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"What House do you want to be in?" Asked Ron. "House? What's a Hogwarts House?"

"Oh.. I forgot you wouldn't. Well, there's four. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and.. Slytherin." he said with a slightly disgusted look. "Why so disgusted?" I asked. "Aren't they all friends?" 

"Oh, no, no, no. They all compete in a competition each year with points. Whoever gets the most points gets the House Cup. Its a real treasure for a House to have." Said Ron. "Go on.." I answered. Me and Eleanor were both looking at him, listening hard. "I really want to be in Gryffindor, and I probably will; my whole family is. Gryffindor was founded by Godric Gryffindor. He valued bravery in people and those who are, usually get Sorted into it. Ravenclaw was founded by.. someone named Ravenclaw.. and they valued smarts. Hufflepuff valued loyalty and kindness. And then... Slytherin," he went on, with the same look on his face as before. "Was founded by Salazar Slytherin. He valued... ambition and cleverness... which he used to, and most, dont use for good. But like I said, most, not all." He finished. "I want to be in Ravenclaw!" Yelled Eleanor, as I just looked at the floor, thinking. What do I consider myself? I feel clever... but Ron said most Slytherins are bad... I am not bad! "Who all gets Sorted into Slytherin?" I whispered absent-mindedly. That, however, didnt go unnoticed. "What do you mean?" Said Eleanor. "I think I know," said Ron. "You guys don't know about the blood situation," he said. Mine and Eleanor's eyes shot open wide. "Blood?!" I said. "Blood type! Salazar Slytherin hated anyone whose blood wasn't pure- meaning born from two magical people," he continued. "There are purebloods, like I mentioned, Half-bloods, and Muggle-borns. Like you both, for example. It'd be super rare for anyone with no magical blood to get into Slytherin. Fred and George told me all of this their first year. I don't even know how I remember this!" He exclaimed. I started thinking again ... no. I thought. I'm not a Slytherin! In fact, I COULDN'T be! I was interrupted by my Mother before I could finish convincing myself what was and wasn't my House. Besides, I didnt even actually know! I also didn't even know how I would get Sorted... but anyways... "Eleanor, Rosalind!" Called Mum. "Don't call me Rosalind!" I yelled, furious. I couldnt count how many times I've said this exact sentence! She never listens! "Oh, fine. Ross." She called back once again. I grabbed Eleanor's hand and walked over to where Mum and Mrs. Weasley sat. "Yes?" El and I said in unison. "I'm afraid its time for us lot to go," said Mum. "The sun's started to set already!" 

"Okay..." said Eleanor and I, in unison, once again. "Go tell everyone goodbye while Mrs. Weasley and I prepare the floo powder." I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Mrs. Weasley told my Mum about floo powder a few months ago. She's used it to come here ever since! Not that that matters... I have other things to worry about. 


《A/N - I know every chapter I've written so far has been longer than the one before-- I can't really say why; I don't even know XD but this is gonna be a fairly long one. Of COURSE- longer than the last because obviously--! ~kris 》


We were a bit late, but we had just gotten to where Diagon Alley was (supposed) to be. I didnt see anything! Apparently, that didn't go unnoticed. I heard footsteps behind me, and turned to see- A GIANT!? But I didnt run away- It was quite fascinating, to be honest. This made me realize how lucky me and El were... out of any Muggle-born children: us! Before I could be continuously grateful, I heard a gruff voice speak. "Yeh need some help gettin' in teh Diagon Alley?" The giant asked. After a few seconds, no one answered, so I decided to step up. He seemed quite kind, really. "Yes, sir, that's very kind of you to ask." I piped up, in what I thought to be a confident voice. "Alrigh' then! Watch an' learn." He tapped the third brick up and second one across, three times. After that, the wall began to open up into a street of shops that were crowded with people. 


《A/N - Im gonna leave it here so it doesn't get too long- writing more in the morning! Hope you've enjoyed this story so far! :) ~kris 》 

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