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AN/: hi! My second fanfic! Hope u all like the plot! I have a few ideas going around in my head. please review!





I just shook my head in exasperation. There was no way Malfoy was a Death Eater! He might be a bully, but he wasn’t evil. 

“Look! He’s going somewhere! I’ll follow him!” Harry suddenly whispered urgently. 

I grabbed his arm before he could take off. “NO. He already knows you are keeping an eye on him. The last thing we need is you in the hospital wing.” I warned.


 “Well, someone needs to go!” Ron said. 

“I’ll go.” I decided. Just to give them peace of mind. Part of the reason I agreed was because I wanted to prove it to myself that Malfoy isn’t a Death Eater. 

“Are you sure Hermione?” Harry asked uncertainly. 

“Do you doubt me?” I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow. 

“Of course not! Harry’s just worried, that’s all.” Ron intervened, casting a reprimanding look at Harry. 

I rolled my eyes and turned to Harry. His green eyes were filled with worry. “I’ll be fine. You could always use the Marauders’ Map remember?” I assured them. 

He relaxed a bit. “Maybe I should give you the invisibility cloak.” He offered. 

“Fine.” I agreed, just to make him feel better. He smiled in relief and took out the silky material. 

“Be safe Mione!” Ron called as I quickly chased after Malfoy, my heart thumping in anticipation.


AN/: short, yes. But you can see already that I have added a bit more practical things like the cloak and Marauders’ Map. It will be like this for next chapters. Please review and tell what you thought of it!



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