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“Woah!” I say, letting go of Lyle’s hand. We just appeared to the lake house we will be spending the rest of the summer in. There’s a big tree in the front yard, with a swing and a treehouse. Lyle and Cam float our bags inside and I go down to the edge of the pear, where the Patil twins are catching tadpoles. “Hey.” I greet. 


“Oh, hello.” Parvati says. Awkward silence fills the next 2 minutes. The Patils and I aren’t enemies but I am a Slythiern and Parvati is a Gryffindor and Padma a Ravenclaw. 


“Would you like to join us?” Padma says, eyes Sal (who’s resting on my shoulder) wearily. 


“Erm….” I think. I’m not really much of a water person. I don’t like the cold. Ultimately, I join them and have an okay time. 


The rest of the summer at the lake house is decent, until I break my leg, falling from the zipline. Episkey, doesn’t help, and neither does any of Cam’s other healer tricks. I don’t want to cut Cam and Lyle’s holiday short, so they apparte me to Lizard’s house. I am NOT happy about this, but my leg REALLY hurts and I REALLY want Cam and Lyle to go back and enjoy themselves. Lizard is generally okay to me and Darek is nice as always. It’s not that Lizard’s mean, we just don’t like each other. On the second to last day of summer, my leg is in a boot (a muggle thing that you put on your leg after you get your cast off (another muggle thing). I’m granted permission to go on slow walks to get my leg moving again. I take off the moment I hear the news. I am SICK of being cooped up in the house all day with Lizard. I tell Lizard I’m going out and she responds with a ‘Hmm’.  


The sun is setting, a beautiful orange when I step outside. The early fall air is warm with a small breeze. I start walking down the street. The sky turns dark blue quickly and I decide to turn back. One problem, I forgot the path I took. I’m not used to Lizard’s neighborhood, and I completely forgot my wand. How could I be so stupid?! I take a deep breath and keep walking the direction I think is correct. The sky gets really dark blue and the moon comes out. I start to get scared, I have no idea where I am and my leg is starting to hurt! The doctor's words ring through my head, ‘DON’T overdo it.’. Too late. I reach a playground. As I come closer, I am able to make out a figure standing not too far ahead of me. I gasp, which gives me away. The figure turns slowly and bright light blocks my vision.




I squint through the light, “Harry?” For some reason I feel relieved. Safer? But why? Harry lowers his wand. I walk towards him, wincing with every step. 


“What are you doing here?” I ask him. 


“I could ask you the same thing.” He says back.


“I got lost. We were on holiday, but I broke my leg and then I had to stay with my sister’s friend who I find annoying and I just got this boot and now I can walk, so I went on a stroll and I don’t know the neighborhood so here I am.” I say. 


“Wow.” Harry say. 


“Yep.” I sit down on the curb. Harry plops down next to me. It is then, when I see his school trunk. “Running away, huh?” 


“Yeah.” Harry looks away. “I um….blew up my Aunt Marge.” I crack up. “It’s not funny!” Harry persists. But then, he starts laughing too. 


“So...we’re both On a pavement. With a trunk full of boys' robes and school books and one wand. Lovely isn’t it?” I summarize. 


“Yup.” Harry sighs. We talk a little more about our summers and what not. Then, Harry squints ahead of us at something. I look at him curiously. He stands up in his spot and leans forward for a better look. 


“Harry? What is it?” I ask. 


Harry gasps and stumbles backwards, his trunk crashes. A moment later, a bus appears before us. A man comes out and introduces himself as Stan. We look at him bewildered. Apparently, Harry accidentally summoned the Night Bus. Stan carries Harry’s trunk aboard. Before I climb on, Harry pulls me sideways and I see what he must have been staring at. A big black dog. Just then, Stan peers out and tells us to move along. 


“And who are you?” Stan asks, showing us our seats. 


“Erm…..Neville Longbottom.” Harry says quickly. I give him a weird look and decide to play along.


I spit out the first name I think of. “Pansy Parkinson.” Harry looks amused by my choice and I myself am shocked. We tell Stan to take us to The Leaky Cauldron. Stan sits and reads his paper. 


“Fancy seeing you here, Pansy.” Harry whispers.


“Indeed, Neville.” We both laugh quietly. Then, Harry asks Stan about the man on his paper, Sirius Black. I’ve heard about him before. He’s an awful murderer. I remember Cam telling me something else about him. Something about betrayal? I don’t know. Stan tells us Sirius is loose and Harry asks some questions and all. Boy I’m glad we found the Night Bus, it’s even more unsafe to wander with a murderer on the loose. The Night Bus squeezes through gaps and things before we arrive at The Leaky Cauldron. Harry gets off woozily. 


“Never again.” He mutters, clutching his stomach. 


“Whoopeeeee! That was awesome!” I shout. We enter The Leaky Cauldron to find the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge. Apparently, awaiting our arrival. 




“Now both of you, to your rooms. Stay in Diagon Alley these next few days okay? I’ll notify your sister.” The Minister says to me after letting Harry off on all charges for blowing up his Aunt. So unfair! “The Weasley’s will be here the day after tomorrow, I believe they’re friends of yours?” We nod obediently and walk out to the hall.


“That was weird.” Harry says. 


I shrug, “At least I don’t have to stay at Lizard’s.” 


Our rooms are right next to each other. I bid Harry goodnight and go into my room. I draft a 2 letters:



I’m okay. Not dead. Don’t worry. At The Leaky Cauldron. Got lost on walk. Ran into friend Harry Potter. Night Bus. Minister will notify Cam. Staying here until school. Other friends coming. Please send trunk and wand. 




I hope you’re enjoying your stay! I was taking a walk and got lost. I ran into my friend Harry. He accidentally summoned the Night Bus, which turned out to be a good thing. We came to the Leaky Cauldron and we’re okay now! The Minister said he’d notify you or something. I’m staying here until school starts (better than being with Lizard), the Weasleys are coming the day after tomorrow. I’ll buy all my stuff in Diagon Alley. Have fun!




Then, I fall into a weird dream, with a black dog, a mouse, a wolf, a deer, a racoon, and a fox. 


Another chapter! Woooo! I'm updating fast! Hope u enjoyed! I was going to do a whole chapter on the lake house but i got SO BORED so I decided to start 3rd year!!!! Please review!

-Baby nargle



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