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"Mum, how long until we leave??" I asked, for about the hundredth time. "I TOLD you, one hour! Now stop asking, because next time, I'm not going to remind you. You better work on sharpening that mind of yours, because otherwise, I don't know HOW you're going to remember your lessons." She retorted.

I didnt know what to say, because you know I'm not about to admit she was right. I'm not the brightest when it comes to remembering things.. maybe they have a spell for that! I walked to my sister's room. "Eleanor? Are you going to come with Mum and I to the Weasley's?" 

"Sure!" Eleanor replied.

"Ok, cool." I said as I walked out. 

"Eleanor! Rosalind! Time to go!" Mum yelled up the stairs.

"Coming!" Me and Eleanor yelled at the same time.


As I ran down the stairs to put on my boots, I remembered something; "Mum, how are we traveling?" I said.

"By floo," she replied. "Make sure to state very clearly where you need to go! I'll go first. Then you and Eleanor at the same time," me and Eleanor looked at eachother so as to make sure we both knew what to do. "Alright. The Burrow!" She enunciated, before spinning into the emerald green flames. I took a deep breath, then walked over to El, and grabbed her hand. "The Burrow!" We said in unison, disappearing into the same fiery green blaze. 

I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw my sister and mother. We made it! My thoughts were interrupted as I heard a familiar voice. 

"Adrian! Rosie! Eleanor! Oh, how good it is to see you all!" It was Mrs. Weasley. "Girls, you mustn't be strangers now! Go say hello" whispered Mum. Eleanor and I bashfully shuffled over to hug Mrs. Weasley. "I've missed you girls, Merlin, what am I talking about? Everyone has!" She said. She really was nice, just a little bit doughty at times, quite frankly. But don't get me wrong.. we love her! "Oh, I know. We are quite enjoyable company, aren't we?" I joked. "Twins, am I right, Adrian?" She laughed. "Indeed you are." Replied Mum. "Well, I know you're probably waiting to see everyone. They're in the garden, tending to the gnomes. They'll be quite surprised to see you," whispered Mrs. Weasley. "I didnt tell them you all were coming!" I gasped. "Eleanor. You know we've got to make a grand entrance!" 

"Oh yes," She grinned evilly. "Indeed we do."

《A/N - I hope you all enjoyed this chapter... I already know what I'm doing with the next. In case you're wondering, not the next, but the one after that, they'll be going. Can't wait to write! ~kris 》


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