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“Holey- what the heck?!!!” I whisper-shout, shooting from the common room couch to find two naughtily smiling redheads. 


“You fell asleep.” George says.


“And forgot.” Fred adds. 


“And you are also technically tardy.” George wags a finger at me. 


“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Three broken rules.” Fred shakes his head.


“You know what that means!!” George sings and I groan.


“Fifty pranking points!!!” Fred exclaims.


“What?!” I say.


“Now, Freddie, that’s a little tough don’t ya think?” George asks.


“Well I’m not the Evil Twin for nothing. Come on, let’s go, we got no time to waste!” Fred pats the sofa and stands up from where he was crouched down beside me.


“You know it’s not fair. I’ve been working really hard! You said I needed 300 pranking points to get a promotion to assistant. I was almost there, and you go taking away fifty of them for three bloody broken rules! I mean, if there’s anything you’ve taught me it’s how to break rules!” I complain as we walk towards the kitchens which is where our next prank is taking place. 


“You know Freddie, she does make a good point.” George says, waving around his ‘lumosed’ wand. 


“She does indeed. And she’s being stubborn.” Fred nods. “Okay. You can have forty points back.” 


“Woop!” I cheer, earning me a ‘shhhhhhhhh’. “Sorry, ‘woop’.” I whisper. 


We reach the kitchens and I tickle the pear. The house elves greet us with their normal cheer and offer us eclair and cream puffs which we gladly take (obviously). 


“So. Did you do your homework?” George asks, stuffing his face with a chocolate filled cream puff.


“No.” I say, biting into a dark chocolate eclair. “Duh.” I give them the sassy ‘Duh Look’. 


“Good girl.” Fred patts my head. 


“Okay. Operation Truth Plates are a go!” I say, dusting the crumbs off my fingers. “I have a feeling this is going to be a good one.” Fred and George nod.


This prank was entirely my idea and I really hope it turns out well because it could be worth 20 pranking points and that’s all I need to be promoted to assistant. The goal of the Truth Plates is to charm them to say what they think of you when you sit in front of them at breakfast. They are also extremely convenient because they tell you what food you should and shouldn’t eat. They also can be a little rude. But that’s not my problem. I am awful at spells, but I visited the library and cooked something up. Despite what people may think, Fred and Goerge are amazing at spells and potions (they just don't care for school), how else do you think they pull off all their pranks? After we charm the plates, we add some fun stuff into the most common breakfast foods. Lucky for me, I only eat fruit for breakfast. Red fruit. 




“Vincent Crabbe. Put down that muffin unless you’re interested in adding to your 300 pounds!” Crabbe’s plate lectures. “I think you’re fat. I think you’re blubbery. I think you’re stupid. I think you’re dumb.” Okay maybe I went too far. “I think your eyes are too blue.  I think you should take a shower. I think you should brush your teeth with mint toothpaste, not strawberry. I think your nose is very flat. Now EAT SOMETHING HEALTHY.” Crabbe stares at his plate in shock and then proceeds to place his giant poppyseed muffin on it. He tops his muffin with sweet cranberry sauce. LOTS of it. I cover my mouth because I know what’s going to happen next. Theo looks at me amused and Blaise sceptical. Draco is staring at Crabbe’s plate with a weird look on his face. The rest of the Great Hall watches intently. Even the teachers are looking at the plate with a mix of shock, anger, amusement, and confusion on their faces. And……..SPLAT! Crabbe’s plate smears all the cranberry sauce all over Crabbe’s plate. The hall bursts out laughing and I try to cover my giggles with my hand but they come out as snorts. 


“You?” Blaise, Theo, Draco, and Goyle say to me as Crabbe slowly wipes the sauce off of his face. I chance a glance (hey that rhymes!) at the Weasley twins and they definitely look impressed.


