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A/N: I obviously don’t own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this story


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“I hate how Harry has to be with Tom! I mean, I see how Harry fell in love with him. Anyone in their right mind would fall in love with Tom upon first sight. He’s just so devilishly handsome, and so smart, he’s tall too, and just... perfect. But seriously? Harry Potter of all people? What about me?” Bellatrix pouts into the mirror as she tries, and fails, to tame her hair with her hairbrush. Her sister sighs, shaking her head.


“I think you’re just a little too obsessed with Tom. There are plenty of fish in the sea, you know, and you can’t marry him anyway. You need to marry a pureblood!” Narcissa picks up Bellatrix’s abandoned hairbrush and tries to brush it for her older sister, but yet again, it doesn’t work.


“But Tom says there’s none of his muggle ancestry in his blood, and I believe him. Anything to do with blood has come from his mother, so he’s just as pure as us!” Says Bellatrix. She opens up her scrapbook that has photos of Tom Riddle inside of it and starts gazing at them mournfully.


“Tell that to father,” sniggers Narcissa. She then goes to her wardrobe and starts packing her clothes and supplies into her trunk. After gazing at the photos of Tom for a little while longer, Bellatrix joins her in packing for Hogwarts.


※ ※ ※


Bellatrix waits on Platform 9 3/4 with Narcissa and Andromeda. Narcissa nervously tugs at her robes, which not yet bear what will most likely be the Slytherin crest. Andromeda checks on her owl, and Bellatrix looks around desperately for Tom Riddle. Eventually, she spots him, perfect jawline, neatly combed hair, staring intently at where the train will arrive. Bellatrix stares intently at him, trying to make sure her mouth doesn’t gape open, and avoids looking at the person beside Tom.


“Honestly, Bella, when are you gonna get over him?” Andromeda had followed Bellatrix’s line of sight, and is shaking her head softly.


“Tom!” Bellatrix says suddenly, wide eyed, staring at her sister, “I mean, what? What did you say?” Andromeda just laughs, and Narcissa smiles, the pale in her cheeks from nerves slowly regaining colour.


Finally, the train arrives, and the students file in. Narcissa awkwardly tries to find a place to sit, whilst Andromeda joins her friends, and Bellatrix mindlessly follows Tom. She continues to follow until he finds a compartment and sits in it with Harry. Bellatrix looks at the compartment longingly, and doesn’t notice a bunch of other girls and boys wishing there were in there with Tom as well.


The train is about to depart, and Bellatrix’s eyes are still transfixed on the door. Everyone else had found a seat. But not Bella. She tries to grab onto something to steady herself as the train leaves, which ends up being the door handle, which ends up with the door being opened, which leads to Bellatrix tripping over and landing right on top of Tom. What a great way to make first contact with a crush.


“Umm...” says Tom. Bellatrix blushes, embarrassed and also kinda excited that Tom actually said something to her.


“Uh, sorry... Tom. Riddle. Tom. Um, sorry... I’ll, uh, leave, now...” she starts backing away, then bolts out, collapsing on top of Andromeda this time. Tom and Harry stare for a few seconds, before closing the door again.


“Uh, are you alright, Bella?” Andromeda says as she peels her sister off of her, her friends staring.


“No! Tom- train- door- fall- on- Tom- talked... to... me...” Bellatrix stammers, breathing in short, sharp, bursts.


“Um... what?” Andromeda tries to hold back a laugh as she edges further away from her annoying older sister.


 “Tom said something to me!!” Bellatrix shouts, a bit too loudly, her head spinning. Andromeda snorts.


“Good for you. Now leave. Now. Please. Thanks,” she shoves Bellatrix away, then apologises to her friends as Bellatrix stumbles up the aisles, looking for a seat as far away from Tom as possible.


※ ※ ※


The train arrives at Hogwarts, and everyone piles off. The first years, including Narcissa, go over to the boats, while the rest of the school walks over to the horseless carriages. Well, they aren’t really horseless as such, Bellatrix just can’t see what really pulls them.


Bellatrix watches Tom get into a carriage in the distance with that boy, then hops into the one nearest to her. Sure, she could sit with her friends, but she’s still in too much shock to even blink.


Some random boy decides to sit next to her, with his girlfriend, and they make out the whole time. All Bellatrix can do is imagine that it’s her and Tom.


