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End of May



Rose blinked. 


Darkness had returned while she was unconscious.  Rose was grateful that the bright sun was no longer shining through the ceiling, but it also frightened her.  Bad things couldn’t happen in the sunlight.  She had been kidnapped under the cover of night. 


Still, her concussed head throbbed slightly less without the light. 


Her mind drifted back to Scorpius and her family.  If it was night again, then she had been gone for nearly twenty four hours.  They hadn’t found her.  But they must’ve realized that she was missing.  Despite her fight with him, Scorpius would know that she wouldn’t run away.  She wouldn’t avoid the conflict.  


But would he even notice that she was gone? 


Maybe he was avoiding her as well.  


Rose couldn’t think about that.  Even if Scorpius was avoiding her, surely Penny and Albus would notice she was missing.  And no matter what else was happening, Rose would never skip lessons. 


Lesson, Rose thought, I am going to be behind.


If the worse that came from this is that she was behind in classes, that would be a minor miracle.  Rose forced herself to sit up, breathing heavily as she pushed her torso off the ground. Her arms buckled under the weight of her upper body. 


That man wasn’t here.  If Rose could just get on her feet… 


A crash outside startled her and her arms gave out under her. “Ahh,” Rose hissed out in pain.  Her wrist throbbed, but she didn’t want to look.  Rose was sure that she had several broken bones: her ribs, arms, and legs had all taken a beating. 


“You’re alive.” 


Rose couldn’t bring herself to look at her captor.  So she just let her head fall back and stared up.  


“Can you move?” He walked over to her until his feet were next to her face.  Rose resisted the urge to flinch, fearful that he could kick her head or step on her throat.  He would only get more pleasure from seeing her afrad. 


“No,” Rose said.  She could move a little, but better to let him think that she was totally incapacitated. Maybe the bastard would let his guard down and she could find some way to take him out. “Why are you doing this?” Rose asked again.  Perhaps he had thought of a plan since the last time she had demanded to know what he was doing. 


“It’s time that the Masters stepped into the public. Is there a better way to announce ourselves than leaving your body as a present for the Ministry of Magic?” He sneered.  Rose turned away, her eyes squeezed shut. 


“You’re a Death Eater,” Rose resigned. 


“No.  We don’t care about Voldemort.” 


Rose inhaled deeply, “But you care about blood purity.” 


“If there is no separation between muggles and wizards then soon the whole world will be magical. But with that… magical blood will be diluted.” 


Rose frowned and she turned her head, “You think that muggleborns and half-bloods aren’t as magical?” 


“Of course they’re not. If you dilute wine with water, will the wine be as potent?” He laughed shortly, like Rose was being silly.  His Eastern European accent thickened as he spoke, but Rose still couldn’t place it. 


“You can’t compare people to wine,” Rose argued. 


“But if we continue to dilute magical blood, then over time our magic will slowly weaken.  The Masters are protecting the heritage that the Ministry is throwing away.” He snapped. 


Rose glared at him, “There are plenty of muggleborns who are just as strong as purebloods. My mother—”


“There are anomalies, certainly.” He conceded. If Rose could just keep him talking.  She had to give the Aurors and her uncle a chance to find her… assuming he had not taken her far. “But on the whole, we must preserve magical blood.” 


“Then why kill muggles? You killed my best friend’s cousin…” 


“There are always casualties in war.” He turned from her and looked down at his wand. “And not all of my colleagues are as civilized as myself.” 


“You tortured me.” Rose spat out. “For fun.” 


His head tilted, but she couldn’t see his facial expressions. “I got carried away. Your family has been… irritating. And we do need to send a message.” 


Rose thought of what else she needed to know.  If she got out of here, she wanted to have as much information as possible to give Uncle Harry.  This was one evil man, he wasn’t the only one that the Aurors would be looking for. 


“How did you get onto Hogwarts grounds?” Rose asked. “Someone must’ve let you in.  Tell me who,” Rose demanded.  He laughed off her question. 


“What does that matter now?” 


“I want to know who the traitor is.” 


“Traitor?” He shook his head. “No, the only person at that school that has a clue…” he wasn’t giving Rose anything.  Not even slipping up and saying ‘he’ or ‘she.’ Rose couldn’t think of any student or teacher who would work with these maniacs. Maybe someone from


Hogsmeade found out about one of the secret passageways leading to the castle? 

Rose didn’t push for more. He wouldn’t reveal anything and she didn’t want to anger him by asking questions. 




Penny chewed her nails absently. 


James rubbed her back. 


Albus was pacing back and forth. 


Hugo and Lily sat with Ginny. 


Ron and Hermione spoke with McGonagall. 


Dozens of Aurors were searching the castle and Hogsmeade. 


Harry whispered to Professor Longbottom. 


And Scorpius… Scorpius watched all of his friends try to find ways to occupy their minds.  They couldn’t do anything.  Harry had forbidden them from searching the castle and wanted them to return to their dormitories. 


Lily protested, demanding that they couldn’t separate at a time like this. 


So there they all sat.  In the Headmistress’s office, which was becoming smaller and smaller by the moment.  Scorpius felt like he could suffocate at any moment and he wished that the adults weren’t whispering. 


Albus voices Scorpius’s thought a moment later, “Can you not whisper?” He snapped at his father. “Like, we all know things are bad and you whispering just makes it that much worse.” 