The rest of breakfast went with Snape’s plate telling him to eat something sweet for a change because it ‘helps the cold blooded’. Snape’s plate also tries to get Snape to smile by dancing around like a chicken and shaking it’s ‘butt’ at Snape. Ultimately, that plate ended up smashed in the dust bin. McG’s plate told her that her cloak makes her look like a cat and McG turned into a cat and the plate seemed pretty impressed. Dumbledore seemed pretty amused by the whole thing especially when his plate told him his beard looked ‘hot’. Draco’s plate mixed up all his food and….well let’s just say I would never wish what he did to it upon anyone. Theo and his plate became best buddies and Theo even asked if he could keep ‘Bob’. Blaise shut up his plate (who was ranting on and on about how caffeine damages the young brain) in one flick of a wrist the plate was back to normal. Goyle got a similar outcome as Crabbe and me? Well, my plate told everyone about the benefits of eating red fruit and what an intelligent ‘little lady’ I was and how awesome and I am and that everyone should bow down to me every time they see me in the halls (gotta love talking plates). 




Today there are dueling lessons and Draco, the Goons and I are walking along with Pansy, who annoyingly started ‘hanging out’ (technically following) us (Draco). Blaise wanted to read this book on transfiguration torture so he’s not here. Neither is Theo, who ate some weird mushroom off the ground when we were outside yesterday, and is puking his guts out in the hospital wing. So I’m stuck with my least favorite of my friends (who’s being extra stuck up today (because of Pansy)), his Goons, and my all time enemy. Fun. 


We enter the emptied Great Hall, Pansy clinging to Draco's arm, Crabbe and Goyle positioned slightly behind Draco on either side of him and me, hanging on the edge, looking like a loser. 


“I hope someone good is teaching this lesson.” I say, as we gather around a long stage that’s been put up.


“Oh I do hope it’s Lockhart!!” Pansy squeals.


“Don’t jinx it Pug-Face!!” I growl. Pansy fake cries on Draco’s shoulder (BLEH). At least Draco looks mildly uncomfortable. 


“Jealous?” Draco asks, with a raised eyebrow.


“No.” I burst out laughing and I swear I see Draco’s face fall a little. “You wish. I’m going to go find someone else to talk with. I’ve had enough of this.” I wave my hands around Draco and Pansy to emphasise the ‘this’. 


I walk away from Draco and Pansy and smash right into someone. 




“Pucey.” I nod. “Sorry.”


He shrugs, “Wouldn’t be the first time. Though I do appreciate the ‘sorry’ this time.” 


“Well, it’s not in my nature, so you’d better hold onto that one. Won’t hear it again.” I say, my hands are sort of sweaty in my pockets for some dumb reason that is DEFINATLEY NOT TRUE. 


“Hmm. Where are your friends?” He questions.


“Would you believe me if I told you one is busy reading about torture, one is barfing his guts out, and one is being overtly obnoxious and stupid because of the presents of a girl who in my opinion, is an idiot?”  I tilt my head. 


“Slytherins?” Adrian asks. I nod. “I believe you.” he smirks.


“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to dueling lessons!!!” a voice I really hope I didn’t just hear says.


“Nooooooo! No, no, NO!” I whine.


“What?” Adrian asks. 


“Lockhart! He’s a nightmare! I’m leaving there’s no way I’ll learn anything!” I turn to walk away but Adrian grabs my arm.


“Hey, hey, hey. Stay.” I raise my eyebrows. “Don’t you want to see Lockhart fall on his butt in front of everyone and make a stupid excuse?” I shake my head. 


“Not really.” I start to turn around again when Lockhart introduces another name.


“Okay fine.” I say, Adrian gives me a ‘what made you change your mind?’ look. “There’s no way I’m missing a Lockhart-Snape battle!” I smile. 


Adrian laughs and nods, “Smart move.” 


After Snape takes Lockhart down in one move, Lockhart tells students to practice with one another ‘only disarming’.  Of course no one’s gonna listen. 


“Wanna go?” Adrian asks, pointing his wand out towards me. I smirk. This is going to be easey. 


“You’re going down.” I draw my wand.


“You know I’m like, two years older than you right?” I points out.


