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I wake up to this pleasant sound:




In the form of a howler. Someone knocks on my door. Oops, I must have woken them up. I slowly open the door. Harry stands there, in his Gryffindor checkered pajama bottoms and a white shirt with staines, rubbing his sleepy eyes and yawning. 


“You have an interesting alarm.” He remarks. 


“Howler.” I say. 


“Your sister?”


“No, her annoying friend.” 


“Ahh. Well, I came here to tell you to turn it off and it is, so……..” 


“See you breakfast!” I close the door. Only then do I realize how weird this is. It’s only me and Harry. Well, until tomorrow, then the Weasleys and probably Hermione will come. 


I get changed and brush my teeth and hair. With Sal on my shoulder and Stripie in my arms I head down to dinner. Woops! I meant breakfast. Stupid Lizard, waking me up so earley! Harry’s sitting at a table, fiddling with his scrambled eggs. I order green tea, a red apple (because they won’t give me cocktail cherries for breakfast), and bacon (it’s also red, so it’s heaven). Harry eyes my choice of food with a weird look on his face as I sit down across from him.


“Ah, isn’t it so nice to be rid of parental control? Or in our cases, sisters-annoying-friend and mean-aunt-and-uncle control?” I say, biting into my apple. Harry smiles slightly but keeps playing with his scrambled eggs. “What’s wrong with you?!” I say, poking his arm.


“Do you know anything about Sirius Black?” He asks finally. I am pretty shocked by his question, it’s only 7 and not even the start of school and he’s already worrying about ANOTHER villain! 


“Not really. Just that he’s a mass murderer.” I stir lemon into my tea. 


“Oh.” Harry finally takes a bite of his eggs. “What are we doing today?” He asks.


I raise my eyebrow, “We?”


“Okay, you?” He corrects.


“I was going to buy my school things and an early birthday present for myself.” I say.


“Same.” Harry says.


 I sigh, “Would you like to join me?” I say offer with a fake smile. 


Harry laughs, “No need to sound so enthusiastic.” 


We finish our breakfast and walk out, into Diagon Alley. The street is fairly busy with students shopping for their supplies. Harry and I walk into Gringotts to collect our money. We check in, and a Goblin leads us to a cart. First we go to Harry’s fault and then mine. Harry complains about the cart ride, while I put my hands in the air and woop! Next, we go to Flourish and Blotts. Mr. Williams says he missed me this summer and I explain how I was out of town and then broke my leg and all that. Speaking of my leg, it’s a little sore from yesterday but it doesn’t hurt anymore. 


“Ah, well that’s all you’ll need for third year!” Mr. Williams says as we pay up. Harry and I are both taking Care Of Magical Creatures and Divination. I chose Divination because it sounds like a good nap-time class. As for COMC, I’m sure Hagrid will show us all kinds of crazy creatures and I think that will be fun (Harry told me that Hagrid was teaching this year). “Oh wait!” Mr. Williams says as we are about to walk out. “You need your books for care Of Magical Creatures! Oh no!!” He whines.


“Oh, I already have one.” Harry tells him, pasting a relieved expression on Mr. Williams’s face. “Birthday gift.” he mumbles to me. Yeah, I would NOT be pleased to get a book titled The MONSTER Book Of MONSTERS (emphasis on MONSTER) for MY birthday.   


“I need one.” I tell Mr. Williams, putting his sad face back on. He sighs and uncovers a cage of….books? The books start fluttering and….EATING EACHOTHER?! Mr. Williams puts on gloves and gingerly tries to pick one out. It bites him. He tries again and succeeds. The book doesn’t stay in his hand for long though, it starts jumping up and down and chomping air. Mr. Williams quickly grabs a leather belt and wraps it around the book tightly. The book calms down. Mr. Williams sighs and holds to book out to me. I slowly and cautiously take it….it stays still. Quickly, I pop it into my bag and decide to leave it there for as long as possible. 


 We walk back out into the Alley and pass Quality Quidditch Supplies. A huge crowd has formed around something. Harry and I share a look and then edge our way to the front. 


“WOW!” I exclaim. A brand new broom hangs on display. Firebolt. It’s amazing! 


“I wish I could get that.” Harry whispers in awe. 


“I’m getting it!” I say, pulling out my pouch. “Slytherin for the win!” 


“What?!” Harry exclaims. “No fair!” He whines like a little kid. 


“It’s my birthday present to myself!” I say.


“A 2000 dollar birthday present?” Harry raises his eyebrow and points to the price sign I hadn’t seen.


“HOLEY Hufflepuff!” My jaw drops. “For Salazar’s SAKE! Oh my GODric Gryffindor! come Ravenclaw doesn’t have a curse?” I wonder for a moment, then go back to pouting. 


“At least you have a Nimbus 2001!” Harry exclaims. “I’m still stuck on a bloody Nimbus 2000.” 


“Maybe Lucius will get us all Firebolts.” I mutter. Harry rolls his eyes. We push back out of the crowd and stomp sulkily to The Leaky Cauldron. 


Harry has an incident with his Monster Book Of Monsters. He stupidly lets it loose for some reason. It disrupts my writing (I’m writing a list of all the ways the world is unfair (54 so far)). 


My wand and trunk arrive shortly afterward. I pack everything up and buy some cocktail cherries when I go down for a Butterbeer. I shower and then (surprisingly) fall into a dreamless sleep. 


Hi! I know this chapter wasn't super important, I still wanted to add it! Also, I decided that for some chapters I am going to post a question you can answer if you want. Here is this chapter's: What is your favorite Harry Potter movie and what is your favorite book? My answers: Book- Prisoner of Azkaban, Movie- Half Blood Prince (it's so funny!). 


Thanks for reading please review (let me know your answers to the question in the reviews too). 

-Baby nargle






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