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I ran to the bathroom. I was frustrated because the Vanishing Cabinet wasn’t looking like it was going to be fixed. And to make things worse, Potter has started to doubt me.


I became angry with myself. I couldn’t give up or I would die. My family would die. And to prevent this, I had to kill the only man who had ever shown kindness towards me. Dumbledore.


I held my head in my hands. Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I hastily wiped my tears away and fixed my usual sneer on my face. 

“Granger?” I didn’t lower me wand. What was she doing here?


 “Malfoy- are you alright?” She suddenly asked, seeing my red eyes and wet face. 

“It doesn’t matter to you anyway. Go where you’re wanted Mudblood.” I snapped. 

“Malfoy, listen-” But I had had enough. I needed to fix the Vanishing Cabinet. I tore through the hallways, picking my pace towards the Room of Requirement. 

I could hear her footsteps behind me. I quickly walked three times past the door, all the while thinking- I need a place to hide. I need a place to hide. I need a place to hide...


 A door appeared and I hurriedly opened the door. Before I could slam it close a brunette tumbled in, landing with a oomph. 

I reached towards the door to go out but it was gone. Granger got up coughing. 

“Where are we?” She asked. It was only then did I realise that we were in a sort of house, and the window showed the horizon, a clear sky. I went to the the front door, thinking it was the room’s door. I stepped out. 

I yelled in surprise. My foot had sunk where I had put it. I quickly pulled myself up, thankful fo my quick Seeker reflexes. I looked down and was shocked. It was clouds. We were in a house in the clouds. And there was no way out. 

Granger joined me and gasped. She whirled to me. 

“What were you thinking?” She demanded.


 “I was trying to get away from you. Is that a crime?” I snapped.


 “No you idiot. What were you thinking when you came into the room?” She clarified. 

Oh. “Just a place to hide, where no one can get me.” I answered.


She groaned. “Well, nobody IS going to find us here. But there must be a clue of this place somewhere. Let’s check.” 

“Why should I listen to you?” 

“Because I’m smarter and more realistic. The way I see it, neither of us can escape without eachother.” She answered, proceeding towards the kitchen. 

I muttered under my breath and went to upstairs. I went into the first bedroom. Nothing. Then I checked the next room. I halted when I realised that this was the laundry room. Still nothing. Next room, storage. Not a thing. Then I realised that there was only one bedroom. 

I hurried to the first room to claim the bed mine, but I stopped at the doorway. Granger was lying down on the single bed, spreading her limbs  so that there was no space. 

“Granger, get off.” 

“Nah. This is mine. I called dibs.” She said challengingly. I walked over to the bed, and lifted Granger. I ignored the softness of her skin and how it felt. 

“HEY! LET GO! MALFOY IF YOU DONT LET GO I SWEAR ILL-” She shouted but the rest of her sentence was cut off when I dropped her to the floor. 

“OW! WHAT IN MERLIN?” She screamed at me, rubbing her knees. 

“The bed’s mine.” I said with finality. But of course Granger was going to be difficult. She jumped on to the bed and tried to push me off. 

“STOP!” A new voice commanded. 

We both looked up and saw two ghosts. One was a beautiful woman with long hair and big eyes. She was wearing a gown that reached her ankles. The man was wearing a robe, and his hair was neat and wavy. His eyes were smaller but still flashy. They both had smiles on their faces. 

“Wh-who are you?” Granger stammered, scrambling off me.


 “We are the owners of this house. We are here to tell you that you can only leave if you prove you are worthy.” The maiden said. 

“What do we need to prove? It’s not like we wished to come here.” I said impatiently.


 “We cannot say yet. But we will always be hinting.” The man said mysteriously. “And our first hint is,

There is no couch on the first storey, none of you will sleep separately. 

“WHAT! I can’t sleep with a Mudblood!” I protested. I noticed Granger clench her jaw angrily. 

“I don’t want to share anything with anyone who doesn’t respect me, or think I have any right to live.” She said furiously. 

I glanced at her and inwardly sighed. I DID respect her, I DID think she had a right to live. I just didn’t like her. Because she was a Mudblood.


 “Well too bad. You will have to or else you will be forced to spend a month more with eachother.” The maiden informed slyly. 




Stupid git. Prat. Ferret. I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him-


The ghosts went through wall, leaving me and Malfoy alone together. Then I got an idea. 

“Wait! We can just make the bed bigger! Then we both will have enough space. And we will still be sharing a bed.” 

Malfoy thought about it. “That might work. Maybe your brain isn’t as small as your status Granger.” 

I swallowed all thoughts of choking him and reached for my wand. I whipped it out and contemplated hexing Malfoy but thought better if it. 

“Engorgio!” Nothing. Not even an inch of the bed got bigger. 

“Granger. Move. You can’t even perform a simple spell.” He shoved me aside and flicked his own wand. Nothing. 

“What’s going on?” The maiden had suddenly floated into our room. She was frowning slightly. 

“Um, we were just making the bed bigger.” I quickly explained. 

“Your wands won’t be able to change anything in this house. This house is already enchanted.” She clarified, sounding amused.


 “The bed is too small. Even one person won’t fit. Let alone two!” Malfoy protested. I looked at him angrily. 

“Then you can go sleep on the floor. Let me sleep in peace!” I snapped. I climbed onto the bed and crossed my arms, irritated.


 “None of you will find sleep except on the bed.” The maiden was definitely amused now. 

“But-” Malfoy started, but the maiden had already left. He turned to me, a scowl on his face. “Bet you’re pleased aren’t you?” He snapped, setting a boundary using the pillows and bolster. 

“No actually. I would rather marry Lockhart than be with you.” I said coolly. I turned my back on him and soon I could hear his soft breathing. 

No that the shock had passed, I was worried. Harry and Ron must be looking for me. The Marauders map didn’t show the Room of Requirement. Moreover, what if Malfoy WAS a Death Eater? I curled into myself and cast a dark look over my shoulder at where Malfoy was sleeping, his back facing me. Malfoy could Attack me anytime. If Harry was right, then I had to get out of here. 

I only realised that the bed beside me was empty when I was slipping into sleep. 


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