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Bellatrix arrives at the girl’s bathroom, and attempts to find wherever the opening to the Chamber is. Though, she has no idea what she’s meant to be looking for, so that makes things a bit more difficult. Tom said there would be a pipe that led down to it, but there are a lot of pipes in a bathroom. 


Bellatrix stops when she finds a not-so-normal sink tap. This one has a snake etched onto the side. Seems like a pretty obvious clue that this is the pipe that leads to the Chamber of Secrets. Now, she just has to open it…


Bellatrix spends about a minute hissing and spitting at the tap with no success, until someone says something behind her.


“I really don’t think that’s going to work,” says a voice Bellatrix recognises after a second.


“Oh, Warren! Merlin, you scared me,” Bellatrix spins around. “Wait, how are you alive? I saw you die.”


“Oh yes, I saw my dead body too, but I didn’t much like being entirely dead, so I became a ghost instead,” Myrtle Warren floats out towards Bellatrix from inside a toilet cubicle. 


Bellatrix takes a step back. She’s never seen a fresh ghost before. Just ghosts like the Bloody Baron and Peeves who have been here for who knows how many years. Warren looks exactly the same as she did yesterday when Bellatrix saw her die, just transparent and softer around the edges. 


“Okay, but I’ve really got to open this Chamber so I can prove I didn’t open it,” Bellatrix explains, only realising afterwards that it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Warren looks at her with a tilt of her head. “Look, do you know how I can get in?”


“I’ve only been a ghost for a day, I’m not that wise yet.” Warren floats away unhelpfully. 


Bellatrix sighs, and then attempts to go back to spitting at the snake-engraved sink tap in the hopes of opening up the entrance to the Chamber. Just as she was in the middle of that, someone else decided to come in. 


“I may have forgotten you wouldn’t be able to get in,” says a smooth voice.


“Oh, Merlin! Everyone’s sneaking up on me today,” Bellatrix spins around again, and finds that it’s Tom. Her heart rate quickens even more, and she hopes that Tom didn’t see her hopelessly spitting at the tap. She then proceeds to look dreamily at him. 


Tom walks over to the sink tap, and says something in way better snake language than Bellatrix could ever muster. 


The tap starts glowing, and spins, and then all of a sudden it starts to sink, revealing a wide pipe. 


Bellatrix lowers herself into the pipe after Tom, and slides down into a dark, slimy tunnel, deep below the school. The tunnel seems to go on forever, but finally they find a wall with two entwined serpents carved into it. Tom says something else in parseltongue, and then the serpents part as the walls crack open to reveal the Chamber.


“Alright, now go in and find Weasley, I’ll wait back at the top for you,” Tom says, and leaves.


Bellatrix nods, then steps inside. There are towering pillars entwined with more carvings of serpents, and a giant statue of Salazar Slytherin at the very end, but there is no sign of any people. The Weasley girl must just be hiding somewhere. 


After a while of searching with no success, Bellatrix hears something slither nearby, and she quickly spins around to find the basilisk, and luckily it’s so tall that she hadn’t happened to look into its eyes. She steps back, surprised. But the basilisk isn’t done. It lowers its body and starts slithering right towards her. Quickly, she spins back around the other way and starts running for her life. Unfortunately, the Chamber ends up being too short, and soon there’s nowhere to go.


Suddenly, however, the basilisk just stops moving, and goes up to its full height again. Bellatrix turns around to check why it stopped, and finds that the person standing there is none other than Professor Dippet. Weird how the basilisk stopped when he came in, though. Did he open the Chamber?


“Ahu! So you are the culprit, Miss Black,” says Professor Dippet. “Now I’m leaving, but you’d better follow, or else you’ll be double expelled.”


Bellatrix wants to protest, but Dippet is gone, and she doesn’t want to be expelled, let alone double expelled, whatever that means. Not because she cares about that, but because her parents do. So instead, she carefully makes her way past the basilisk, which doesn’t move, and then exits the Chamber. 


Professor Dippet is already pretty far ahead, but she tries to catch up. On the way, she spots Narcissa.


“Cissy! I’m glad you’re here. I accept your offer,” says Bellatrix quickly. “I have to go to Dippet’s office, so I guess you can meet me there?”


“Alright, I’ll be there in a sec. I guess it was good that I decided to roam the school after hours, and it’s definitely just a coincidence, but a good one, that I ran into you, you idiot,” Narcissa runs off, and then over her shoulder she yells, “You owe me, though!”


Bellatrix arrives at Professor Dippet’s office which is becoming very familiar, and sits down in the seat. 


“So, you opened the Chamber of Secrets, let a basilisk loose on the school, and murdered a student. We now have even more proof. I suppose you’re not really a Black then, are you?” Professor Dippet begins. 


“What? Of course I am a Black! How dare you suggest...” snaps Bellatrix.


“I wouldn’t be speaking like that to your headmaster if I were you,” Professor Dippet says calmly.


Just then, Narcissa breaks in, followed by the blonde named Luna Lovegood. 


“Ah, are these your ‘fancy lawyers’, are they?” Professor Dippet smirks as he nods to the two girls.


“Yup, they’re very good at their job too,” Bellatrix says.


“Well, girls, I just saw Bellatrix in the Chamber of Secrets with the basilisk, but it wasn’t attempting to attack. Any proof to oppose her being the Heir of Slytherin?” Professor Dippet asks.


Bellatrix suddenly looks up. “Wait, but Tom’s the heir! He said he didn’t open the Chamber, but he also said he’s the heir.”


