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“Firs years over here!” yelled a deep voice 

“Hi Hagrid”said James 

“ Hey James, how are you buddy” 

“I’m doing well” 

“Hello Reese” said Hagrid 

“Hi Hagrid” 

“So will you lot be joining me for tea on Saturday?” Hagrid asked 

“Yup” said Euen “Right after some Quidditch training to get ready for tryouts” 

The group of teenagers headed towards the path, dropped off their belongings, and began to walk towards a carriage. Sitting there was a short, plump boy with black curly hair, and a tall thin boy with blonde hair down to his shoulders. Reese recognized them as Grubbs and Huntley, and in between them was Jix, the Ravenclaw they had met at Flourish and Blotts. “Might want to wait for the next one,

Potter.” Jix spoke coldly “No Mudbloods allowed here” he said as he looked towards Lucie.”

“Why don’t you make me, Jix” James replied 

“Or, we could kick you off, unless you want and issue” said Reese 

“Shut up you blood traitor, no one asked you to speak” he said and drew his wand. James lunges at him but didn’t get very far, as he was  held back by Linden. By that time, another carriage had approached, which a reluctant James, followed by the rest of the group, boarded by orders of Professor Lile. 

“I can’t believe him” said Maya “How did he even get sorted into Ravenclaw, I would’ve gone with Slytherin all the way” 

“We’ll, not all Slytherins are bad anymore” Lucie said “James’ brother is a Slytherin and Scorpius isn’t so bad” 

“I want to rip Jix into pieces” James said

“He’s got his body guards, we all know he can’t fight, or even duel that well , it’s a psychological game with him” said Reese “he gets under your skin, causes you to snap and then you get in trouble” 

“You either have to beat him at his own game, or try your best to ignore it” said Linden to James. James gave him a tough look and pulled his tie down.



The school gathered for the feast and the sorting, and a rather interesting speech from the headmistress, Professor McGonagall, and went off to the Gryffindor common room and off to bed. It had been a long day.


Reese woke up the next morning to Idrick, her pitch black owl dropping a newspaper on her bedside table. “THE AFTERMATH OF THE WAR IS UPON US” was the headline in the prophet, along with various articles about increasing death eater attacks, all on fighters in the war and people close to Harry Potter. No deaths had been reported yet.

“Morning” said maya quietly from the four poster next to Reese 

“Gooood Morning!!” said a voice loudly as she entered the dormitory from the bathroom, fully dressed in her robes and her hair done in a braid. 

“Wow Lucie” said Reese “you really are an overachiever”

The rest of the girls then began to wake and they all got ready to go down to breakfast.

They met the boys in the common room and went to eat. 

“Potter!” yelled a stern voice from the other side of the hall

“Yes Professor Forton?”

“ Fix that tie this instant” the woman said. “Or I will be sending you to Pike. Pike was the caretaker at hogwarts, though clueless, he was a sucker for punishing James Potter. James reluctantly pulled up his tie and went on his way.

“Now I just can’t wait for Potions” said James sarcastically, pulling his tie back down “I suck at it and the Professor is a stuck up piece of..”

“Might not wanna finish that sentence” said a voice from behind.

“Professor Longbottom!” said Lucie

“How are you lot” he responded “Already getting in trouble are we, James” 

“You know it” he replied with a grin. 

Once they reached the Great Hall, a conversation began about the recent death eater attacks and who is getting targeted

“My dad wrote me” James said, mouthful of cereal. “He said the Aurors are working on protecting old members of the Order and the DA, and trying to figure out which death eater or eaters are leading them.”

“I’ll bet it’s the Malfoys” said Jake, a sixth year with sandy hair. 

“I bet not” said Reese “They didn’t really care about the whole pure blood thing, they just wanted to be on Voldemort’s side so he wouldn’t kill them. 

“It’s probably Dolohov, or Rodolphus Lestrange” Euen said. “they were some of the worst”. They then revived there schedules and began a long day of listening to rules and not doing much magic. They were all excited for what was to come, quidditch, adventures, and many laughs at Hogwarts, but did not know quite yet what they were to face.

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