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“Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!” Dumbledore booms. We hear shuffling and turn around to find two boys, trying and failing to discreetly enter the Great Hall unnoticed. I roll my eyes and nudge Draco, who is sitting right next to me with a scowl on his face. 


“They should be expelled!” He whisper-shouts. 


“Oh keep your hair on! If they were gone who would you pick fights with?” I whisper back, teasingly.


Draco rolls his eyes and continues scowling at Harry and Ron who have now joined a very cross Hermione and shy Ginny at the Gryffindor table. 


“Well, it is my pleasure to announce that our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher….Professor Gileroy Lockheart!” Dumbledore continues.  Lockheart stands up and waves saying, ‘Thank you, thank you’ as the girls in the hall hoot and clap. 


I roll my eyes, “Rubbish if you ask me!” I whisper to the boys.


“Yes, thank you Professor.” Dumbledore says motioning for Lockheart to sit down. “Let us hope for another splendid year of learning and laughing! Let the feast begin!” Dumbledore raises his hands and corned beef, potatoes, salads, and soups, fill the empty plates on the tables. I help myself to a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese. Blaise pours himself a glass of pumpkin juice and grabs two bread rolls and butters them, Theo piles his plate high with mashed potatoes and corned beef, Draco grabs a small amount of everything and sorts all the different food in separate corners (he’s VERY picky about his food mixing), and Crabbe and Goyle grab handfuls of food from the serving plate itself. 


“Bleh! Stop it!! That’s gross!! Eww! Stop. I said stop! Other people eat from that, you know?! Ugh! Draco! Make. Them. Stop!!” I huff.


“Stop.” Draco says. Instantly the Goons pull their hands back. I roll my eyes.


“Now make them say, ‘Fox is the best person to ever exist.’” I smirk. Theo and Blaise laugh, Draco shakes his head.


“Oh! Come on!” I nudged him. I nudged him again. And again. And again. And again. And again. 


“Fine!” Draco scowls at me. “Say, ‘Fox is the best person to ever exist.’” Draco tells the Goons. The Goons look at eachother then back at Draco and then at me, and don’t say anything. 


“Oh well, YOU said it,” I smirk at Draco. “I can live with that.” Draco scowls and huffs something like, ‘Girls!’, then goes back to eating his food



“The bed in the middle is MINE!” orders Pansy Parkinson, my annoying roommate. “Millicent you can have the one to my right, and Daphne the one to my left!” Millicent woddles over to her bed and plops herself down on it. Daphne sighs, putting her trunk on her bed. She starts taking out her neatly folded clothes and placing them carefully into her dresser. “Roxanne, you can have THAT bed, in the corner.” Pansy sticks her nose in the air and marches to her bed. I roll my eyes and tuck my trunk under my bed. 


“Ah! Good old Hogwarts!” I smile lying on my bed. 


“Isn’t it?” Daphne answers my question. I sit up, the other girls almost never talk to me. I ignore them, and they ignore me, and our lives are great. “What do you think of that new Professor? Lockart?” The question is directed towards me but Pansy answers, sitting on her bed.


“I think he looks nice. I’m sure he’ll be wonderful!” she says, in her usual obnoxious, stuffy-nosed, voice. Millicent nods along in agreement.


“I think he's a total fraud.” I say. The girls look at me judgmentally but don’t say anything.


“I think he’ll be an amazing teacher! Just look at all the stuff he’s done in his books.” Daphne says. I shrug and lie back down on my bed. 


A couple of seconds of silence go by before Pansy says, “Draco’s looking good this year. Not that he didn’t already look good, he’s very handsome, you know? And very smart.” I sit up again with a raised eyebrow. Daphne stops folding her clothes and looks at Pansy with a cheesy smile. 


“BLEH!” I pretend to barf. Pansy glares at me. “Draco? Seriously?” 


“Jealousy is not a good color on you, Roxanne.” Pansy sticks her nose in the air. I HAVE to laugh. I laugh really, really, hard. Draco? Me? Jealous? That is hilarious! I roll back on my bed, still laughing.


“I am MUCH too good for HIM!” I say, composing myself. “But you two would be perfect together, wouldn’t you? Let’s see, both obnoxious, both arrogant, both bossy, hmm….. OH! Let’s not forget, EXTREMELY annoying!” I count off on my fingers. 


“I HATE YOU ROXANNE!!!!” Pansy flings pillows at me. 


“Woah! That’s a strong word. Are you sure? Because personally I think I’m a pretty decent person.” I smile at her maniacally. 




“Bloody hell!” I scream, trying to pry Pansy off me. “Gosh! The things people will do for love!” I use my foot to kick Pansy in the gut. She slump back, moaning. Milicent and Daphne scream. I mount Pansy and pin her down.


“Oh! Stop the dramatics! She’s perfectly fine! You're going to wake the house up!” I roll my eyes. 


“You already HAVE!!!!” Shouts one of the Prefects, storming into our dorm. A crowd of grump Slytherins are behind her. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!!” he waves her arms frantically at me and a struggling Pansy. 


    “She’s hurting me!!!” Pasy fake cries. “I was just sitting on my bed and she started talking me!” The Prefect as well as the other Slytherins look at me. 


    “Liar! SHE pounced on ME!!!” I say. 


The Prefect narrows her eyes at me, “What do the witnesses have to say?” she looks at a horror stricken Daphne and Millicent.


“Umm.” Daphne starts. Oh boy! This is it! I’m done for. “Um, R-roxanne was taunting Pansy, so Pansy got mad and…” Pandy glares at Daphne.


“Yes?” the Prefect prompts. 


“Well, Pansy…..threw pillows at Roxanne. Then, they both um…..pounced at the same time.” Pansy glares at Daphne again. “Well, I-I actually think Roxanne pounced first.” Daphne quickly corrects. 


“I find that hard to believe!” Theo says, stepping out from somewhere in the crowd. “I’ve known Flames for a WHOLE YEAR.” he tries to make ‘A whole year’ sound like a long time. “And she doesn’t do such things without a reason.” I smile gratefully at Theo.


“Theo’s right.” Blaise says, stepping beside Theo.


“Whatever. No need to get all I’m-Sticking-Up-for-My-Best-Friend-y.” The Prefect says. “I mean, what’s the worst I can do? Give her detention? And….” she prompts at the crowd. 


“Slytherins don’t get other Slytherins in trouble.” we all chorus and roll our eyes.


“Because…..??” She prompts again.


“We can’t afford to lose house points.” we chorus again, unenthusiastically. 


“That’s right! Now everybody OUT! OUT!” she shoo’s the crowd away, before turning back to me and the helpless Pansy who’s still under me. 


“Try not to kill her. Eh?” I nod and the Prefect yawns and closes the door. 


“OWWWWW! Ow, ow, ow, ow!!” Pansy whines. I roll my eyes and push her off my bed. “OWWWW!” she gets up sulkily and stops over to her bed. Daphne turns off the lights and it's quiet. 


I fall into a dreamless slumber, ready for the next day. 



Hi! Sorry it has been a while! 


I hope you liked the chapter!! 


-Baby nargle 

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