Professor Dippet chuckled. “Tom Riddle may be our best student, but his surname is ‘Riddle’, and I really don’t think the Heir of Slytherin would have a muggle surname. He was even the one who told me you were in that bathroom about to kill Miss Warren, and that you were down in the Chamber. Luckily it was still open when I got there, so I could go in and find you.”


Bellatrix looks offended. “You just said that I might not really be a Black, even though that’s my last name, so who’s to say Tom isn’t faking his last name as well to be less suspicious?” Then Bellatrix goes a little pink as she realises she’s fighting against her crush, and she starts to regret it. But then again, apparently he had been the one to tell Professor Dippet about her whereabouts.


Narcissa glances at Professor Dippet and giggles a little bit. 


“I don’t know if you’d realised this, Bellatrix, but Mr Riddle is a lot more trustworthy than you,” Professor Dippet says, leaning closer to Bellatrix. 


Narcissa steps forward. “Professor Dippet, my sister—and yes, she really is my sister—may not be a very good student at all, but I would trust her with my life, because she’s a good person, and a good sister, and she’s also just not smart enough to know how to open the Chamber of Secrets,” Narcissa says. “Can you really believe that she’s the heir, and let a basilisk loose on the school? She doesn’t have the guts to kill anyone.”


Professor Dippet thinks about it. “Good points, only problem is, you’re biased, so it’s not valid.”


“I don’t like Bella! No siblings like each other! How can I be biased?” Narcissa asks aggressively.


Lovegood touches her arm for a second. “It’s okay, Cissy. I can handle this.” It’s very strange to hear someone that isn’t Bellatrix or Andromeda calling Narcissa ‘Cissy’, and part of her is disgusted at Lovegood for saying it, but the two are friends, so it makes sense, and also Tom had called Bellatrix ‘Bella’, which only her sisters are meant to do as well.


Lovegood clears her throat. “Professor Dippet, first of all, Bellatrix is a Black. She looks very similar to Narcissa, Andromeda, and even Sirius. Also, I can assure you you’ll find her name on the Black family tree. That tree doesn’t make much sense, but almost all family trees in our world for some reason don’t make sense, because there are people’s children on there who were said to have been born just a few years, or even months, apart from their parents. But anyway, that’s beside the point.


“Secondly, I saw Tom Riddle speaking parseltongue whilst I was writing an article for the Quibbler about ancient languages. He voluntarily demonstrated it to me. Now we all know that in this day and age, only descendants of Salazar Slytherin can speak that, and only the Heir of Slytherin can open the Chamber of Secrets, so Tom Riddle must have opened it, he was just trying to frame Bellatrix by leading her into the Chamber,” Lovegood says. 


Bellatrix is left wondering how she knows so much of this stuff, especially about Bellatrix’s own family tree with the inconsistencies she’d never before noticed. Lovegood takes out a little box and then continues, “Now I know what you’re thinking; ‘she writes for the Quibbler, so everything she says must be made up’, which definitely isn’t true, but anyway, like a good reporter, I recorded everything.”


Sure enough, coming from the box you can hear Tom say something in English, and then suddenly he’s speaking in Parseltongue. Professor Dippet looks stumped.


“You’re good, Luna,” Narcissa praises.


“One must always be prepared for situations like these,” Lovegood smiles.


“Alright, alright, you’re… right,” Professor Dippet says. “I’m not going to charge you with anything, Miss Black, or Mr Riddle on that note, because he’s just too good a student, but I’ll still have a talk to him, and we’ll get the Chamber sealed off for good.”


“Sounds good to me,” Bellatrix says, delighted, and then they’re released.


The next day, when going to breakfast, Bellatrix and Narcissa spot Andromeda holding hands with a Hufflepuff boy. Bellatrix ran up to Andromeda and smirked.


“Someone’s got a boyfriend, have they?” Bellatrix teases affectionately.


“No!” Andromeda, says, going red. “Well yes. I do. But he’s definitely not a mug- mudblood!” The boy looks at her.


“Okay, well have fun,” Bellatrix says, going into the Great Hall next to Narcissa again. She then starts to think about Tom again. “I cannot believe I had a crush on that guy,” she sighs. It had turned out that he hadn’t been trying to help at all, but set her up so that she could be blamed for his murders. He probably just saw her as easy bait because she had such a big crush, and Tom had been right, she couldn’t look past her blindfold of love, and she’d stupidly fallen for it and his charm…


“Who? Oh Tom. Don’t worry, we’ll just blame the wrackspurts,” Narcissa grins.


“What,” Bellatrix says in a tone that makes it sound more like a statement than a question.


Narcissa just giggles.


Bellatrix happens to stumble upon what looks like Tom and Harry fighting at the end of the Slytherin table. In the end, Harry walks off, and Tom is left staring helplessly after him. Damn Bellatrix’s hormones, because she can’t help but be pulled right over to Tom, blushing before she says anything.


“So, um, did you just break up with Harry?” Bellatrix says, doing a bad job at hiding her excitement. Tom says nothing. “Because, you know, I’m also single, and…”


“Oh, sorry, but I’m gay,” Tom interrupts blandly before Bellatrix can embarrass herself anymore.


“Oh.” Bellatrix walks off to the other end of the table with her unhelpful friends. She doesn’t know why she’s so disappointed; the boy had manipulated her, tried to frame her, and even lead her on even though apparently he’s not even into girls. Seriously, why can’t her body let her be into a guy who isn’t like that?


And then suddenly, as if on cue, a very hot guy walks past, and Bellatrix has a new crush. Let’s just hope he’s not planning to kill a bunch of students as well…

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