“Shut up.” I mumble sending an Expelliarmus at him. His wand flies out of his hand and into mine. I raise my eyebrow and crack my neck intimidatingly, but he insists it was ‘beginner's luck’. Maybe he’s right though, because every move I make after that, he stops with a ‘protego’ spell I’ve never heard of before. I decide to try it, when he sends a Jelly Legs Jinx my way. 


“Protego!” I say, but nothing happens and I have to dodge to miss the jinx. Adrian smirks.


“You can’t just say it. You have to think about it shielding you.” He explains. I nod and he sends another Jelly Legs Jinx my way. I think about what he said and amplify the force with my mind. 


“Protego!” I shout. A force field of red energy appears in front of me. But it’s not strong enough, the jinx hits me, not full force, but it still hits me. When I steady myself, Adrian is frowning. “What?” I ask.


“The shield is supposed to be blue. And….normal temperature. Yours was radiating off some heat.” He shakes his head as if to say ‘impossible’. 


“Well, it worked right?” I say. The school knows about my powers but they don’t know I can make the fire itself. They all still think I have to use the lighter. “So let’s just keep going.” Adrian shrugs and sends the same jinx at me. This time I block it properly and just in time, because Lockhart starts talking again. Lockhart calls Harry and Ron up to demonstrate what they’ve been working on, but Snape insists that Draco and Harry duel. This is going to be good. They start off with disarming but then, it gets personal. Harry sends Draco flying backwards and then, Draco casts a snake at Harry. The snake advances towards a Hufflepuff and Harry hisses something to the snake. It’s weird. It’s almost like another language. The snake looks up when Harry hisses it and I know instantly that Harry’s speaking Parseltongue. Adrian and I share a look. Parseltongue was Salazar Slytherin’s trademark. The students break out into whispers and Hermione and Ron usher Harry away. I know what everyone’s thinking, Harry must be the heir of Slytherin and he must be the one setting off the monster who’s petrifying people, but I know Harry. It just doesn’t make sense! He’s the ‘good guy’ , the one who survived the killing curse. The one who made Voldemort go off into hiding. And there’s no way he would kill muggle-borns! I mean, one of his best friends is muggle-born! It just doesn’t make sense!!! But then why can he speak Parseltongue?




“If we’re going to do this we have to be very thorough.” I hear Hermione’s voice say from the other side of a bookshelf. I planned to confront Harry, Ron, and Hermione, about Harry’s Parseltongue, but I never got the chance. I hide behind the bookshelf where I am and listen to what they’re saying. 


“Right. Of course.” Harry nods.


“We can not fail. If this batch turns out bad, that’s it. We’ll be out of time.” Hermione looks worried. I wonder if they’re talking about something to do with the Chamber Of Secrets and the heir of Slytherin. Are they solving that mystery too? 


“Yeah.” Ron agrees.


“Don’t worry Hermione. You’re the best at potions. You can do it.” Harry incorages. Wait potions???


Hermione takes a deep breath, “I’m not, the best. There is someone better. And…..she’s our best bet. She’ll make it flawlessly.” Hermione says slowly.


“Oh no, Hermione, no absolutely not!” Harry shakes his head. “She’ll never agree!”


“She might tattle or tell him!” Ron adds. Tell who?


“But she’s the best!” Hermione persists.


“Hermione, you're not that much worse! And we haven’t even spoken to her in ages!!” Harry shakes his head furiously.


“She’s still our friend! Just as much as she is Malfoy’s!!” Hermione says. Draco?


“Then why hasn’t she spoken to us all year? Hmm?” Ron asks.


“We’ve been busy, she’s been busy! And to be fair, she was with us most of last year! She was incredibly helpful!” Hermione says.


“She didn’t even come through the trapdoor!” Ron shouts. Wait, are they talking about me?


“Ron! How can you say that! She as good as came!” Hermione argues.


“She did help last year.” Harry agrees with Hermione. “But I just don’t think she’ll do this!” 


“Do what?” I say, stepping out. “What about me? What about last year? What about Draco?” The look of shock on their faces is incredible.


“Y-you heard?” Harry asks, pointing to behind the bookshelf where I was hiding. I nod.


