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“Ugh! So much POOF! Seriously Cam, you are going to look like Cinderella.” I say, to my sister as she and her best friend/bridesmaid look at a blue V-neck dress with silver sparkles and an incredible amount of tulle. Cam and I have VERY different styles. She likes poofy and floor or ankle length, while I like loose and flowy with a train. However, we BOTH agree that we DO NOT want to wear white on our wedding days. Why?


  1. Because EVERYONE does

  2. Because it’s PLAIN and BORING 

  3. Because everyone used to wear color (mostly red) on their wedding days before Queen Victoria wore white and then EVERYONE suddenly decided to copycat her boring idea 

So, I told Cam she should wear red because it’s the color of love, but, AGAIN she disagrees with me and says it’s too bright. So, she’s wearing blue (her favorite color) to symbolize her power. And between the blue, the sparkles and the poof, she looks like a burnet Cinderella. 


“No, it doesn’t fall right.” She says, completely ignoring what I just said. Ugh! We have been to ALL the wedding dress shops in London, and two Ball gown shops and she STILL hasn’t found her dress. The wedding colors are Blue, gold or silver (she still hasn’t decided, but whichever it is, is the color I’m wearing) and dark gray. So. Bloody. Dull. 


I start walking around myself, I keep in mind that I’m shopping for Cam, not me, so……Cinderella. I stop dead in my tracks, “Holey hoppin’ Helga Hufflepuff!!!” I whisper-shout. “CAAAAAAAAM!!! LIZARD!!!” I call. 


“What?!” Cam calls from somewhere in the store. 


“Come here!!” She groans, but I can hear feet coming my way.


“How many times have I told you NOT to call me Lizard!!! I HATE Lizards!! My name is Lizzie. Li-zie.” says Elisabeth Fann, my sister's best friend, who doesn’t particularly like me very much. “Oh my gosh!” She covers her mouth when she sees what I’m staring at. “CAMI!!!” she yells. 


“Ugh! What is it?” Cam says, turning the corner. She gasps, “It’s perfect!” She runs forward and hugs us both. 


“It is just a dress.” I say, Cam releases me from a bone crushing hug. 

“No. It. Is. Not.” she ruffles my hair. I scowl and flatten it. “Now, we have to find YOUR dresses.” I groan. No. More. Shopping! Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, but just not with HER. 




“Oh! This is adorable! You HAVE  to wear this Fox!” 




“Oh my gosh, this one!”




“Eeeeek! It’s PERFECT!” 






“Mmmm NO.”


It went on and on and on like that for about ten minutes because every dress Cam put in front of me was too plain and too puffy. Finally we got a dress that was modern enough for me, and despite totally not being her style, ‘Looks good on you.’ for Cam. We got a short and silvery-gray (Cam decided on silver, way to make it more dull) with a medium poof level, dress for Lizard and headed back to FaithHouse. FaithHouse, is our house if you didn’t know, well, it really is more of a small mansion on Faith Street. But FaithMansion was already taken, so was FaithManor, and FaithVilla, so we settled for ‘House’. Mansion, Manor, and Villa also makes the people who live there sound arrogant. *Cough Cough* Malfoys. 


“Aaaaah! Home sweet home!” I say, placing my dress on the kitchen counter. 


“Hello Mrs. REID-Bluebird.” Lyle says, placing his hands on Cam’s hips and trailing kisses down her neck. 


I make a fake gagging sound and point my finger at my open mouth. Lyle and his best man (who is Lizard’s husband) and other friend, who just entered the room, laugh. I pick my dress up off the counter and walk up the stairs to my room. 

“Right, Gaby should be here soon.” Lizard says.


“Wait Ella Bella’s coming?!” Lizard rolls her eyes at ‘Ella Bella’. Zane (one of Lyle’s groomsmen) gulps. I’ve heard that he and Ella Bella have an interesting past. Gabriella García, is another of my sister’s best friends. She’s been traveling the world ever since she finished Hogwarts. I’ve met her a couple of times and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE her. She’s actually from Spain, but came to London when she was 11 just before Hogwarts. Right on cue the front door swings open. 


“HOLA AMIGAS!!!!!” a tall tan woman, who despite being three years from 30 looks 19, stands in the door frame with a big mommy bag over her right shoulder, one regular sized crossbody bag around her, a small purse in her left hand,  and a suitcase in her right hand. 


