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   Today was October thirty-first, exactly three weeks since Primrose and Draco's fight. Over those three weeks, Primrose had gotten a new flower once a week and, no words were exchanged between Primrose and Draco. The two of them only talked unless they were forcibly paired up in class by one of their professors. At the moment, everyone was clearing out of all of the classrooms and preparing themselves for the Halloween feast. 


   Draco was packing up his textbook for History of Magic, one of his least favorite classes. As he was about to pull on the zipper to close his bag, he felt something soft hit his head. Draco looked down on to his desk and saw a crumpled up piece of parchment. He unwrapped the parchment and saw that it was a note from Poe. 


"Don't forget about tonight! Stock up on sweets for afterwards, it would be best to get as much as your pockets can hold or to bring a small bag." Draco muttered as he read the note. 


   Draco looked back up and nodded his head, Poe nodded back and waited outside of the classroom for him. Draco closed his back-pack, placed one of his arms through a strap and walked out of the classroom. Once Draco walked out of the classroom Blaise was talking to Poe and he had realized that Poe was looking a little bit pink in the cheeks.


"Hey Draco!" Blaise said, Draco gave him a nod.


"Ready for tonight?" Poe asked as the three of them began to walk towards the Slytherin Common Room.


"Sure, I uh-guess..." Draco responded.


"Look mate...we know that things between you and Prim aren't what they used to be, but maybe you should try to loosen up a bit." Blaise said as he slightly nudged Draco in the side.


"I don't know Blaise, Primrose was a really close friend of mine..." Draco said looking down. “Plus...I loved her, and even after the argument a few weeks back I think I still might love her.”


"Ya know we're not forcing you to come, we just-" Poe was interrupted by Draco slightly raising his hand.


"I know, I know. 'We just want you to loosen up and have fun'." said Draco.


”So, is it a yes or a no?” Blaise asked. 

   There was a long pause before Draco made his final decision.

“Yes, yes I am coming.” Draco responded, Poe and Blaise nodded.


   When the three of them had finally gotten to the Slytherin Common Room, Primrose was reading the book 'Good Omens' by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett by the window with her legs up against the wall and her torso on the cushion area (don't worry, she was wearing pants). Prim closed the book after she had placed her bookmark inside of the book and got up from her seat to leave the Common Room and go into her dorm.


"You done fucked-up man, Prim doesn't even want to be in here with you for two minutes." said Blaise, Draco sighed.


"She's probably just going to change clothes, I mean it is Halloween after all." Poe said to Draco to try and make him feel a bit better.


"You sure about that?" Blaise asked, Poe nodded.


   Two minutes later, Prim walked out of the girl's dormitories wearing a black dress that went down to her knees with a white collared shirt underneath, and a pair of yellow laced Doc. Martins with the yellow laces in a ladder-lace knot along with her satchel. As soon as she walked out of the Common Room, silence was all that was to be heard for a moment or two.


"See, told you." Poe said, Draco sighed.


"You know what, let's just get ready now. Since we have nothing better to do..." Blaise said as he began to walk up the stairs to the boy's dormitories. 




   Meanwhile, Primrose was walking towards the Gryffindor Common Room to meet up with Harry, Ron and Hermione to go to Nearly-Headless Nick's death day party. Once Primrose had gotten to the portrait of the Fat Lady, she looked her up and down a bit.


"Password?" the Fat Lady asked.


"Oh...I'm just waiting for a few friends." Primrose replied, the Fat Lady nodded.


"I see, how has your day been so far?" said the Fat Lady. 


"Pretty good!" Prim replied as she attempted to smile a bit...The past few weeks haven't been the best for her. 


   Suddenly, the portrait moved a side for a second or two to reveal the trio still in their uniforms. Primrose, Harry, Ron and Hermione  began to walk down the many corridors of school discussing what they think the party will be like. The four had taken many twists and turns and, went down many flights of stairs until they had reached one of the more roomier dungeons of the castle.


   Prim reached up to the bronze doorknocker and lightly tapped it on the wooden door. The face of the Fat Friar poked through the door and looked down at the four of them.


"Happy Halloween! Come in, the party had just begun!" said the Fat Friar. Ron had held open the door for the others and they had each told him a thank you as they passed. Primrose took the scene that was laid out before her.


   There were many long tables with white table cloths filled with food, however when you got close they had given off a very foul odor. Many of the ghosts were slowly dancing to the music coming out of a record player while others conversed with one another. The pale blue light that the ghosts had given off went through the crystals of the chandeliers, making the dimly lit room slightly look like a ballroom you'd find in a fairy tale.   


"Hello Children, nice to see that you came!" a voice said. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Primrose turned around to see Nearly-Headless Nick with a grin as wide as a sideways crescent moon.


"Hello Sir Nickolas, it's nice to see you as well." said Primrose.


"I hope the four of you enjoy the party, the Headless Hunt should be arriving soon. Meanwhile you can just do your own thing." Nearly-Headless Nick said before he floated off towards the Bloody Barron.


   Hermione walked towards Primrose and had looked at, almost started at her for a moment. 


"Rough week?" Hermione asked, Primrose jumped so high she nearly touched the sealing.


"K-kind of I guess..." Primrose replied, Hermione nodded.


"Okay, you've just seemed a bit more tired than usual." said Hermione.


"Usually me and Draco would talk at night, but ever since the fight we've stopped talking unless it was for educational purposes." said Primrose.


"So you're saying that you can't really sleep without the talks?" Hermione asked.


"No...well yes, kind of, I-" Primrose sighed, "I really don't know 'Mione."


"Okay well maybe you should eat something, that could give you a bit more energy." said Hermione, Prim nodded.


"Yeah...maybe." said Prim.


   A few minutes later, the Head-less Hunt had arrived at the death day party with their heads placed in the palms of their right hands. After they had arrived and stayed around the party for ten to fifteen minutes, the Head-less Hunt had concluded that Sir Nickolas' request to join would be pending approval until further notice.


   Then all of the sudden, the intercom went off and Professor Dumbledore announced that everyone was to report to the second floor corridor. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Prim quickly said good-bye to Sir Nickolas and headed towards the second floor corridor as they were instructed to.


   Once they had gotten there, they were met with the sight of Mrs. Norris being hung off of a torch holder from her tail. Along with Mrs. Norris being hung, there was water on the floor, and the following words were written on the walls in blood.


"The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, enemies of the air beware..."


(AN: And that's it for Chapter 14 everyone! I hope that you enjoyed it. I also hope that you have a good morning/afternoon/night. Thank you so much for 400 views! And finally, wear a god damn mask!)

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