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Harry Potter sat in his office, his hand on his head, lost in his thoughts. 

“Harry” said a voice from the doorway. He looked up to see his beautiful wife standing there, a stack of papers in her arms.

“Hey, is it lunch time already?” He said as he got up to kiss her. She ignored his question. 

“What were you thinking about?” she asked, pulling a chair over next to him. 

“Oh, nothing”he said. 

“Cmon Harry” she said, an annoyed look on her face. 

“The attacks” he began, “the people their after, it’s everyone close to me, from the order or the DA.”

“i know” she said, placing a hand on his back, “you can’t blame yourself,”

“are you being careful?”

he asked worriedly

“Harry, I’m fine. The house is protected and nobody knows it’s location. Please don’t assign an Auror to me” she said

“I know you don’t need it, and I know the kids are ok at hogwarts, I’m just worried.”

“It’s ok” she said, rubbing his back, “that’s why I love you, Harry, you care so much about other people, but everything is going to be ok.” 

“Ok” he said, kissing her on the forehead and grinning. 

“What are you smiling about?”

She said

He leaned close and whispered in her ear “you look really hot today.” she laughed


“Hey!” said James, tapping Reese on the shoulder, “Were going to Three Broomsticks to grab some butterbeer, are you in?” he asked as they handed Professor Longbottom their permission forms. 

“I’m actually going to walk around with Sam for a while.”

“Oh, okay” James said

“ you guys have fun though” she said as James walked toward Linden. 

“He wants you to come” said Lucie, as she walked up behind her. Reese gave her a confused look

“I’m telling you, he’s in love with you.” Lucie said.

“He’s not” Reese responded. “He just wants to be friends, plus I don’t even like him” 

“We know you do, Reese” said Maya. 

“There’s Sam!” Reese said, avoiding Mayas comment. 

“You’ll come around eventually!” Lucie yelled as Reese walked towards Sam. 


The two spent their afternoon walking around and buying some things from honey dukes, and stopping at quality quidditch to get Reese’s broomstick professionaly polished before the season began.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be hanging out with the enemy” Sam said as Reese took back her Bullet 100.

“Maybe, but I don’t think you care” Reese said, kissing him on the cheek. 

“I don’t,” he said, and he kissed her on the lips.  

“So, are you my girlfriend now?” he asked

“I don’t know” she said “ why don’t u ask me”

“Do you want to be my girlfriend, Reese Wood?” 

“Yes” she said, and kissed him again.  



“What’s the 4th ingredient?” James asked Reese 

“unicorn hair” she told him. The two were sitting on the floor of the common room, a length of parchment in front of each of them, writing. 

“So, did you have fun at Hogsmade last weekend?” he asked 

“yeah, I did, why do you ask?”

“Oh, I was just wondering” he said

“Done” she said. “Do you need any help?”

“No, that’s ok” he said “I have to get to detention anyways”

“Ok, have fun” she said sarcastically, and James left the portrait hole. 

“Jameson!!, my man, you ready for another fun detention?”said Linden as he held out his fist. James fist bumped him and laughed

“What’s this one for again?”James asked

“I’m pretty sure it’s for the dungbombs outside of Pikes office” replied Linden

“Oh yeah”

“Well, we better get all these detentions and pranks out of the way because we don’t want to miss any quidditch practices.” Linden said.

“For sure” said James 

“So, buddy, do you still have feelings for Reese?” Asked Linden

“What?” James said “I’ve never had feelings for her, we’re just friends.”

“Dude, it’s kind of obvious.”

“Really?” Asked James 

“Yeah Lucie figured it out too” Linden said 

“So it’s obvious to everyone.” James said “Except Reese apparently” 

“tough, man” Linden said.

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