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I wanna say a big thank you to a girl called Lillian Rose Potter who wrote a story called The Cave. I’m hoping chapter four comes out soon but if I could give you any advice it would be to read that story and admire where it’s going. If you read this Lillian keep it up!

Hogsmede Present Day...


“Look out! Coming through!”


“Watch where you’re going!”


Hugo Granger Weasley darted through the busy cues and shopping crowds in Hogsmede, pushing and twisting and weaving. His lungs burned and his legs ached, but he did not stop. He couldn’t stop; Scorpious Malfoy and his gang were chasing him. And everyone in his year at Hogwarts knew that I’d Scorpious was after you, you didn’t slow down.

Hugo wheeled left at HoneyDukes almost slipping on a sweet wrapper. He turned into a narrow street lined with houses and coffee shops. Carved stone angels and gargoyles seemed to watch the street from high above.


Hugo’s head swung from righ5 to left. Where next? He wondered how far he was from the train station. He imagined jumping on a train heading for the coast where he could show away on a boat with his family, escape from Hogwarts, maybe attend Durmstrang? Somewhere with no Scorpious would be nice.


“When I’m done with you you better not cry for help or you’ll get double!” Scorpious yelled at him from somewhere back among the crowds. “You were wailing like a pig in a slaughter house last time! You probably woke everyone else up! Ha, ha! Don’t worry, when we’re done with you you can cry about your broken legs!”


Scorpius and his gang were bigger and older than Hugo, and faster and stronger. Sooner or later they’d catch him. He sprinted across the street, junked into the nearest shop and slammed the heavy door shut. He clutched at his chest and watched through the darkened glass of the door, crouching out of sight. He could hear the gang shouting as they thundered past.

“Where’d he go? Where is the tiny spit ball?”

“Must be up here!”

Hugo’s shoulders sagged. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. The air was infused with the jumbled perfume of furniture polish and dust, and something like melting chocolate. Then he opened his eyes , and for the first time became fully aware of his surroundings.


The shop was a cave of wonders. Everywhere he looked, Hugo saw soneth8bg he wanted to hold, to have if his own. Suckled and Galleons and crystal gleamed and sparkles in the light of a spitting fire. Intricate silver hands and vanishing cabinets of varying size and splendour covered the shelves. Large books about dark magic and guides to be shape shifters and Animagi. There were holograms and dark powder; rusted swords; stuffed animals; columns of old prophets as high as the ceiling; jewels that seemed to glow with a silvery light. A muggle wooden soldier stood in one corner, eying the shop like a watchman. Even particles of dust, caught in a bar of sunlight, seemed to glow like stars.


“How did you get in here? We’re closed!”

The voice startled Hugo. In the far corner of the room stood a small desk with feet like eagles talons. Behind the desk sat a tall man with an old shirt and trousers on. His scruffy black hair was wild and tangled. On the desk in front of the man lay a battered book. His hand hovered over an open page, clutching a quill. He stared at Hugo with cold grey eyes.

“Sorry,” said Hugo. “Didn’t mean to bother you. Someone’s chasing me.” As he spoke, his eyes were drawn to the book on the desk, which had begun to tremble against the dark grain of the wood, as if there was something in the pages trying to get out.


The man frowned. He glanced from Hugo to the book and snapped it shut, locked it away in his desk, and got up and marched past Hugo to the door. “See?” He said pointing to a sign hanging on the door that read CLOSED. “Closed.” He tried the door handle, opened the door. “I could have sworn I locked it.” He spun back to face Hugo, staring at him through narrowed eyes. “Who’s after you?”

“Big boys. From Hogwarts.” He said as the fire snapped and cracked.

“Whee are your parents?” Said the man. Hugo thought this was an odd question to ask seeing as there was a high chance he wouldn’t know, but he did know so he answered in attempt not to get thrown out back onto the streets.

“Dads probably running his joke shop in Diagon Alley, and no doubt Mums at the ministry seeing as she’s Minister of magic.”

This seemed to satisfy the shopkeeper.

“And why are these Big children after you?” He said. “There must be a reason.”

Hugo folded his arms. “Yeah there is a reason. They’re idiots. Scorpious and his pals think they run the school. They take things from everyone — important things we need like our spell books. And nobody aver stood up to them. But I couldn’t take it any more. I followed them and found where they keep their stash and I explained to th withers that if they stuck together they would all be alright. Scorpius didn’t like this.



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