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“Hermione!” Harry and Ron shout as Hermione speeds into the Great Hall. I smile, she’s all better now. Harry and Ron did something to stop the heir of Slytherin. I think they found out that the monster was a basilisk snake and then noticed it was going through the pipes. They went to Myrtle's bathroom because they thought that Myrtle was the girl that died from the attacks 50 years ago (and they were right) then they went to The Chamber Of Secrets with Lockhart (who they conveniently got rid of (thank you)), Harry fought Tom Riddle, who is a younger version of Lord Voldemort with the sword of Gryffindor, all while Lucius Malfoy (god I hate that man) had banned Dumbledore. Nobody bothered to tell me, I just did my own scouting (which mainly included prying information from a VERY annoyingly dramatic ghost who lives in a toilet stall (heh hem...Myrtle)). I think they also saved Ginny, who apparently had been subconsciously helping Tom Riddle??? I am SO GLAD I stayed out of that, but also kind of guilty. Draco apologized and I really don’t want to forgive him, but I did (DO NOT ASK ME WHY), I am VERY mad at myself for it, but I believe in instinct and that was it. I’m really excited for the summer! In July, we’re going to stay with Lyle’s relatives the Patils at a lake house somewhere in the countryside. 


I give a small smile and wave to Hermione and she beams back at me. On the train ride back, I make it a point to sit with the Gryffindors (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny,), I need to make sure they don’t hate me (and they don’t). 




“Cam!” I yell, jumping into her arms. 


“Oof!” She says, clutching her stomach as I step back, Lyle puts an arm on her shoulder, giving her a worried look. In the matter of seconds I know EXACTLY what’s going on! My jaw drops and I smile. I give Cam and Lyle the ‘Anything you want to tell me?’ look. “Hi! How was Hogwarts?” Is all I get. 


“Good. Anything you want to tell me??” I say as we start walking outside the station.


 We get to our usual apparition spot and Cam squeaks, “I’m pregnant!!!!” I hug her again leading to another “Oof!” 


“You need to STOP doing that.” Lyle says in all seriousness. I put my hands up. There is no way I’m going to mess with a protective daddy, that just so happens to be trained in the art of defense (Auror). 


“I’m fine, Lyle.” Cam says. “Now let's go.” I grab Cam’s hand but Lyle interrupts. 


“Ah ah! She’s already carrying another person.” He grabs my hand and we POP to FaithHouse. 


“So what are you gonna name her?” I squeal the moment we land in the living room. 


“Um..” Cam ponders.


“How about Fox? Or Flames? Or what if she’s water like you??? Then, Ocean, or River, or Lake, or Bay???” I suggest.


“We don’t even know if it’s a girl!” Cam laughs. “I’m only 1 month in.”


“It’s definitely a girl!” I state. 


“I have to agree with her on this.” Lyle says, as we all sit down on the couch. 


“Oh? And what makes you two so sure?” Cam challenges.


“Auntie’s instinct.” I say, at the same time Lyle says. “Daddy always knows.” Cam laughs again.


“So what if it is a girl? Which it will be.” I ask.


“We were thinking  Ara, which means ‘brings rain’.” Lyle says. “She’ll most likely be like Camellia, after all.” 


“Ara? It’s so...soft! You need some UMPH in a name!” I say.


“We were also thinking Hali, it means ‘the sea’.” Cam says.


I think for a moment. “Hali something Reid something.” 


“Hali Amber BlueLion.” Cam corrects. I smile at Amber, my mother. 


“No Reid?” I frown.


“Don’t you think our names are way too long?” Cam reasons. I nod in agreement. 


“But Lion?” I ask again.


“Sounds better than Badger.” Lyle laughs.


“So you think she’ll be a Gryffindor?” They both nod. 


“Yeah. I guess it makes sense. But Hali’s too common!” I say.


“Brook?” Cam asks. I roll my eyes.


“I tell you ‘Hali’ is too common and you give me ‘Brook’!” I exclaim. 


“Okay, missy, do you have any ideas?” Cam raises her eyebrows. 


