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“Ughhh” moaned the girl from under the covers, frustrated as she clamped the pillow over her ears, trying to shut out the annoying tapping sound that came from the other side of her bedroom. She sat up and yawned. She was a fairly attractive girl, light brown hair with a reddish tint, blue eyes and a toned athletic build.

“Seriously?” She said as she got up and glanced at the wooden clock on the wall. 7:53, it read. “It’s too early for this” she mumbled as she staggered across the room and unclamped the window. The bird looked up from under its feathers, almost as if it was surprised the teenager had actually got up to let him in. “ I ought to just leave it open for you to come in and out as you please, Irick” she spoke directed towards the pitch black owl. “But you know mum would never allow it.” She siphoned through the 4 letters and picked out the first. 




The 26th is good for us. I assume that will be a good enough amount of time to get the supplies of the many families and have time to let loose before we’re shipped off to school. Yes, everyone else is coming, the potters, the wealseys (all of them), your family, me by myself, maya, and linden. Can you believe we’re already 5th years! It’s insane! I’m excited to see you and the fam( especially euen) 



your amazingly talented best friend, 



Reese smiled as she finished the letter and became extremely excited to see her friends. “Reese!” Yelled a voice from down the hall. “did I get any mail?” She marched into her twin brothers room and threw one of the letters at him. “Here” she said “ now can you please save up and get a new owl or just use Jif, it’s beginning  to get quite annoying” 

“ oh so no ‘good morning euen’ just a paper cut to the eye” he joked, a smile on his face, and an annoying look on his blue eyes, which were barley visible

under his brown curls

 “get a haircut”she said as she walked out. She went into her room and opened up the other two letters. One from Sam, the Ravenclaw boy she had interest in, and the other from Hogwarts. She skimmed her booklist as she walked into the kitchen where her mother was kissing her father goodbye. “Hey sweetie” he said 

“Hi dad” 

“I’m off to practice and then I have the week off to go to London and have some fun before school starts for you guys and the seasons in full swing” 

“sounds good dad” she said to her father as her mother handed her a plate with eggs on it

“ I’ll be back to practice with you guys in the yard before we’re off to London” 

“Bye” she said as her father left, giving his wife a kiss and a wave to the small boy that had just walked in. He was short, even for his age, his brown hair, not long and curly like his older brothers, but was buzzed short.

“Mommy?” he said

“Yes Parker” 

“Can I go to Hogwarts this year with Reesie and Euen” 

“Buddy” Reese said to her little brother “ you ask every year, and guess what, when you ask next year, the answer will be yes”

“Really” he said excitedly 

“Yes, by that time you’ll be eleven and all of my children will have jobs or school and me and daddy will be all alone in the house” said his mom “ but you get one more year where I teach you maths and reading” 

“ ok sounds good to me” says Parker as he runs off back to his room 

“Did you get your booklist baby” said Reeses mother from the sink” 

“ yeah” she said as she sat down at the counter to eat her eggs “and a letter from lucie and one from Sam” 

“ isn’t that boy a 6th year?” Her mom said sternly

“ well yeah, but i like him” she said “he’s nice”

“Alright but be careful” said her mother, calmer this time” now go wake up your brother”

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