Hermione takes a deep breath, “Don’t get upset. But….we think the heir of Slytherin is Malfoy and we need you help brewing Polyjuice Potion to find out for ourselves.” she says, in one breath. I am about to tell them off in defense for my friend, but I can see why they might think that. 


“Okay. I see why you think so, but he’s not.” I shake my head and laugh a little. “One, he’s a total wimp and two, he was nowhere near the crime scenes. Which brings me to what I’ve been trying to confront you about.” I nod at Harry. “Parseltongue?”


“I’m not the heir of Sytherin!” Harry exclaims.


“I thought so, but then why can you speak Parseltongue?” I wonder.


“I don’t know. But that’s not the point. The point is, we really think it’s Malfoy.” Harry insists. “He hates muggle-borns and he’s…..mean.” 


“He’s not mean, he’s arrogant.” I defend.


“Same difference.” Ron says, at the same time Harry says, “He’s mean to me!”


“Not the same difference, and he’s jealous of you.” I say, obviously. Harry and Ron look at me like I’m out of my mind but Hermione rolls her eyes at the boys and tells them I’m right but that that doesn’t matter right now, right now what matters is the Polyjuice Potion.


“Just think of it as another one of your pranks.” Hermione says. “Ron and Harry will have to be Crabbe and Goyle, and won’t that be hilarious?” I think for a moment. Yeah, it would be SUPER funny, but still. “And me,” Hermione goes on. “I have to be one of those Slytherin girls! What are their names? Delphi? Pansy? Millicent?” I smile, I definitely want to see Hermione as Pansy.


“It’s Daphne. And…….okay I’m in.” Hermione smiles but Harry and Ron look nervous.


“You can’t-” Ron starts.


“Tell anyone.” I roll my eyes. “I know.”


“Where are we going to brew it?” Harry asks. We all think for a moment. Suggestions like empty classrooms and deserted hallways come up but there are always ‘but’s’ and ‘what if’s’. Finally Hermione comes up with a good solution, though the boys don’t seem keen.


“The girls bathroom?!” Ron’s face twists weirdly and his cheeks go red.


“It’s deserted.” I roll my eyes.


“No one goes in it because of Moaning Myrtle.” Hermione says, as we start walking towards the bathroom to check out the space. 


“Who’s Moaning Myrtle?” Harry asks.


“She’s the ghost of a student who died in that bathroom.” Hermione says. “She never left.”


“And she’s a total cry baby, so don’t insult her or she’ll flood the bathroom.” I warn. 


“Good to know….?” Harry says, uncertainty. 


“Oh, I meant to apologize for not speaking to you guys for so long.” I scratch the back of my head. “I’ve just been really busy, and… looks like you have too.” 


“Don’t worry about it.” Ron shakes his head as we enter the bathroom. “It’s not your fault you're not cool enough to save the world again.” He says it sincerely and walks ahead with Hermione. When they’re a good distance away Harry and I burst into laughter. 


“He’s not wrong you know?” Harry jokes. I shove him and he laughs again.


“You know, Hermione could have made that potion just as well as I can.” I state. 


“I know.” Harry says. “She’s been very...moody lately. I think we’re driving her a little crazy. She missed you.” 


“And you and Ron didn't?!” I joke. Harry shakes his head and I scoff. 


“Nah, we did.” Harry admits and I raise my eyebrow. “But only a LITTLE bit.” I shake my head and walk towards where Hermione is crouched down on the ground. 


“Right. We’re going to need a lot of ingredients that can only be found….” Hermione draws out.


“Not in Snape’s stores!!!” I whine. But Hermione nods sadly. Great. Fun. We have to steal from Snape’s stores. This is definitely a turning point in this school year. 


Yay! Yet another chapter done! I had SO MUCH FUN writing this one!!! I hope you enjoyed reading it. I know it's a little long (compared to my recent chapters) so sorry about that. 


I want to thank you all for reading and reviewing!!! We have now made it to almost 1,000 views!!!! GO US!!! Yaaay! I'm so happy! Thank you so much!!!!! 


PLEASE review! And keep reading!!!

-Baby nargle ;p



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