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“Argh!” I yelled as I flew across the yard. I landed my eyes closed. I heard Harry yell after me “CERIC!!!”.  That’s all I could remember before everything was black. “Is he ok?” Said a worried voice. “He has a pulse, don’t worry.” Said a female voice. “Oh, my poor son!” Said a new voice. I opened my eyes and it was blurry. I blinked. The same. I blinked again. I saw three faces. Madam Poppy Pomfrey, Harry and dad. I stared blankly. “U ok Cedric?” Asked Harry. I nodded. I tried to move but my whole body ached. I used my right arm and reached to my left shoulder. Blood. I moved my right hand to my right knee. Blood. I sighed. “You saved my life...” Harry said shaking. I scoffed. “You would have done better then I did...” I said chuckling, “I almost killed myself..”. Harry rolled his eyes and sat next to me. I sat up. He threw me into a hug. “Ow ow..” I said, “My arm and knee...”. “Oh! I’m sorry!” Harry quickly apologised. “It’s fine...” I said smiling. “Let’s get u patched up why don’t we?” Asked Madam Poppy Pomfrey. I nodded. 


[10 minutes later]


“do I have to stay here overnight?” I asked. “With those injures, yes.” She replied chuckling. “Aww....” I said. I sat up in my bed and grabbed my cup of water and took a sip. I putted the cup down. I looked at my wand. “Thank god..” I said seeing it wasn’t broken. Suddenly Cho, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry walked in. I saw their hands full with get better gifts. “Aww... you shouldn’t have..” I said. “How you going...?” Asked Hermione. “Not sure... I was struck by a killing curse....” I said, “I still don’t know how I survived...”. “Well maybe..” Harry began, “Maybe because well, I think a ghost blocked some of it....”. I stared blankly. “What?” I asked, “who?!”. “May sound ridiculous but... my mom and dad...?”replied Harry. “What......?” Said Ginny, Cho, Ron, Hermione and I at the same time.



{Do you think Harry is telling the truth? If so why do you think that and why would they save Cedric? Remember to Review! thanks for reading! -Marley} 

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