Finally, the carriage pulls into Hogwarts, and Bellatrix quickly dashes away. Her eyes are burning, and she finally remembers to blink. She can spot Tom walking into the great hall, and now she can see her friends walking towards her.


“Bellatrix!!” Evan waves, Lucius, Rodolphus and Severus behind him.


“Hi... guys...” she continues to make her way to the great hall, trying to look for Tom again.


“Um, are you okay?” asks Lucius, raising an eyebrow as he tries to follow her gaze.


“Yeah, fine, just... Tom- uh, yeah, doesn’t matter,” sometimes it was annoying being the only girl in her gang.




They make their way into the great hall, and sit on the end of the Slytherin table. Tom is on the other end. ‘Wait, but Tom is alone? Where’s Harry?’ Bellatrix looks over to the Gryffindor table and frowns. Harry’s there with his friends; Ronald Weasley, pureblood, Hermione Granger, mudblood. At least he isn’t sitting with Tom.


Professor Dippet gives a speech, and then Professor McGonagall puts the sorting hat on the stool, and the sorting begins. 


“Abercrombie, Euan,” calls Professor McGonagall. A terrified-looking boy stumbles over to the stool and the hat is placed onto his head, falling just above his ears.


“GRYFFINDOR!” The Sorting Hat exclaims, and the Gryffindor table, including Potter, erupts into applause. Bellatrix decides to stop paying attention. Well, that is until her sister is called.


“Black, Narcissa,” 


Narcissa walks up to the stool, looking white faced and fidgeting with her hands. Bellatrix stares intensely. The hat barely touches her head before it shouts out, “SLYTHERIN!”, and all of the Slytherins burst into applause, Bellatrix and Andromeda try to be the loudest for their younger sister. 


※ ※ ※


Bellatrix and her gang had actually decided to study for once that afternoon. Severus is busily doing his work at their table in the library, whilst the others copy him, and Bellatrix is pretending to read a book whilst looking over the top at Tom reading a book with that thing he calls his boyfriend. They were really great at studying.


Whilst Bellatrix is doing her snooping, she recognises a familiar group of Gryffindors and looks instantly to Severus.


“Hey, Snivellus, you’d better run, the marauders are here,” she smirks, then goes back to her pretend reading. Severus sighs and tries to bury himself deeper into his work and books. A stag walks over and stares at Severus.


“Erm, hi James...” says Severus, trying not to look up. Bellatrix tries to hold in her laughter, which is quite difficult.


There’s a pause. A moment of silence. And then there’s a stag running around the library holding Severus’ work.


“Hey, I was copying that! Give it back!” laughs Rodolphus, looking at James the stag, with his head rolled back in amusement. Bellatrix actually takes her eyes off Tom for a second, and starts watching James race around the library until a professor walks in and he turns back into a human with someone’s homework in his mouth. Bellatrix goes back to staring at Tom, who appears to not have been paying attention to the action that just unfolded. But then suddenly, Tom stands up, walks straight over to James, snatches Severus’ work out of his mouth, and gives it to Severus.


“Oh, uh, thanks, Toriddle,” Severus looks down nervously as Tom starts to walk off, but then turns around again, looks straight at Bellatrix, gives her one of his famous smiles and then goes back to Harry. Bellatrix’s mouth falls open, her cheeks go red and she starts sweating.


“‘Toriddle’?” Lucius raises an eyebrow in Severus’s direction, then leans over to copy the rest of the paragraph he was on.


“I- didn’t know what to call him...” he looks sadly at the identical pieces of work next to his and tries to inconspicuously cover his up, but someone just moves his hand out of the way. Bellatrix isn’t paying attention. She’s not even paying attention to Tom. She’s trying to think, but she can’t, it’s all fuzzy and bleh. 


※ ※ ※


Bellatrix is back in the Slytherin common room, and notices Narcissa sitting on a seat, staring into the fireplace.


“Uh... what’s wrong?” she asks, “haven’t you made any friends yet?”


“Oh, I have, they’re just in Ravenclaw. I’m just... doesn’t matter,” says Narcissa, not turning her gaze away from the fire.


“Oh, ok, bye,” Bellatrix says awkwardly, then walks up to the girl’s dormitory to get ready for bed. Bellatrix was never the best at making people feel better, that was Andromeda’s job. She takes off her uniform, slips on some pyjamas, then slides into bed. She opens her Tom Riddle scrapbook and just stares at the photos, without any actual thoughts flowing into her mind, and then puts it away, blows out her candle, and tries to fall asleep.

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