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Name: Artemis 'Arty' Gaunt

House: Hufflepuff (she loves how much it annoys her parents whenever her house is mentioned)

Family: Notus Gaunt, Proserpine Gaunt, Melinoë Gaunt, Bacchus Gaunt

Friends: Samantha 'Sam' Bott, Lucy 'Luce' Weasley, Victoria 'Vicky' Copper

Extra: Her family is a pure-blood one, she hates Melinoë, Bacchus likes to follow her example and is a Gryffindor which also annoys her parents. Parents are annoyed that she is close with the Wotters. Usually helps her brother get out of his room when grounded.


Name: Bacchus Gaunt

House: Gryffindor

Family: Notus Gaunt, Proserpine Gaunt, Melinoë Gaunt, Artemis Gaunt

Friends: Hugo 'Hugh' Weasley, Lily 'Lils' Potter, Analisa 'Lisa' 'Ana' Wood

Extra: Twins with Melinoë, is the bad boy of the family and Arty is the bad girl. Parents are annoyed that he is close with the Wotters. Usually helps his sister get out of her room when grounded.


Name: Melinoë Gaunt

House: Slytherin

Family: Notus Gaunt, Proserpine Gaunt, Bacchus Gaunt, Artemis Gaunt

Friends: Arabella and Gabriel Zabini (they're one year older but had to be held back a year since they didn't pass their exams)

Extra: Is a snitch and a tell-tale brat. Adored by her parents. Hated by her siblings. Teachers pet when it comes to potions but only because the teacher is a family friend. Is terrible when it comes to academics and quidditch but is a sly little snake.


Name: Samantha 'Sam' Bott

House: Hufflepuff

Family: Andrew Bott, Mandy Bott, Alexander 'Alex' 'Xander' Bott

Friends: Lucy 'Luce' Weasley, Artemis 'Arty' Gaunt, Victoria 'Vicky' Copper

Extra: Great-Grandpa invented 'Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans'. Likes inventing things.


Name: Victoria 'Vicky' Copper

House: Hufflepuff

Family: Lilian Copper (nee Lockhart), Ben Copper,Jacob Lockhart, Jake Copper

Friends: Samantha 'Sam' Bott, Lucy 'Luce' Weasley, Artemis 'Arty' Gaunt

Extra: Her mum is a world renowned curse-breaker, dad is head of misuse of muggle artefacts office, her uncle Jacob helps out at WWW and the hogshead, Jake is seven years younger.


Name: Lucy 'Luce' Weasley

House: Hufflepuff

Family: Percy Weasley, Audrey Weasley, Molly 'Molls' Weasley

Friends: Samantha 'Sam' Bott, Victoria 'Vicky' Copper, Artemis 'Arty' Gaunt

Extra: Her sister is friends with James Potter and Fred Weasley, Audrey is a sort of combination between Hermione, Percy and George. Percy, well, he's Percy, he's changed but is still Percy.

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