“Hmm, what about….” I think for a minute. “Shark?” Lyle and Cam look horrified. “No? Okay how about Rapids? Like River Rapids?” They shake their heads furiously. “Oh you guys are so picky!” I exclaim. They raise their eyebrows at me. “Hmm…..Wave?” 


“It’s kind of pretty, actually.” Cam says, with her finger on her chin in thought. 


“Wave Amber BlueLion.” Lyle repeats. “It’s nice. But I still prefer Ara.”


“Wara?”  I ask. “Wavra?” 


“No.” Cam laughs. “We still have time, no need to hurry.” 


“What if it’s a boy?” I ask.


“David Beck BlueLion.” Lyle says. I nod, that’s a pretty nice name. David, like my dad, and Beck, like one of my brothers.


“Coincidentally, Beck means ‘stream’.” Cam says.


“Really? But Beck was a white degree.” I say. 


Cam shrugs. “Names don’t have to match power.” Just then, Blaise’s eagle owl, Demi, swoops in from above and lands on my head. 


“Demi!” I shout. She drops the letter in my lap and flies away, I don’t think she likes me very much. Cam and Lyle wait as I open it:



Mum’s being really cheery (bleh). She’s making me celebrate my birthday this year (grr). Expect a fancy invite (ugh). It’s just you, me, Theo, the Goons, and Draco (i can’t find a sound for that). 



I laugh. 


“What is it?” Cam asks. I hand her the letter and she reads it aloud and laughs as well. “I must admit, I find your friends quite amusing.”


“Even though they’re slimy snakes?” Lyle, the Gryffindor asks, teasingly. Cam rolls her eyes and I hiss (like a snake) at Lyle. 


“I don’t like that the Malfoy boy is going to be there, though. And who are ‘the Goons’?.” Cam adds. 


“Crabbe and Goyle and too bad,  I’m going. It’s going to be really interesting. Blaise HATES celebrations, even his birthday, nobody even mentions it, ever.”  


Like Blaise said, we got a fancy envelope with an invitation to the Zabini Mansion tomorrow at 3. 




“Happy birthday.” I smirk, when Blaise opens the door. 


“Shut up.” He grumbles, letting me in.


“Ahh, is it wonderful to be 13 or what? Hmm?” I poke. 


Blaise glares at me, “No, it means I’m one year closer to dying.”


“You know, you’re a teenager now! Gosh, you are SO OLD.” Blaise looks like he wants to rip off my head. This is great. “And what a milestone! Teenager! The BEST way is to THROW a HUGE CELEBRATION!!!” Blaise puts swings at me but I duck. 


“Drive me crazy.” He mumbles. 


“Hey, on the bright side, I didn’t bring you a present!” 


He smiles, “I appreciate that.” 


We take 5 more turns right and two more left, before we reach a bright living room. This room is quite the contrary from Malfoy Manor. The chairs and tables are bright, reds, yellows, oranges, and turquoise, yet it’s still elegant and put together. There are a lot of animal prints and intricate patterns.


“Woah!” I can’t help but say.


“She says it reminds her of home.” Blaise plops down on the only black chair there. “She was born in Nigeria. Came here when she was 3, I think.” 


“Four.” Says a voice. I turn to see a VERY beautiful woman, with really long and thick black hair, her skin is the same shade as Blaise, a milk chocolate brown. She’s wearing the most gorgeous dress, that looks as if each thread was sewn by hand. She’s rather petite, and dainty in the way she walks, as she sits down on a yellow and white, zebra print chair. “Honestly Blaise, you ought to know more about your mother!” Ms. Zabini says, flicking her son's head gently. Blaise just rolls his eyes.


“Hi.” I say. “Pleasure to meet you Ms. Zabini.” Blaise looks amused by my formalness. Ms. Zabini looks like adults do when they’re about to say ‘Isn’t she a lovely girl? So polite!’. 


“Aren’t you sweet!” There we go. “You must be….the fox?” She says it like I’m an actual animal, but not in a rude way. 


“Yep, Fox.” I say, turning into my animagus form. Ms. Zabini gasps in wonder. 


