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BEFORE YOU READ I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO SOME PEOPLE! To Ginny Lovegood your review on Why I don’t like Dumbledore was about piggy and I completely agree it is truly the best. To PenelopeGryffin_PygmyPuff your review meant a lot to me and piggy 2 released this Sunday so exciting! To Ravenclaw_or_Hufflepuff your review really made me think about what I needed to do to improve my story you get double shout out cause you reviewed twice. And finally Lightning Rose you are my first reviewer and you agreed with all of my reasons you truly get me so you all are the best!




Hogwarts was wild with talking that day. The day the shop showed up out of Nowhere. The students traded weird and wonderful theories, wondering how the shop got there. “Did you here? It sits between Honey-Dukes and The Three Broomsticks!”

“It’s brickwork is as black as midnight and it sparkles strangely in the light!”
“It just appeared over night!”

For the rest of that day the students kept going over to it to peer at it or examine it before they would have to go back to Hogwarts and wait another month for the next Hogsmede weekend...


By 4 o clock a crowd of students gathered around the strange shop looking around them for some sort of clue to how this mysterious shop came to be. Suddenly fireworks exploded the air and the crowd gasped in excitement. The fireworks seemed to go on for over 10 minutes and the students watched the dancing lights fill the air, holding their breath, waiting, waiting for something else to happen. The fireworks finally stopped and changed patterns. Then finally they formed one last pattern which read words that could be seen clearly in the cloudy sky.


         Bring your imagination...


The fireworks fell into a rain of golden light which disappeared very quickly into the air. It was dark now and it was nearly time for the students to head back but a very intricate gold door appeared which swung open and fell to dust. The crowd touched the bricks and examined the tips of their fingers, they walked inside...



Three weeks later at the next Hogsmede weekend...


A man with cold grey eyes appeared in the village, he was polite and payed for his room with fresh new galleons from Gringotts. But something about him troubled the students, perhaps it was his eyes? Or perhaps it was the fact that he was asking about a shop made from midnight coloured bricks which no student could recall seeing...



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