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“Trunk all packed?” the father asked the daughter from across the dinner table.

“Yep, all good to go” Reese responded. “Euen might need some help though” she joked

“Hey!” said her twin as the ten year old at the end of the table laughed at his older siblings 

“are we going to visit Rusty on the way to Grimmauld Place?” asked Euen. 

“We can stop by if you’d like, but I’d assume your older brothers apartment fits the definition of ‘moved in’ quite yet” said their mother. 

“Katie, what is his address again?” Oliver said. 

“ I’m not sure we’ll have to check the letter he sent us again.”


After dinner, the family brought the two trunks and a suitcase for Oliver, Katie, and Parker, downstairs. A family of quidditch players, they hopped on brooms, and flew to London, landing in front of Grimmauld Place about an hour later. After they had gone inside they were greeted by Kreacher, the old house elf.

“Ah, it seems the Wood family has arrived, I will go alert Master Harry, yes, yes” 

A moment later Harry walked in the hallway to greet them.

“Oliver, Katie how’s it going” said Harry as he gave out hugs. They reached the kitchen where Reese was greeted with a huge hug from her best friend, Lucie and a sort of awkward bro hug from James, his jet black messy hair tickling her ear.

“Did you all fly here?” asked Ginny. 

“Yes, you know we all enjoy it, plus this was Parker’s first long ride” said Katie 

“Well go ahead up” said Harry

“Ron and Hermione will be here early tomorrow and the Meyers’ will be here in

a bit” said Al.


Lucie lead Reese up to the Room where the two of them, James, Euen, and Linden would be sharing. There were two full beds and a small cot in the corner. The two girls claimed one bed and the two boys the other, leaving the cot for Linden when he arrived. Lucie dropped down on the bead, her blonde ponytail bouncing.

 “Maya staying at Leaky Cauldron then?” she asked

“Dad said she could come here if they wanted too, but she’s with her whole family and there’s not enough room for them, so yeah.” said James, he then began to talk Quidditch with Euen, and Reese joined in on the conversation. 



 The next morning, James woke everyone in the room, including Linden Meyers, who had arrived with his family early that morning. Everyone was groggy and yawning when two red heads came in to tell them it was time for breakfast. 

“Thanks Lily, Hugo” said Linden

“Who are you” said Parker from behind the two twelve year olds.

“That’s Linden, Park,” said Reese “Remember his little sister, McKenzie?”

“Oh yeah” said Parker

“Well she’s here” said Linden “So you guys can hang out again” 

At that, Parker ran downstairs to find McKenzie, and Hugo and Lily followed. 


Reese, Euen, Lucie, James, and Linden got dressed and headed to the Leaky Cauldron to meet up with Maya. The friends decided to get there supply shopping over with so they could have fun for the rest of the week. They got some money from their parents and split up Reese, James and Lucie headed to Flourish and Blotts to pick up some books

“Alright dears” said the witch “let’s see those lists now. Alright, 3 copies of Standard Book Of Spells Level 5....” the witch went on and found all of the books the three teens needed. 

“Why hello Potter.” Said a cold voice from behind. The three turned around to face Jix Fored, a full of himself, rat-faced, Ravenclaw boy that for some reason, people were afraid of. 

“Fored” said Lucie

“Don’t speak to me, Mudblood.” he snapped 

“Shut up you arse” said Reese “Do you really have nothing better to do than bother people?”

“No I do” he said back, less confidently

“Why don’t you run along back to your mummy who, we know is waiting for you right outside the door.” said Reese

Jix drew his wand but when James did the same, followed by Reese, he backed off. 

“Give mummy a kiss for me” said James and Jix shot him a dirty look. 

“ Nice one” James said to Reese, attraction to her confidence in his eyes, that she was completely unaware of. The truth was, Reese had always had James in the back of her head. She even tried to ignore it herself, she dates other boys and has never done anything about her feelings. Lucie saw the look that James gave Reese though. 



After there shopping was done, they met up with Linden, Maya, and Euen at Quality Quidditch. Reese was a chaser, but she had been practicing as a seeker all year and was excited to try out for the position. James was a chaser, just like his mother, one of the only things he didn’t have in common with his Harry. Euen was also a chaser, also like his mother and all three of them were trying out this year, Linden had never made the team before, but had decided to try out as a beater for fun because there was an open spot. While at the store they ran into Fred Weasley, George and Angelinas son who was a seventh year Gryffindors quidditch captain this year. He played beater, like his father. They all purchased a few new pieces of equipment and  Linden bought himself a Firebolt 700 a decent broom and the last Firebolt model. The friends then met with a few of the Weasleys for ice cream at Fortescues and then went to dinner. 


The next week went by with a blur, lots of pranks by James and fun conversations at dinner had finally led to 6 15 year olds packing their trunks in the room at Grimmauld Place. 

“So is Sam meeting you at Kings Cross?” Lucie asked Reese 

“Yeah, he’s meeting me at the front”she responded

“Are you guys dating yet or not?” said Linden.

“We’re not together yet but we will be soon probably” she said back ,and James shot Linden a look, and Lucie caught it. Maya sensed the tension in the room and began talking about classes and how almost everyone had dropped divination. They finished packing their trunks, Maya crashed with Reese and Lucie, but none of the kids in the room were asleep at around 1 in the morning when Harry popped his head in the room, scolded James and told the rest of them that they should get to bed.


The next morning was a chaotic mess. Hermione had helped get ministry cars for all of the families, and they got out of the door fairly quickly, but many things were forgotten. Eventually, 7 cars arrived at Kings Cross. Katie helped her son and daughter get into the station, but left to get Parker home.

“Bye mum, love you” said Reese and she gave her mother a hug. Euen allowed his mother to kiss him on the cheek before taking off with his trunk, broomstick, and to Reese’s delight, a brand new owl, too say hi to a friend. Reese picked up her little brother and gave him a big hug. “Write to me buddy, ok?” She said

“will you tell me all about Hogwarts?”Parker asked.

“Of course” she said “ and I’ll send you some sweets from honey dukes” 

She watched her little brother and her mum run off and she caught up with her friends. They grabbed carts for their trunks, brooms, and cages and headed to the door. Reese felt a tap on the shoulder and saw, Sam, the 6th year boy she liked standing behind her. He was wearing a Ravenclaw crew neck and a pair of jeans, he had moppy, dirty blonde hair and a smirk on his pretty face.

“Sam!” She said as she gave him a hug.

“Hi!” He said. He took her hand and they began to walk towards the platform. Unknown to Reese, James was looking at Sam furiously and Euen had to snap his fingers in front of his face to get James’ attention before he walked into an old lady. The group went through the platform, got on the train and found a compartment. 

“Hey, let’s go” Sam said

“Where, I was going to sit in this compartment with my friends” she said 

“Cmon Reese come sit with me” 

“It’s ok, you can go” she said “ I’ll see you later” she sat down next to James and Sam shot her an annoyed look, which she responded with moving closer to James. Sam left the compartment. The group talked for a while and was visited by many friends, and even a first year who had lost his wand. They were on their way to Hogwarts.

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