“Oh, also.” She says. “It’s Mrs. Cox  now.” 


“It won't be for long.” Blaise grumbles. 


“Blaisie!” Mrs. Cox  taps Blaise on the head. 


“Er…..congrats.” I’m not sure what else to say. 


“Why thank you.” Mrs. Cox beams, admiring a ring with a huge amethyst gem on her ring finger.


“She has like 20 of those.” Blaise informs me. 


Mrs. Cox looks at Blaise disapprovingly. “Men get boring! I move on!” She states in an obvious voice. “It's not my fault they give me enough information to transfer all their money to my account.” She mumbles standing up. “And if you tell your stepfather.” she wiggles her finger in a ‘no, no’ way.


“He’s not my stepfather!” Blaise exclaims. “He’s a snobby man, who pays no attention to me, but lives in my house.” Mrs. Cox shakes her head and sighs. Then the doorbell rings. Mrs. Cox aparates away, probably to answer it. A second later, she comes back with Mrs. Malfoy,  Draco, and the Goons. Draco throws a package on Blaise’s lap.


“Mate!” Blaise complains. 


Draco shrugs, “Mother made me.”


“What do you say Blaise?” Mrs. Cox says.


“Thank you Mrs. Malfoy and Draco.” Blaise says. Mrs. Cox smiles in satisfaction and she and Mrs. Malfoy go into another room to chat. The doorbell rings again a couple moments later and Theo and a woman with curly blonde hair appear in the room, alongside Mrs. Cox. Hearing the POP, Mrs. Malfoy comes into the room. 


“Olivia!” Mrs. Malfoy says, placing her hand out to blonde. 


“Hi!” Mrs. Nott says, pulling Mrs. Malfoy in for a hug. Mrs. Malfoy looks a bit uncomfortable. Mrs. Nott  has a really soft and soothing voice. “Oh, it’s been much too long since I last saw you!” 


“Hasn’t it been?” Mrs. Malfoy says. 


“Now all we’re missing is Bella!” Mrs. Cox exclaims. Mrs. Malfoy laughs a little and Mrs. Nott looks away a little. I sense an old friend group that ‘broke up’. There is silence, and then Mrs. Nott turns to us.


“Well, have fun Theo. Do not make a mess.” She then turns back to the adults. “I really must get home. Good bye.” 


“Oh, I miss her!” Mrs. Cox says sadly. I notice that Mrs. Malfoy does not agree. “Tea?” Mrs. Cox asks.  Mrs. Malfoy nods and they walk away again. 


“Lets go to my room.” Blaise says. 


“You mean your cave?” Theo teases. 


“It’s not a cave!”


“It’s bloody dark in there! You’d think you were a bat!” Theo reasons as we walk down a hall.


“There is a light.” Blaise states.


“But it’s common sense not to use it?” Draco smirks. Blaise rolls his eyes. We reach what I think is an elevator. 


“Brace yourself.” Blaise says. The inside of the elevator is PINK, like P. I. N. K. PINK! Very, very, pink. We go up to the top floor. And the elevator door opens. All I see is black. Blaise walks in and sighs reluctantly. He opens the curtains and sunlight streams in. 


“Wow.” I say. The room is like a library. There are little sitting nooks everywhere and black bookshelves coating every wall that isn't a window. The floor is balck wood and the rugs are black too. In the middle, is a black coffee table with a coffee machine on it, and 3 chairs and 3 bean bags around it. “No bed?” I question.


“Blaise doesn’t sleep.” Theo says.


“It’s really stupid if you ask me.” Draco adds. The Goons grunt in agreement.


“Wait seriously?” I ask as we sit down around the coffee table. Blaise nods. “How?!”


“Coffee.” He says, tapping the machine.


“Okay that’s STILL impossible!” I exclaim. “Are you a vampire?!”


“Maybe I am.” he says that in all seriousness. 


My jaw drops, “You know, I meant that as a joke right?” Blaise sighs. 


“Just tell her, mate.” Theo says. WAIT WHAT?! Is this some sort of joke?!


