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I looked around. I had never seen shops like these. Madame Malkins Robes for All Occasions, Ollivander's: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C., Eeylop's Owl Emporium, it was incredible! "Are these Wizard shops?" I asked Hagrid, and he nodded.

First we went to a bank, "Gringotts", Hagrid called it. "Run by goblins, safest place fer anythin' 'cept Hogwarts."

"But I don't have any money." I said.

"You do." was all Hagrid said, and I couldn't get any more out of him.

We entered a tall, white stone building. I saw lots goblins, slightly shorter than me, with beards and sharp eyes. I hurriedly looked away. They looked kind of fierce and scary, but also intriguing, and I couldn't help turning back to look at them.

We entered and went to a counter where many goblins were sitting, busy doing stuff. Hagrid went to a goblin, and said, "We need some money from the Williams safe.", and handed him a key from one of his many pockets.

The goblin beckoned us to a large cart, and Hagrid and I squeezed in.

Suddenly, we were moving really fast! It was like being in a roller coaster, I almost put my hands up and started screaming. Beside me, Hagrid looked sick. In a moment, the excitement died down, and I felt nauseous too. I closed my eyes.

"Here we are!" came the gruff voice of a goblin, and I looked up. The vault. My vault. I stumbled out of the cart, and pulled some of the coins into a bag. Then I saw something sparkling. A ring. It was in my vault, so, it was mine right? Hagrid nodded when I asked but turned quickly away. I pocketed it. Something told me it was special.

When we left Gringotts, I wanted to go to get my wand, but Hagrid said we should do robes first. Clothes, ugh, I hated shopping for them, and I cared nothing about having the cutest or prettiest clothes whatsoever.

But when we entered Madame Malkins, I was pleased. The robes looked loose and comfortable, though perhaps a bit hot for summer. A plump little witch, dressed in all bright purple-ish color motioned to me.

"Hogwarts, dear?" she asked. I nodded, and sat down on a little footstool, and Madame Malkin pulled a long robe over me. She began to pin it up, and I looked around at interest at the different robes.

When we left Gringotts, we went to Flourish and Botts, the bookshop.

"Ye got yer letter?" Hagrid asked me.

I smiled. "I wouldn't lose it for the world."

Flourish and Botts was amazing, shelves filled with books of all kinds, and I wished I could sit there and read for ages.

When we were leaving Flourish and Botts another family came in. About six people, all with red hair and freckles, wearing slightly shabby clothes. They looked around for books, and I noticed there was a little girl, probably a little younger than me.

I took my chance and went over. "Hallo"

"Hi", said the girl.

"What's your name?"

"Ginny Weasley. What's your's?" 

"Arina Williams."

Mrs. Weasley turned to me with a look of surprise on her face, and opened her mouth. Hagrid nodded, and then shook his head.

So she just said, "Hello dear, nice to meet you. Are you going to Hogwarts?"

"Yup! First time!"

"Ron's in his first year too, and Fred, George, and Percy will be there as well." motioning to a tall boy about my age, a pair of identical twins, who gave me sharp looks, and another, older and more serious looking boy.

"Nice to meet you." said one of the identical boys solemnly, putting out his hand. I took it, and as he shook, I heard him say "Hey George, look, vanishing wands!"

I looked around, and saw that the boy was at the other end of the shop, talking to his twin. Meanwhile, the hand was still... shaking. I tried to pull it off, but it stood stuck.

"Fred!" said Mrs. Weasley reproachfully. But I laughed.

"Zonko's Joke Shop, best place to buy pranks." whispered Fred, seeing my amusement.

"Fred and George get them all." The boy who I think was Ron added.

We chatted for a little, and then, with a "See you at Hogwarts!", Hagrid and I left.

Hagrid took me to Ollivander's, saying "Best place ter buy a wand."

We entered.

A old man was staring at me, and I got the strange feeling his eyes were staring into my soul. Blink, I thought. He didn't blink.

"Hello." He said in a creepy voice. "Miss Williams, nice to see you. I remember your mother-" He stopped.

I turned around to see Hagrid mouthing something furiously at him. But when he saw I had noticed, Hagrid just grinned like a Cheshire cat. My mother? I thought she was not magical?

"Yes, well, let's get you started." Mr. Ollivander pulled out a tape measure. "Hold out your wand hand."

"Wand hand? Well, my dominant hand is the left-" I started.

Mr. Ollivander nodded quickly, and I held it out. He started measuring me. I looked around. Everywhere there were shelves with boxes of wands. I heard some noises in the corner, and I turned to see Mr. Ollivander talking in low voices to Hagrid, while pulling out boxes of wands. I heard "Dumbledore's orders!" "Still hasn't been found?" "Muggle-born..." I started to go over there until I saw the tape measure. It was still measuring me. I stared at it for a second, and then laughed. Of course! Magic!

"That's enough." said Mr. Ollivander, and the tape measure stopped and fell to the ground. He handed me a wand. "Oak, dragon heartstring, 7 inches, very flexible. Just wave it about."

I took the wand, and moved it around, but Mr. Ollivander grabbed it back very quickly. He handed me another ("Unicorn hair, elm, 13 inches) and the same thing happened. It happened again. And again. And over and over, until...

"Phoenix feather, willow, 10 inches." I took it and waved it about. Some gold sparks flew out of it to form the face of a sort of dog.

"Oh, yes! Perfect!" cheered Mr. Ollivander and Hagrid in unison, and I beamed.

"Yes, a mix of the wolf and the hound, yes, wild, but loyal, brave and kind, interesting..." muttered Mr. Ollivander, but Hagrid shot him a look and he stopped.

"What?" I asked. But Hagrid shook his head. I was getting more and more puzzled by the second.

After paying and leaving Ollivander's, we went to get a pet. I decided to get an owl, they were so beautiful, and they also carried mail in the Wizarding way! (I am a practical person.)

When I exited Eeylop's Owl Emporium with a small but fleet barn owl, Hagrid and I left Diagon Alley, got one more butterbeer, and took the train back home.

"Don't forget, September firs'!" Hagrid called as I waved.

As if!

It was only late that night when I realized I still had the ring in my pocket.

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