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I gasped. "Eleanor. You know we've got to make a grand entrance!" 

"Oh yes," She grinned evilly. "Indeed we do."

As we (quietly!) made our way out to the garden, we agreed that we'd scream at the top of our lungs on the count of three. Genius, right? I gestured to Eleanor. (Three, Two, and...) AHHHHH!! We screamed at the top of our lungs. Everyone jumped. I know we're supposed to be quiet.. but I couldn't help it, I started laughing. Then, a few minutes later, I finally stopped, glad to be able to breath again. "You all practically jumped out of your skin there, eh?" I said, while high-fiving El. "I think we just out-pranked the pranksters!" She said! "Not for long!" said Fred. 

"Can your brothers not take a loss? Ever?!" I whispered to Ron. "Nope. Trust me, I've tried to get back at them.. never works." He replied. "Hmm," I said. "I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah! Big news everyone!!!" I yelled. I looked at Eleanor, she nodded. "We're going to Hogwarts this year!" We hollered in unison. "What?" Yelled Fred, George and Ron. Ginny must be in the house, I thought. I've got to tell her, too! "Yes! We got our letters this morning!" I said. "Bloody hell! Thats amazing!" Said Ron. "Yes, but..." started George. "You've got to know the secrets," Fred finished this time. "Or else you won't survive! And you must be thinking: 'how am I going to learn?' " further voiced George. "And thats where we come in," said Fred, once again. "On one condition." Oh no, I thought. What could their dastardly plan be this time? "And what exactly is this one condition?" Said Eleanor. "The condition.. is that you advertise our products!" Said George. "What products?! Because I am most definitely not advertising some weird magic spray that brainwashes people into doing your... Fred-and-George crazy bidding!" I said, skeptically. My skepticism did not go unnoticed, however. "Oh, don't be daft, Rosie. Its just for our joke supplies!" Said Fred. "Ok.... deal. As long as we get discounts!" I negotiated. "I am not risking getting expelled for joke supplies. You go ahead Ross.." she said. "Ok.. I. Get a discount," I negotiated once more. "Okay!" The red headed twins said in unison. 

Everyone started to head inside now, and suddenly I remembered I never told Ginny about Hogwarts! 

"Mrs. Weasley, where can I find Ginny?" I asked. "Oh, she's just in her bedroom, dear." She replied. "Great, thank you!" I said, heading upstairs. Finally, I found Ginny's room. I knocked on the door. "Ginny?" I said. "Come in!" She responded politely. "Hello Ginny!" I greeted her. "Hi Ross!" She said. "I've got a secret," I whispered. She gasped. "A secret? What is it!" She nagged. "So you know how you are going to Hogwarts next year?" 


"Well, this morning I got a letter from Hogwarts! I am going with Ron this year! So next year when you arrive, you'll have a friend!" 

"Wow!" She said, amazed. "I know, it's really crazy! But I think I'd better be going back down now. Nice talking to you, Ginny." I said, starting down the stairs. "You as well!" She called after me. I kind of wished that she could come this year. She was always so sweet. But alas, my train of thoughts reached the station as I made it to the first floor, where my Mum, Eleanor, Mrs. Weasley, and Ron were. "Hey, Mum..." I muttered. She and Mrs. Weasley were talking about me and El. It seemed like she hadn't heard me. Oh well, I thought. "Can't stop determined mothers, can you?" I muttered as I walked over to the corner where Eleanor and Ron were. "Hey guys!" I said. "Hey Ross," Ron said. "Are you excited about Hogwarts?" 

"Of course!" I responded. "I hope its fun." 

"What House do you want to be in?" Asked Ron. "House? What's a Hogwarts House?"

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