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"Rosalind, wake up! Breakfast is ready!" Said someone, shaking my shoulder. 

 "What? Already?" I was confused. . I never sleep in this late! 

 "Yes," Replied the same person, who I was now awake enough to realize was my Mother, "And I'm going to need you to get ready because I'm meeting with Molly today!" She called to me as she was heading downstairs.


Great! The Weasleys! I thought. I really am excited. You see, my Mom and Mrs. Weasley became friends many years ago.. I'm not really sure how. All I know is that they're wizards. We're not allowed to tell anybody, but I never would.. I actually thought it was pretty fascinating. After snapping out of my thoughts, I remembered the task at hand; what to wear? Usually on a day like this, I'd wear a t-shirt and leggings, but seeing as I had things to do, I couldn't show up to my friend's house looking like a lazy heathen (though I usually do).. After a while I decided on a short sleeved black top with white stripes on it, and a pair of jean shorts, along with my favorite grey bracelet. All my shoes were downstairs, I decided to worry about those later; right now, was all about eating. (I'm hungry, what can I say?) 

As usual, we were talking, and joking, and other things you do at tables, when suddenly, the doorbell sounded. Everyone looked at each other, all of us with the same look; when nobody said anything, Mum spoke up. "Eleanor, would you be a dear and see who's at the door?" ( In case you didn't know, Eleanor is my twin sister.) As she opened the door, she looked out, and then looked back at me and Mum. "No one's here," she said. "There is two letters, though!" She grabbed them before heading back to the table. " Well? " asked Mum. "There's one for each of us," she said, gesturing back and forth between herself and I.  "But.. They aren't from anyone. There's no send or return address!'' 

"Well then, let's open the suckers!" I said, intrigued. 

 "If you insist ... " she said, as she hesitantly started opening her letter. I started doing the same. Once we were done, we just stared at each other. "Wh- there MUST'VE been a mistake.. I- we- MAGIC?!" Yelled Eleanor. "YES!!!!!!" I yelled, much louder. " WE'RE GOING TO HOGWARTS!'' 


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