“ELLA BELLA!!!” I shout, jumping up to hug her. She stumbles on her ten inch heels and drops her bags, but hugs me right back. 


“Senorita!!!” She picks me up and spins me around IN HER TEN INCH HEELS!!! She puts me back down and runs to Lizard and Cam. They do a group hug then pull away and so a VERY complicated handshake while chanting:


All of them: Lizzie! Cami! Gaby! All the ee’s forever! We’ll always be together! 


Lizard: Lizzie! Fizzy! Busy! That is me!


Cam: Cami! Lammy! Tami! That is me!


Ella Bella: Gaby! Zabby! Dabby! That is me!


All of them: ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s!!!!


I roll my eyes. That is a horrible handshake. “Lyle, Darek, good to see you!” Ella Bella kisses them French style one on each cheek. She pauses in front of Zane. 


“Miss. Garcia.” Zane says, I stifle a laugh. This is going to be interesting. 


“Oh so it’s like that now is it?!” She says.


“I would think so, AFTER YOU LEF-“ Zane begins.


“Okay! So, we’re heading out! Bachelor party at Darek’s tomorrow. You guys are using the house all night and day until the wedding?” Lyle says.


“That’s right! Bridal shower tomorrow night. Decorations and set up is being done all day tomorrow and Saturday’s the big day!” Lizard says.


“Is this kitchen I have to cook for 100 people in?!” Ella Bella exclaims. Did I forget to mention that she’s a three Michelin star chef? She has restaurants all over the world (muggle and wizard). We all look around the kitchen. It’s pretty huge and 100 people is a not that many for a wizard wedding. It’s mostly because Cam doesn’t have any family but me. I think the guests consist of some of my parents' friends, Cam’s friends, Lyle’s friends, and Lyle’s family (which is pretty small). “Dios ayúdame!” Ella Bella facepalms and  mumbles ‘God help me!’ in Spanish when we all nod. “Well, what are you still doing here?! BOYS ARE NOT WELCOME IN THIS HOUSE UNTIL PRECISELY FOUR O’CLOCK ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON!! GO! GO! ADIOS! BYE BYE! HASTA LA VISTA!” She shoo’s the three boys out the open front door and slams it shut. “OMG!! CAMI!! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!”


“Eeeeek!! I know!! I can’t believe it!!” She squeals and I can’t help but feel them too. Girly. Anxious. Exuberant. 


I suddenly feel a huge burst of eagerly and I can’t help but jump up and down and yell, “Cam’s getting married! Cam’s getting married!!” Soon, Ella Bella joins in and then Cam and reluctantly Lizard, until we’re bouncing up and down like crazy.




After an exhausting but fun filled day of cooking with Ella Bella, annoying Lizard and picking out my outfit for the bridal shower tonight with Cam:


“No, no, no!! Ugh. That’s too much Habanero sauce. Everyone’s tongues are going to burn like hell!! I can’t wait to see that. Remember to not eat the shrimp paella.” - Ella Bella


“Oops!” -My response 


“That’s enough sugar! Goodness gracious! If we feed the guests those churro’s they'll never leave!” -Again Ella Bella


“Good then, we can PAR-TAY all night!!!” -My response 


“Aaaaah!! Cami! You’re psycho sister squirted KETCHUP onto my hair from above my shower stall RIGHT after I finished washing my hair!!!!” - Lizard (My response is laughter)


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHhhh!!!! There is a bloody LIZARD in my closet!! How the hell did she get a LIZARD?!” -Lizard 


“I have a stash that I keep for when you visit.” -My sarcastic response with laughter


“Absolutely not! That is much too short for an eleven year old! How do you even have that?” -Cam


“Perks of my sister leaving me to shop all by myself all the time.” -my response 


“No, there is a SLIT in it!” -Cam


“It’s modern style! Keep up with the time, Cinderella!” -Response (She finally gave in)

