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I want to know what Dumbledore was th8nking when he decided to let the Triwizard Tournament run it’s course and let Harry compete, rather than pulling him out immediately. It was clear that Barry didn’t enter himself. It couldn’t have been more obvious— even in the beginning— that there was some serious dark magic at play. Like literally, this has ‘never’ happened before in the history or wizard schools, so what was he supposed to be thinking? Dumbledore is supposed to be hella smart and knows tons about magic (both dark and good). And what does Dumbledore do? Shrug and sit back, almost as if he’s to curious to see what will happen to actually bother protecting Harry. And even though there is a binding magical contract to the tournament you can easily drop out by faking an Ingush or getting a real injury.


Nice. This really showed us who actually cared about Harry, Dumbledore. Look at how this one turned out in the end.

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