“My father was a vampire, I’m half vampire. End of story.” Blaise says. This is such a trick. But then I think about it. He likes the dark, he likes black, he never gets sick and never eats much, he doesn’t sleep. And his teeth…..


“Show me your teeth.” I say. Blaise gives me a questioning look, but opens his mouth. There! I have always though Blaise had surprisingly pointy side teeth. And now I get why! “Wow.” Is all I can say. “Do you…..drink blood?” 


“Once a year to keep me satisfied. Borgin and Burkes has the best.” I feel like throwing up. “Okay! How about a more celebratory topic?” 


“No.” Blaise says. 


 I roll my eyes, “I meant something that doesn’t have to do with drinking blood. So…...I’m going to an AUNT!” I squeal. They look at me like I’m an alien. It’s just a squeal, people! 


“Congrats!” Theo says with enthusiasm. 


“Another blood traitor?” Draco growls. 


I scoff, “Rude. Anyways, I think it’s going to be a girl, so I was helping with names! We were doing a water theme because she will probably be a blue degree and THEY want to do ‘Ara’ which means-”


“Brings rain.” Blaise says. 


“Yes. But I say, Wave is much better!” 


“What about Libra?” Draco says, surprisingly thoughtfully. 


“Libra is a zodiac! It has to do with stars, not water!” I say.


“I’m naming my daughter Libra. Malfoy tradition.” Draco says proudly. 


“I’m not having children.” I state. “Anyways, NOT LIBRA!” 


“What about Brooke?” Blaise says. “Like a brook?” 


“That’s what Cam and Lyle were thinking as well, but it’s so boring!” I say.


“How about Theadoria?” Theo suggests. We all look at him like he’s got a frog on his head.


“How ‘bout Cascade?” Crabbe says. I think we are all so shocked that he knows that word ew completely forget why he said it. 


“I-I like it.” I say. 


“Yeah.” Blaise agrees.


“Theadoria is better but it’s not bad.” Theo adds.


“Eh.” Draco shrugs. 


“Cascade Amber BlueLion.” I say. “CASCADE AMBER BLUELION YOU GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!” I shout. The boys look at me like I’ve grown four heads. “I had to say it from the mother's perspective! And it works! Good job, Crabbe. Really.” We all nod in agreement and Crabbe beams.




“Good! I found out that Blaise is half vampire and that Crabbe has amazing ideas sometimes.” I answer Cam's ‘how was it?’. 


Cam cracks up. “Good one! Oh, you're serious?!!!! I just sent you to a half-vampire’s house?!”


“Relax! He only drinks blood once a year!” I wave my hands dismissively. “Don’t you want to hear Crabbe’s brilliant idea?” I ask.


“Crabbe? The son of the Death Eater that was released?” Lyle says, coming into the living room from the kitchen. He has his navy blue apron on and smells like heaven. 


“Woah, you smell good!” I say. 


“Butter chicken and naan.” He winks. Mmmm, delicious. Lyle makes THE BEST indian food because of his relatives the Patils. 


“Anyways, I told them I was going to be an aunt! And we started brainstorming names!!! Theo said ‘Theadoria’ stupid, I know. Blaise actually said ‘Brooke’, like you guys, and Draco said ‘Libra’ because of the Malfoy tradition or something about stars. And then, Crabbe said, wait for it….drumroll please!!!!!” Cam and Lyle pat their legs in a rhythm. “Cascade!!!!” I shout.


“That’s…..good.” Cam says.


“I like it!” Lyle adds.


“Cascade Amber BlueLion, it has a ring to it!” Cam thinks out loud. 


“It seems we have a winner!!!!” Lyle smiles. 


“I was thinking Cassie for short.” I add. Cam and Lyle smile again.


“You know, Lyle and I wanted to make you her Godmother, but you’re not of age yet. So, for now, Lizzie and Darek are going to have that title. But the moment you come of age, it’s yours!” Cam says. I smile and we head into the kitchen to praise Lyle and stuff our mouths.


HI! Hope u liked the LONG chapter (sry abt that). Yay! Cam and Lyle are having a baby!!! :))))


Please review!

-Baby nargle

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