I am getting dressed for the bridal shower party. I put on my dress and then some mascara and lip gloss. I’m not one for makeup but a little is okay. I then slip on my white Vans, I DON’T like heels or pumps (I don’t mind wedges, though) and run down the stairs, careful not to trip on my dress. I walk to the Wanderer’s Hall. I trace my finger over the engravings on the big wooden doors: Those who wander, are not lost.  The Wanderer’s Hall is our house's ballroom. But it’s more than that, it’s where it all happened. It’s where everything WAS lost. I haven’t entered the Hall since the night it happened. Whenever anyone asks me if I remember anything about that day, I say no. It’s a lie, truth hurts. Cam feels the opposite way I do about that night. She never wants to let go. I know she comes here almost every day. The Hall used to be the most beautiful place in the house, before spells hit the walls and jets of light crumbed the floor. Crucio. I remember that word so clearly. I shudder just thinking about it. Cam fixed up the Hall after the destruction was done, but it will never be what it was before. I take a deep breath and slowly turn the doorknob. I push the door open, it creaks. I remember that I am doing this for Cam. I open my eyes and look at the bright Hall, sunlight streams through the glass walls, a big fountain with aqua blue water that shimmers in the light stands tall in the middle of the Hall. The marble floor is the purest of whites, I can see my reflection in it. Through the glass walls there is a view of the Garden, which has been decorated and set up with tables and chairs, all ready for tomorrow. 


“I’m so proud of you.” Camellia whispers, coming up to me from across the Hall, where her friends were trying to get her to leave the Hall until everything was reading. I nod. Just once, and then smile and shoo her out of the Hall. 


At 6:00, Cam’s friends start arriving, there are 15 girls in total coming (including Lizard and Ella Bella). Some are work friends, and others are Hogwarts classmates. Everyone sits at a table in the room and starts chit-chatting, some people bought Cam presents so she opens them. I. Get. So. Bored. A lot of the girls treat me like a six year old too, and I HATE that. But then, some music starts to play and people start to dance and it gets pretty fun. Cam grabs my hands and twirls me around to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’. Finally, at around 8:00, the girls leave and I race out of the Hall before Lizard makes me help clean up. I put my feet up on the couch and sip my Ginger Ale. Just then, the doorbell rings and I remember…...


I fling the front door open. “HERMIONE!!!” I squeal, we embrace each other in a bone-crushing hug. I was debating on whether I should invite Hermione or Theo, ultimately I decided on Hermione because she could sleep over and we could get ready together tomorrow. I’m not super girly, but I have my moments. 


“So this is the famous Hermione Granger!! Fox talks about you all the time!” Cam says, walking towards us with Lizard and Ella Bella at her side. 


“You must be the bride! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Bluebird. I’m Hermione Granger.” Hermione says. Cam looks very surprised, Ella Bella winks at me, and Lizard tries to  hide her snort. They are probably all thinking, ‘How is this girl Fox’s friend?!’. “Oh please! Camellia will do. This is Elizabeth-”


“Lizzie.” Lizard corrects.


“Liz-ARD.” I smirk, she gives me the stink eye. 


“Camellia’s bridesmaid.” Lizard finishes. 


“And I’m Gabriella Garcia, three Michelin star chef and proud! Cami’s BETTER bridesmaids.” she winks at Lizard, who rolls her eyes. “Nice to meet you!” she says, taking Hermione’s hand and furiously shaking it. 


“Yes, well, come on! My rooms this way.” I grab Hermione’s hand and lead her up the stairs and into my room. 


“Your sister and her friends seem very nice!” Hermione chirps, placing her bag down on my desk.


“I love Cam, she’s SUPER annoying and the best person in the world! Lizard, that’s what I call Lizzie, SUCKS she has no sense of humor and hates me just because I put a Lizard in her hair the first time I met her. Although, she’s fun to annoy. She is also REALLY sassy, though. Ella Bella, that’s Gabriella, is AMAZING she’s the best and she’s just COOL!” Hermione raises her eyebrows and nods a couple times. 


“Soooooo…...wanna see my dress for tomorrow?!!” she squeals.


“Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?!” I laugh.


She rolls her eyes and pulls out a carefully folded, summery, bright yellow dress. “Oh my gosh! You are going to look SO good in that ‘Mione!! If only Ron were here!” I wink.


“What?! You-you’ve gone mad! You DO NOT know what you're saying! Just, just…..imagining things. Ha! Ron, Ron! Ha!” she laughs a choppy laugh and shakes her head, but turns a little pink.  


“I can’t WAIT for tomorrow!!!” I squeal. We spend the rest of the night jumping up and down and going through my nail polish to find colors that will match our dresses.


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