“Albus,” Ginny hissed. 


Harry waved his wife off, “It’s alright.” 


“We have a right to know what’s going on,” Lily agreed as Ginny brushed back her daughter’s hair. 


“We’re not keeping anything from you,” Hermione said softly. 


“Well, that’s even worse!” Albus exploded. “That means you know the same amount of nothing that we know!” 


“Albus!” Ginny snapped, “You’re talking to Rose’s mum, you don’t think she’s just as upset.  We’re as distressed as you lot and you do not demand to be treated like an adult and then throw a tantrum!” Albus sank back into his seat, thoroughly shamed. 


He glanced at Hermione bashfully, “Sorry Aunt Hermione. I wasn’t thinking.” 


“It’s alright,” she offered him a small smile. 


Albus looked towards Scor, “You’re being quiet.” 


“Just thinking,” Scorpius muttered. He glanced towards Harry and McGonagall. “There must’ve been someone at Hogwarts…  that’s what you’re thinking, right? Because Rose would never wander off the ground.  Someone must’ve either gotten in or already been on the inside.”  No one responded, but Harry glanced towards all of the adults. Scorpius frowned, “There’s no way someone could’ve just

walked through the barrier.” 


“Unless they took a passageway,” James said. 


“We’re searching and sealing all known passageways,” McGonagall levelled a glare towards James, “and if you know of any more, then tell us.” James’s shoulders slouched forward. 


“But those passageways are not common knowledge,” Hugo rubbed his neck. “Only a few students know.” 


“Seems like you lot are familiar enough with them,” Ron muttered. 


James held his hands up, “Hey, they show up on the map. It’s not like we’re the ones creating them.” Harry looked down at the Marauder’s Map, opened on McGonagall’s desk.  They kept it open on the off chance that Rose’s footprints showed up.  James and Lily were extremely displeased that they were sharing trade secrets with authority figures.  Harry and Ron didn’t seem too pleased either, knowing that McGonagall would have to confiscate the map. 


All other students were confined to their dormitories.  Dark came hours ago and Scorpius had a sneaking suspicion that they would be forced back to their dormitories as well.  It wasn’t as though McGonagall could have them stay in her office all night. 


“Do you think we’ll get a ransom note?” Hugo asked his parents. 


Hermione was taken aback, “I don’t know.” 


“Why would they take Rosie, if not to blackmail you?” He muttered. 


“Hugh,” Ron hissed. “That’s enough.” 


Hugo’s eyes narrowed, “I’m just saying.  She’s the Minister of Magic’s daughter, why would they take her if they didn’t want something?” 


Scorpius didn’t want to hear their answer.  And he knew they weren’t going to say it. 


If they weren’t going to try to ransom Rose or use her for blackmail, then there was only one reason to take it.  To send a message.  Scorpius couldn’t think about what kind of message they would try to send and what Rose would have to endure because of it. 

It’s my fault. 


No matter how many times Albus, Harry, or Hermione assured Scorpius that it wasn’t his fault, he felt guilty.  One different move… if he hadn’t left Rose. If he hadn’t gotten so close to her in the first place, then she wouldn’t have gotten freaked out and sent him away. 

Maybe if he had more courage, he would have stayed even as she pushed him away. 


If… then. 


If… then. 


So many scenarios played through his mind. 


“Is there no news from the Aurors searching Hogsmeade?” Ginny asked her husband. 


Harry shook his head, “They would’ve sent a patronus if they saw anything. But I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.” He seemed to say this mostly for Ron and Hermione’s benefit. 


“Malfoy, you’re sure you didn’t see anything?” Ron asked, attempting to play down his accusing tone. They had been over this a dozen times. 


But Scorpius still thought back once more. “We were arguing and Rose panicked and sent me away.” 


“Why did she panic?” Ron asked.  Scorpius’s face heated recalling the actual reason she freaked out.  He glanced towards Harry, feeling uncomfortable hiding the almost-kiss. But Harry gave him the okay. 


“Things got heated,” Scorpius said. 


“What was it that set her off?” Al asked. 


Scorpius subconsciously glanced at Harry.  Ugh, Al! Why did he ask that? He tried to think of what to say.  They were about to kiss and then… 


“There was a noise.” Scorpius blurted. “A branch snapped or something.  We were near the woods, so I didn’t think anything of it.  But it startled Rose and then she told me to leave.”  Scorpius hadn’t even noticed the noise at the time. “Do you think someone was following us?” 


Harry rubbed his jaw, “Possibly.” 


“If I hadn’t left they wouldn’t have taken her.” 


“Or they might’ve taken you both.” Lily muttered as she cracked her knuckles anxiously.  


As crazy as it sounded, Scorpius still wished he had stayed with Rose. Maybe if he was there, they could’ve fought off the attacker.  And if not… at least they would be together. 



A/N: Hi guys! I know it's been a while and this chapter is a little shorter than usual, but I wanted to get something out.  I have been working on my original novel so that has taken up a lot of my creative energy. 


I have gotten some reviews requesting that I do not abandon this story and I want to reassure y'all that I will finish this story.  I may shorten the remainder, but there will definitely be a conclusion. 


Anyways, review help keep motivated so if you have any feedback let me know! 

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