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Memory Roses 

        As he pushed open the front doors of the church, Severus Snape felt a stinging pain in his heart. Lily Evans, his Lily Evans, was going to get married to James Potter, the most arrogant toerag in history. He felt a tear role down his cheek as he thought of the day she had told him. 

      Lily had looked very uncomfortable indeed. She had sat squirming on the couch as Snape looked at her with uncertainty. She had muttered the news first, and when he told her that he couldn't hear her, she had said it loudly and angrily. This had surprised Severus; in his mind, he had done nothing wrong.

      He shook his head at the thought. And with that, he entered the hall in his new dress robes, which were black. Like his heart. At once, Sirius Black came up to him and said, "Well there you go, mate. I told you Lily fancied James more than you." quietly. Severus walked quickly away, hurt more than ever. 

      But then, he heard a bright voice. He looked up. "Sev!" Lily Evans was running toward him, all dignity forgotten. "Sev! Thank you so so so much coming!" she exclaimed. She looked very happy. "About time." Snape said coldly. The smile vanished from her face, and she said, "Sev, I'm really sorry for last time. I shouldn't have gotten so angry like that. Really. I'm sorry." Snape, unable to take it any further, smiled warmly, and patted her shoulder. "It's all right. You were under a lot of stress anyways." he mumbled. They stayed like that for a moment. But then Lily broke the silence by saying, "Oh, erm...I've got to go get the rings, I'll be right back!" 

      Snape took this moment to look around the room, and pocket a rose in a vase. Everyone was so busy talking that nobody noticed. 


It was after the ceremony that Lily got a chance to talk to Severus again. 

  She said, "Well...thanks for coming.." He pulled out the withered rose from his pocket and gave it to her. "Congratulations." he said gently. Lily beamed at him for a moment, and then pulled him into a hug. It was only a moment, but it meant the whole world to Snape. Lily smiled at him and then walked away. Little did she know that this hug would be the last. 

    It was that second.


    Snape felt a binding pain in his left forearm. He glanced at Lily, and then at his arm. Then he disapparated. 

Years later


Severus felt pain. Strong, strong pain. He stepped over James Potter's lifeless body and ran up the stairs, his heart pounding. He burst into Harry Potter's bedroom; and saw Lily Evans lying dead on the floor. No, he thought. No..this is all just a nightmare, its not real..

But no. No matter how many times he said it, it was still real. Snape stood up numbly, and looked out the window. 


 And then he saw it. 


 In the reflection of the glass, he could see that it was the rose from all those years ago, the one he had given her for the wedding. 


He had been wrong. Lily Evans had never forgotten him: Severus Snape. 


Hello readers, thank you for reading my second 1-chapter story. I know its not very good, and thank you for your tolerance. I just want to say that I DONT WANT ANY ROMANCE IN THIS BOOK WHAT SO EVER I DO NOT SHIP ANYONE EXCEPT FOR HARRY AND GINNY XD 

That's all! Again, thanks for reading!<3


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