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(AN: I'm sorry that I haven't updated this story for a bit, I hope that you enjoy Chapter 11 of this story.)



"Bye Poe! Bye Prim!" Becky said before they were about to get on to the Hogwarts express.


"Goodbye Becky. Goodbye Carmen." the twins said in unison as they hugged their sister and her wife.


"Bye Munchkins." Carmen said as she ruffled the twins hair.


"Oh, and don't forget to give Hermione these." Becky said as she handed Prim two small bags of dark chocolate.


"Er-why would you give Hermione dark chocolate?" Poe asked with his left eyebrow raised.


"No reason..." Becky replied," Now go, it's almost 11 o'clock!"


   The twins got on to the train a minute or two before the final whistle blew. Once they had gotten on, they had each went their separate ways. Poe went inside of Draco's compartment while Prim went inside of Hermione's.


"Hey Prim!" Hermione said as she gave Prim a hug.


"Hello 'Mione!" Prim said as she hugged back.


   The two sat down on opposite sides of the compartment as the train started to take off. 


"I see you dyed your hair a bit." Hermione said looking at the tips of Prim's hair which were dyed a shade of blood red. "It looks nice on you."


"Thanks!" Prim said as she handed Hermione the two bags of chocolate,"Also, do you know why my sister would give you two bags of dark chocolate?" 


"Yes, yes I do know."


"Are you going to tell me why?"


"No, I don't think I will." Hermione said with a smirk, she sighed.


"What's wrong?" 


"Harry and Ron had promised that they would share a compartment with me. Now, it's past eleven and they haven't shown up yet."


" 'Mione that's just how boys are most of the time, they make empty promises. Honestly, some of them aren't worth two shits."




"Am I wrong? You're gonna look at me and tell me that I'm wrong? Besides I'm just telling the truth." Prim said as she put her hands up in surrender, Hermione laughed.


"Yeah, you're kind of one of those people that says what's on their mind."


”I hope this year will be normal, and by that I mean we won't be put in near-death experiences.”


"You and me both!"


   Over the next few hours, Hermione and Prim did a variety of activities. The talked, ate candy, played cards and basically anything the two of them could do to kill time. After the train had stopped, everyone in their second year or above had gotten into a carriage with their luggage and a friend or two. Prim and Hermione did not enjoy their first carriage ride, they were stuck with the Patil twins and Lavender Brown meaning the ride was extremely noisy. But thankfully, the carriage rides only took a few minutes so they were back to the castle in no-time.


"Finally, it's over. Their high pitched voices were starting to get irritating." Prim said as she took out her luggage.


"Welcome to my world, where I have to deal with them on a daily basis." Hermione said as they begun to walk up the trail.


   When everyone had gotten to the entrance of the castle, they had set their bags at the doors so they could be brought to the rooms of their respective owners. Everyone went into the Great-Hall and basically the first night at Hogwarts was the same as the previous year's. The night would begin with the Sorting Ceremony, then Dumbledore's speech, next came the feast and finally, the night would end with all of the students sleeping in their dorms.


   At the moment Primrose and Draco were in the Common Room, sitting in front of the fire, in utter silence to the point where you could only hear the fire crackling. That is, until Draco decided to break it.


"I see you've changed you're hair a bit, looks good on you." he said.


"Thanks, my sister did it for me." Prim replied.


"You never told me that you had a sister." Draco said turning his head to the left to look at Prim.


"You've never asked if I had any other siblings." 


"Touche Flower."


   Prim sighed.


"Look Star...," Prim said turning her body to the right so that she could face Draco," I'm sorry for what I said in Flourish And Blotts to your father." Draco chuckled a bit.


"Flower you don't have to apologize for anything, you were just sticking up for your family. As any other person would and or should have. He made the comment, and you clapped back."


"But I was rude to your father."


"But he deserved it! He was making a bi-phobic statement towards your sister, just because who she is attracted to."


   The room became dead silent once again.


"Now that the elephant is out of the room, how was your Summer?"



(Hello everyone that's it for Chapter 11 of this story, I hope you enjoyed it! I had just gotten a Wattpad account where I will create My Hero Academia and more Harry Potter fan fiction. Anyways, I hope that you have a good morning/afternoon/evening and that you stay safe.) 









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