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“As Peter rose his wand and you rose yours..” Harry said shaking the thought, “He struck U but right Before my parents ghosts came out of ur wand with a few others... and they blocked some of the spell...”. He sighed. “Woah...” I said, “Why would they s-save me tho....?”. “You tried to save me, what do you expect?” He said chuckling. Oh great, I hate compliments. I putted the pillow over my face to hide how I was slightly blushing. “Is he trying to suffocate himself?”I overheard Ginny muttered to Hermione. “To be honest, I don’t know anymore...” she muttered back.


{10 minutes later}


Some other hufflepuff’s came in. “Your so so brave to protect Harry like that!” One said. No no no! Not the compliments! I putted the pillow over my face again as I felt some blush emerge. “You ok?” Another kid asked. “I’m fine.” I said in a muffled tone under the pillow. As I felt the blush was away so I removed the pillow. I got stared at. “Sorry I uhh-“ I Said. “It’s fine! No need to explain!” Said a boy smiling. I chuckled. “All right you lot!” Came a mad voice, who was Madam Poppy, “Out! Out! This door was supposed to be closed a minute ago! Out!” She started gesturing the visitors out. She faced me. “How are you?” She asked. “Fine.” I said. “Ok, well goodnight!” She said joyfully. She left the room. I sighed and laid their on my back. The truth was, I wasn’t ok... I felt weird. I sighed again. I turned off the table lamp and kept the candle burning and drifted off into a sleep.

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