. I can’t believe it's already our 5th year! Thanks for the help with the potions essay, and i'll see you in London. Also, tell Euen I said Hello.




Reese chuckled, Max had a bit of a crush on her twin brother, Euen. As if on cue, Euen yelled from the next room,

 “Reese, did I get any mail?”

She took one of the letters and walked into Euen’s room. 

“You need to get yourself a new owl, it's getting irritating” Reese said, throwing the letter at her brother. 

“No ‘Good Morning dear brother’ for me, huh? He said, running his fingers through his long curly brown hair. 

“Get a haircut” she responded, and headed to the kitchen, opening the second letter addressed to her. 

“That your Hogwarts letter sweetie?” Her mother asked from behind the counter.

“Yep,” she said “ only a few extra books, and my robes still fit” 

“Can’t say the same for your brother though” her mother said “he had to have grown another foot just this summer,”

“Are you talking about me?” Said a small boy as he entered the kitchen. Unlike his older brother, his brown hair was buzzed short.

“Sure, lets go with that” said Reese, eyeing her mother.

“Mum, can I go to Hogwarts with Reesie and Euen this year?” Reeses mother eyed her and looked towards the small boy.

“Not yet this year, Parker, but next year, you’ll be eleven, and you’ll get a wand and books and a trunk and you’ll get to come to Hogwarts with me and Euen” Reese said.

“Really?!” Said Parker excitedly

“Really” said his mother “Your fathers off at practice, Reese, but he’ll be back in time so we can all fly together to London.

“Okay” Reese said.

Reese wrote Max a response, and packed all of the school books and robes she needed for the upcoming school year in her trunk. She then went outside to fly around and practice some more seeking before dinner. Reese had always been a chaser, like her mother and Euen, but had picked up seeking that summer, and was excited to try out for the position in the upcoming season. Another one of her friends, James was also a chaser.

She threw on a Gryffindor Quidditch crewneck and a pair of pants and headed to the living room with her trunk, owl and broomstick, the Bullet. It was one of the newest brooms out there, with better turning abilities than the Firebolt 3001. Her father had just walked in the front door so she walked over to welcome him home.

“Hey Reesie,” he said as he wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. “Good day?” He asked

“Yup,” she said “I got all my stuff packed, wrote Max, and practiced for a while,”

“I’m proud of you” he said “you found the position you were destined to play and worked all summer, Gryffindor will have its best seeker since Harry Potter this year,”

“Thanks Daddy” she said

“Yeah thanks Daddy” said Euen, who had just walked in. Reese flicked him in the ear.  

“Be nice kids” said their mother, “Hi baby,” she said, walking over to give her husband a kiss. 

“Ewww” said Parker, watching from the kitchen counter. He sat with a bowl of cereal and a rucksack hung on the back of his chair. His dad went over, picked him up and threw him in the air. Parker was ten years old, but he was very small, something that was not to be talked about in the house, if he caught you talking about his size, you were pretty much dead. 

“You stink, Dad.” Parker said after he was put back in his chair

“Yeah I better get a quick shower before were off to London.” He said, and headed off to his bedroom. 


Later that night, the family all packed up, and trunks all strapped in, hopped on their brooms and headed towards London. The family thoroughly enjoyed flying, and often flew everywhere they went. The kids had two older brothers and another older sister, all who were out of Hogwarts and off doing their own thing. Ruston was 18 and had just moved into a flat in London. Liam was 19, worked in the ministry and lived in a small town with his girlfriend. Jane was the oldest, 21 and had recently moved to Australia with her boyfriend to study Alchemy. Reese and Jane were very close and wrote to each other often. 

The family arrived at Grimmauld Place, a place Harry and Ginny owned and where all of the family friends met up in London to get ready for the new year at Hogwarts. Ginny, Oliver, and Katie had become close when they had all played professional Quidditch, and when their kids were born in the same year, they started to hang out all the time. Reese, Euen, and Parker were all best friends with James, Albus and Lily. 

Oliver tapped his wand and the two buildings split, they walked up and knocked on the door, which was answered by Kreacher. 

“Ah, yes, the Wood family has arrived, I shall alert Master Harry, yes, very good” said Kreacher, under his breath. They followed Kreacher into the Den, where they were greeted by Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione. After many hugs were exchanged, the kids upstairs heard the commotion and came down to greet the Woods. Reese hugged Lily and gave Albus a fist bump. James gave her a long hug, which surprised her.

“Hey, Jamie” said Reese, James shot her a dirty look at the mention of his dreaded nickname

“Hey, Reesie” he retaliated with, and the friends headed upstairs to the room they would be sharing with Euen and eventually Max and Linden. Linden Meyers was James and Euens best mate, whose parents were extremely successful at the ministry and barley had any time for a son. He spent much of the summer at friends houses and always came to stay with them for the last few days before school.

“Max said she’ll be here tomorrow morning” James said to Reese as they sat down on beds across from each other. “And Linden will be here in about an hour”

“Sounds good” Reese said, and the two dove into a very heated conversation about Quidditch.



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