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“There have been 3 deaths from the attacks” James said to the group, all six of them were sitting around the coffee table in the common room. “27 attacks, 3 deaths, all members of the order or the DA” 

“I can’t believe this” Maya said

“There have always been stray death eaters,  but there starting to act, which means they probably have a leader, someone running the show.” Reese said

“That’s what my dad is starting to figure out” James said “they are working on protecting everyone and tracking the known death eaters, they have caught quite a few”

“Well that’s good” said Linden. 


James walked down the corridor and reached the corner and stopped when he heard raised voices

“Sam, I thought you were an actually good guy, but your just a jealous jerk.” He recognized this immediately as Reese

“Babe, let me try again, I promise I’ll do better” Sam replied

“No, you’re making me spend less time with one of my best friends, and you’re distracting me from Quidditch, we’re done, Sam, it’s over” 

James heard her footsteps coming towards him and he ducked into the nearest classroom. Once she was sat enough down the corridor, he smiled and went on his way to class.


“Are you sad?” Maya asked

“Not really”Reese replied “I loved having a boyfriend, but I’d rather have one that wasn’t a jealous piece of shit.”

“I feel you. What happened to all the good guys” 

“I don’t know, maybe their right in front of us.” Reese replied. Linden and Euen walked in and they told them the news. Reese and Sam were done. 


The first game of the Quidditch season was approaching, Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff. Reese woke up early, eager to play her first match as a seeker. She was a bit nervous though. The seeker pretty much decided the game. The plan was to use her faking skills to throw off the other seeker, rack up a bunch of points, and catch the snitch on Freddie’s signal. Pretty simple. She met James, Euen, and Linden in the common room and they headed down to breakfast and then the changing rooms. The game began, the balls were released and James grabbed the Quaffle and scored immediately. A little into the game, the score was 170-30 Gryffindor. Cassie was definitely working out as the keeper. Euen scored again, and Reese spotted the snitch above one of the goal post. She quickly dove straight down instead, while James scored. She looked for Freddie, who flew zigzag, giving her the signal to catch it. She increased her speed towards the ground, keeping the snitch in the corner of her eye. Once she got close enough she pulled up on her broom, hard and the other seeker crashed. She then flew up, avoiding a bludger, reaches out her and and grabbed the snitch. 


Celebrations were in order as James and Linden headed to the kitchens to grab some treats. It would make for a proper first win party. This all changed, however when a letter came for James. It was from his mother. It said that their had been a mass attack that most of the Aurors were trying to contain. It was in a popular neighborhood for wizarding families called Oak Brook. As James read this letter, Professor Longbottom, the head of Gryffindor came in to tell everybody to go off to bed. As Reese and Euen helped clean up quickly, the Professor asked them to stay back, and come with him to the Headmistress’ office.

“Why?” Asked Euen

“It’s better if we wait until we’re there” the Professor replied, and the three headed up to Professor McGonagalls office. 


“Jelly Slug”said Neville, and the statue moved, revealing a spiral staircase that they climbed. Neville knocked on the door, which opened, revealing Professor McGonagall, a few Aurors, Harry Potter, and Oliver Wood, who was wiping a tear off his cheek.

“Dad?” said Euen “what are you doing here? Is everything ok?”

Their father responded by coming forward and hugging his kids, tightly. 

“Something happened” he started to say “while the attack at Oak Brook was taking place”he said thorough tears”a few death eaters came to our house”

Reese had a worried look on her face, but didn’t react, wanting to give her father a chance to finish.

“The protective Aurors were leaving as I came home and I saw them through the window.Parker escaped. He ran to be from the basement and I told him to hide. I fought them the best I could” he said, his voice cracking “killed two of them, and ran towards your mom, when she- she was hit my a flash of green light” Oliver finally broke down, and went to his knees. Harry went over to comfort him. A tear went down Reese’s face. She was rarely weepy, but she couldn’t hold it in any longer. Her mother was dead. She turned to Euen, who’s face was buried in his hands, and walked over to give him a hug. Their father went and joined them, all of them sobbing. 


The next morning, the family grabbed their brooms and flew to their Grandmas house. They were released from school for the next week or so. Parker was there and he gave his siblings hugs, although he was reluctant. He was confused. He didn’t understand why someone would take his mum away from him.

“He shouldn’t have to understand” Reese thought. “He’s supposed to just be a happy kid.”

They arrived at home, to the rest of their siblings, and a few other family members. Reese went right to her room, but was followed by a beautiful woman, her 21 year old sister, Jane.

“Hey, Reesie,” she said. Reese gave in, and began to sob into her sisters shoulder.

“I don’t get it” she said “why mum?”

“I don’t know” said Jane “it doesn’t make sense why bad things happen to good people, and mum was one of the best.” They sat there with eachother, eventually falling asleep with Jane’s arms wrapped around Reese.

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