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It was the end of September, and the leaves had begun to change on the trees. There was a group of students with quills, huddled around a piece of paper on the bulletin item board in the Gryffindor Common Room. “Quidditch Tryout Signups” the paper read. The names on the list included James Potter, Reese Wood, Euen Wood, and Linden Meyers. Once on the pitch, the captain, Freddie Weasley, was grouping the players by position. 

“I don’t care if you were on the team last year, you’re still going to tryout. Everything is open except on beater position, me” Freddie said “ chasers over there, seekers over there...” Reese walked over to where the seekers were standing

“Wood, chasers over there”Fred said to Reese

“I’m going for seeker” she said 

“Your a chaser, Wood, like James and your brother” Freddie replied

“I’m going for seeker,” she repeated 

“Alright then,” Freddie said, giving up. “Fly a lap everyone”. About 15 people were cut after the fly. James and Euen were the best chasers, along with 7th year Lauren Davis. Linden, all though it was his first year playing, was the best beater next to Freddie. The keeper was a surprise, a speedy 4th year named Cassie Stallion. Then it was time for seeker tryouts. At the amazement of Freddie and the rest of the team, Reese was really good. They knew she was an amazing flier, but she caught the snitch very quick, and was good at faking a dive as well. She was far better than the rest of the seekers. 

“Alright, thanks all for coming, can I have the team meet by the goal posts please” Freddie said. “This is going to be a great season you all. Our only issue was going to be a seeker, so let’s all thank Reese for wanting to become one, working all summer, and surprising us with her talent, first practice will be next Monday at 4.” The team left to change and pick numbers for the upcoming season. James was 7, like his dad; and Reese was 4. She went to hang out with Sam in the library before dinner and crashed early. She had forgotten how tiring quidditch was.


“Ughh” said the boy with his hands in his blonde hair, staring at a book. Reese walked in the library and said to him

“Tough class, Linden?”

“You know it, why are we already being prepped for owls, there not until the end of the year”  he said

“It’s crazy” Reese replied

“Shhh” said the librarian. 

“Ok I’m going” Reese said, and headed to get a book when some one grabbed her arm and pulled her into the row. It was Sam. He kissed her on the lips. 

“What are you doing?”she asked

“kissing my girlfriend” he replied

“your sweaty” she said

“yeah I just got back from practice, I’m the keeper again.” 

“Congrats!” She said

“It’s no big deal, all the other guys sucked ass, I was clearly the best choice”

“Ok, well I gotta go” she said and left the library.


“Expecto Patronum” said Lucie, and a white horse shot from her wand. 

“I can’t get it!” Said Reese, “I don’t understand, I’ve never had this much trouble with a spell”

“Expecto Patronum” said James, and an extremely strong, bright stag came out of the tip of his wand. 

“How did you do that?” Reese asked 

“Just think of something that makes you insanely happy” James said, smiling at her. 

“What are you thinking about James?” Said Euen.

“Oh, nothing, just someone that makes me really happy.” he replied. Reese looked at him and he was looking at her. She smiled.


After class, Reese ran to James 

“Hey, do you have detention tonight?” she asked. 

“No, why?”James replied 

“I was wondering if you could help me with my Patronus” 

“yeah, sure” he said “meet you in the common room after practice?”

“sounds good” she replied.



“hey, Lucie” said Euen, while walking into Charms.

“what’s up Euen” said Lucie, excitedly

“Does Reese like James?” he asked

“Um, well she’s dating Sam, but” she said nervously 

“I don’t know if I should tell him” said Euen. “ I’m not sure about how I would feel about him dating my sister, but” 

“I don’t think it’s a good idea” she replied

“Reese hasn’t admitted to herself that she likes him” 

“I’m going to” said Euen

“No, you can’t”she said 

“You know that pisses me off.” He said “don’t you think he deserves to know?”

“Not if Reese doesn’t, and she’s in a relationship” she said as she stormed off 

“shit” Euen said under his breath, and sulked off to class.  


James hopped out of the shower and put on his Gryffindor quidditch sweater and a pair of pants. He walked out of the changing room to Reese standing there waiting for him.

“Alright let’s teach you a Patronus!” he said and they headed off towards the castle. The common room was packed, so they decided to find an empty classroom to practice.

“Alright so think of a happy memory, or just something that makes you happy.” James said. Reese thought of Sam, and their first meeting.

“Once you have that, concentrate on it, and make it fill up your mind, then say Expecto Patronum.”

Reese closed her eyes and a few moments later she rose her wand and said

“Expecto Patronum” and a bit of silvery stuff came out of her wand.

“ that was good!” He said

“ no it wasn’t “ she said

“How do you do it so well”she asked

“I think about when I’m the happiest” he replied “you know, the moments or people that make you smile when you think of them, that give you butterflies in your stomach” Reese thought of her friends, and their first years at hogwarts. A bit more silvery stuff came out that time. 

“Think of the happiest you’ve ever been.”James said, “ a moment you think about when your sleeping that wakes you up and makes you smile.” and then it came to her. She thought of the Christmas before last, she was thirteen at her family’s Christmas party, with all of her friends, including James. The two were in her room, talking and laughing, and she kissed him. She thought of this, and how they pretend it never happened but she thought of how she felt in the moment.

“Expecto Patronum!” she said, and a huge silvery hippogriff came out of her wand.

“Wow!” James said “Reese that was amazing”

“Woah” she said “I did it, I’m not gong to fail charms!”

The two sat down on the floor of the classroom, and began to talk about the old days, sharing a bag of fudge flies they found in the top drawer of the teachers desk when someone walked in the room

“What the hell are you doing, Reese” he said as they got up. 

“Chill out Sam, we were just practicing charms and talking” Reese said

“In a classroom, alone with James Potter, really?”said Sam

“Hey douchebag, did you not know that we’re literally friends?” James retaliated 

“James” Reese said

“Hey, at least I actually have friends” said Sam, “all your buds only hang out with you because your Harry potters son!” That’s when James’ anger overtook him and he walked angrily towards Sam. 

“Next time you insult me or my friends, it won’t end like this, you’ve seen me fight before” he said and walked out. Sam tried to take Reese’s hand, but she shoved him off and headed towards the Gryffindor common room.


The next few days flew by, and it was only 2 weeks until the first quidditch match. James was still angry, angry that he and Reese couldn’t talk as much as they’d used to, and that she was always hanging out with Sam. He was so pissed off one day, when he heard 

“Look, everybody, it’s famous James Potter, ruining relationships since his first year”

He turned around, to see Jix, his worst enemy at school, and his so called friends. 

“What’re you going to do James?” Said Jix. The next thing James knew, he was being pulled or Jix by Professor Forton, the victim of this so called attack, Jix, being wheeled to the hospital wing with boils all over his face. After James’ sentencing(30 points from Gryffindor and two detentions) he headed to the great hall for lunch where he was greeted with a non surprising letter from his mum.


James Sirius Potter,


Another Fight? You have to be kidding me. I seriously thought you were done. This was only the second this year, and even though I am happy there are less than years before, you can’t just go around jinxing people for no reason. At least that is what seems is going on. I know it’s hard for you to talk about your feelings, and why you did it, but I think a friend could help. Maybe a girl would be better, they’re more understanding.


angry but still proud of you,



Your dad says hi, and that while you are a huge troublemaker, your living up to your name.


James laughed. Maybe his mother was right, he knew he had problems with controlling his anger, and maybe he should talk to someone. The not so good thing was, the only person he would want to talk to about it, didn’t want to talk to him as much anymore.

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