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   Over the next few days, everyone in their second year or above began to train for the Quidditch tryouts that would take place on the last day of September. And today was the day most students were waiting for yet dreading at the same time, today was the day of the Quidditch tryouts. At the moment, Primrose and Draco were standing at the end of the corridor that led on to the Quidditch field. 


"Alright can we get one thing clear?" Draco asked slightly looking up at Primrose who was now an inch or two taller than him.


"And what may this thing be?" Prim asked.


"That if either one of us will get the spot of Seeker we'll still see each other the same way.... That we'll still be friends." said Draco who was now avoiding eye contact with Prim.


"Of course! There's no reason to be so petty of something so little." she said.


"Primrose Scott, please come on to the field." Marcus Flint said through the microphone in the announcer's booth.


"Good luck Flower." said Draco.


"Same goes to you Blondie." Prim responded. As she walked on to the Quidditch field, Draco felt a deep blush go up on to his pale cheeks.


   Prim had never called him that before. Yes she has called him a few other nicknames the past few weeks, but maybe it was because  Draco had done the same thing to her since the first day of classes. Now that he thought about it, he kind of liked the new nickname. Draco's train of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by a whistle and a sigh.


"Blaze what are we going to do with this boy?" Poe asked as he stood at Draco's right side while Blaise was on his left.


"No idea, maybe he's too head over heels to keep his cool..." said Blaise.


"What are you two talking about?" Draco asked, he turned around so he could face him.


" can say that we've been taking some of your actions to our notice." said Blaise.


"Like...?" Draco asked putting his hand out.


"August thirtieth, nineteen ninety-two, twelve o'five p.m. . At Flourish and Blotts Prim had given Harry Potter a hug. Once you had seen this event take place, you had immediately ripped a page out of a nearby book, walked down the stairs at a almost fast sort of pace and began to talk to Harry in a harsh sort of tone. It had seemed as though you were...jealous, were you not?" said Poe.


"Obviously I wasn't fast enough." Draco muttered in an inaudible tone of voice.


"I'm sorry, what was that?" Blaise asked placing his hand by his ear.


"I said, 'I may have been...a bit...jealous.' " said Draco.


"Just because Prim gave Harry a hug? Honestly man we knew you liked her, but damn! We didn't know that you liked her that much." said Poe.


"Yeah! You literally blush almost every time the two of you are by each other." said Blaise.


"And is there a way that we could make that happen less? Like, make it less obvious?" Draco said avoiding eye-contact.

"Well, there may be a way..." said Poe.


"Which is-" Draco was interrupted by Prim walking into the corridor and giving Poe a hug.


"They want you next Blondie." said Prim, Draco nodded and walked on to the field. "So, what were ya' talking about?"


   Blaise and Poe looked at each other.


"Just the norm, classes and stuff." Poe responded, Prim looked at him almost as though she could see through his lie.


"Okay..." said Prim.


"How was tryouts? Beater, if I'm not mistaken?" Blaise asked.


"Yup!" Prim responded sighing while popping the 'p'. "It went along pretty well! Oh, this is my stop." Prim said gesturing to the girls locker room.


" 'Kay see you later." Blaise and Poe said in unison before they walked off.


   Prim walked into the locker room and changed out of the Slytherin Quidditch robes that she was wearing and into a pair or jeans, a Queen t-shirt and a pair of black Doc Martins with yellow laces in a ladder-lace knot. She had also taken her satchel from locker number A-113 that had everything she would need. It had her wand, her Walkman, headphones, a cassette tape, a pencil and, a notebook that she would occasionally write stories in.


   Prim walked out of the locker room and made her way back to the Common Room, taking as much time as she needed. As she had neared the Black Lake, she had began to get a bit tired from Quidditch try-outs. 


"It's only about three in the afternoon, a short nap won't hurt anyone..." Prim mumbled under her breath.


   She walked over to a tall tree that didn't give off too much or too little shade and sat down. In Prim's eyes the scenery in front of her was breath taking, and if you were in the same spot, you'd probably say the same. 'But it'd probably be better if I get back to the Common Room.' Prim thought.


   Prim left her spot under the tree with a sigh and began making her way back to the Slytherin Common Room. Once she had met her destination, Prim walked up the stairs and into the girl's dormitories. She plopped on to the bed face-down and began to take a nap.




   By the time Prim had woken up, it was dark out and Pansy was fast asleep. She looked over to her nightstand to check the time but something else had caught her attention, next to her alarm clock was a poem and a rose that was half red and half white. Prim had picked up the poem and it said :


   'The tips of your hair are winter fire, January embers, my heart burns there too.




(AN: Hello everyone! That's it for Chapter 12, I hope that you enjoyed it. The short poem that you just read was from Stephen King's 'IT'. Also I'm happy to announce that I just published the first four chapters of my first story on Wattpad! I hope that you have a good morning/afternoon/night and that you stay safe!)









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