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(Warning: There will be a slightly bi-phobic comment towards the end of this chapter.)


August 29, 1992 :


"Prim, wake up! Hermione is coming over today." Katniss said as she lightly shook Prim awake.


"Sorry, what'd you say Mum?" Prim asked as she sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes.


"I said that Hermione is coming over today." Katniss repeated. As soon as Prim had processed this, she quickly jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. "Make sure you don't trip!"


"I won-WHOA!" Prim exclaimed. She had made it down most of the staircase without tripping but fell when it came to the last three steps.


   Katniss ran downstairs and saw Prim sitting down on the floor, scratching the back of her neck.


"What did I tell you?" said Katniss helping Prim up to her feet.


"Don't trip." Prim muttered under her breath. "I didn't mean to, I was just excited."


"I know you didn't mean to, you just have to be more careful." Katniss said as she brought Prim in for a hug. "Come on, breakfast is ready."


   Prim walked into the dining room and saw a plate of pancakes, bacon and eggs in each spot at the table. Prim walked over to the fridge and got out milk, ice and creamer to make her coffee. She reached over to a small one ounce cup filled with espresso and poured it into the bottom of her glass. Next came the milk, then the creamer, Prim stirred all of the ingredients and sat down at the table with her iced coffee.


   A bit after breakfast was over, there was a knock at the door. Prim got up, walked to the door and opened it. On the other side was Hermione and both of her parents.


"Hey 'Mione, come in!" said Prim, Hermione waved goodbye to her parents and gave them a hug before they walked back to their car.


   Hermione closed the door and gave Prim a hug before they made their way to the dining room. Hermione greeted Poe and introduced herself to the twin's mum.


"I'm Mrs. Scott, pleased to meet you." Katniss said shaking Hermione's hand.


"Hermione Granger, pleased to meet you as well." Hermione responded.


"I've heard a lot about you, Hermione." said Katniss. Hermione turned to Prim and raised her eyebrows, giving off a look that said 'really'.


"What else was I supposed to do?" said Prim. "Have my mum ask me how my year was and not tell her about my best friend." Hermione playfully rolled her eyes with a grin. Prim started to pick up all of the dirty plates, but her mother protested.


"You two go upstairs or outside, I'll pick this up." said Katniss, Prim nodded.


   Hermione and Prim walked up the first set of stairs and went to the last bedroom on the left. Prim opened the door and the two girls walked in. 


"Wow Prim, your room's pretty big." Hermione commented as she set her bag down on the floor.


   The walls of the room were a dark grey and the floor was made of hardwood that was a dark shade of brown. On the far left side of the room was a large closet that had some hanging space, a dresser and a few pairs of shoes inside. In the center of the room there was a twin sized bed with a navy blue comforter, one white pillow, one grey pillow and a giraffe plushie on top. In the far right side of the room there was a desk with a sewing machine, a letter, parchment, a quill and ink on it. And finally, in the upper right corner of the room there was a yellow and white polka dotted mannequin that had a half-completed skirt on. 


"So, did you bring a bathing suit?" Prim asked.


"Yeah, it's in my overnight bag.” Hermione replied.


   'Wait a minute...overnight bag? She didn't say that she was staying the night, did she?' Prim thought.


"I didn't know that you were spending the night." said Prim.


"If I recall, I said that I'm staying the night in the last letter I sent." 


"Either way, I don't have a problem with that."


"Okay! So, I see you've been sewing." Hermione commented nodding her head in the mannequin's direction.


"Yeah, my Mum's been teaching me. We cleaned the attic the other day and found the mannequin, it has a pretty neat feature."


"Which is..."


"Basically, you say the size you want the mannequin to be and it will adjust to that size."


"So if I said 'large' or 'medium' or whatever other size, it would adjust?"


"Pretty much." 


"Your right, that is pretty neat."


"So......whatcha want to do now?"  Prim asked after a bit of awkward silence.


"Dunno. Truth or dare?"



   Hermione and Prim sat down on the bed. Prim sat up front by the headboard and played with the giraffe plushie, while Hermione sat on the opposing end and sat cross legged.


"Truth or dare Prim?"




"Do you have a crush?"


   Prim could feel a heat rise to her cheeks but before she could say anything there was a knock on the front door. The girls heard the door open, Katniss' voice and the sound of heels clicking on the hardwood floor. The sound of heels clicking got louder and louder by the second and soon enough, there was a knock on the door.


"Come in." Hermione and Prim said in unison.


   The door opened the there stood a woman who looked like she was in her early twenties. She had thick brown hair  that ended halfway down her chest, one blue eye and one green eye like Prim and, olive complexion. She was wearing a pair of black overalls, a crop top, a pair of white boots that had a heel that was 1/2 of an inch tall and a diamond ring on her left ring-finger.


"Becky!" Prim exclaimed as she jumped off of the bed and hugged her in a death grip.


"Hey Mini! I missed you." Becky said as she ruffled up Prim's hair. Hermione sat on the bed looking at the two with a confused look.


"Who's this?" Hermione asked.


"This is Becky, my sister." Prim answered as she looked up and into Becky's eyes.


"You never told me that you had a sister." said Hermione.


"Not tryna be rude but, you had never asked me if I had other siblings." Prim said with a shrug. "Anyways...what are you doing here?"


"Well, it's a long story, one you'll probably find out tomorrow." Becky replied. "So, who's this?" Becky gestured to Hermione.


"I'm Hermione Granger." said Hermione as she shook Becky's hand.


"Rabeka Scott." she replied.


"So Prim, are you gonna answer that question?" Hermione asked, the blush on Prim's checks got even darker.


"What question?" Becky said with a grin.


"If she had a crush or not." Hermione replied giggling.


"I would be interested to know the answer to that as well." said Becky smirking.


"The answer's yes." Prim responded in a tone that was barely audible.


"I'm sorry what was that!?" said Becky putting her hand by her ear,"I couldn't hear you, could you repeat what you just said?" 


"I said yes." Prim said in a now audible tone.


"Who is it?! Who is it?! Who is it?!" Hermione and Becky said in unison as they were jumping up and down.


"Not telling! Not telling! Not telling!" Prim replied crossing her arms over her chest.


"Fine! Where's Poe?" Becky asked.


"Either in his room or outside in the pool." said Prim.


"Okay! I'll leave you two alone now." Becky said before she left Prim's room. 


"Could you explain what happened." Hermione asked.


"That was my older sister Rebeka, or Becky as a nickname. She still lives in England, just a bit far away meaning we don't see her as often. Becky's eleven years older than me and Poe, she works at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Sports and Games. And...that's pretty much all I need to explain." 


"Alright. Well, do you want to go swimming now?" 


"Sure! There's a bathroom to your right walking out of the door." 




   Hermione got off of the bed, grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. Prim walked over to her closet and rummaged through the drawer that contained all of her swimsuits. After about three minutes, she had picked out a plain black one-piece swimsuit. Prim walked over to her desk, took out a hair tie and put her hair up in a messy bun.


   Prim walked out of her room and went downstairs to wait for Hermione, she sat down at the table and saw that there was a note on the fridge. Prim got up and it had said the following : 



     Prim, Poe and or Becky,


                I was just called in to help with a patient, I may not be back for a bit. Becky is going to watch you, Poe (or Prim) and Hermione before your father gets home. Behave yourselves.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mum.' .


   Prim placed the note on the counter and waited for Hermione once again. As Prim waited for a bit, she could feel herself begin to zone out. That is, until she heard footsteps coming from the staircase.


"Are you ready?" Hermione asked, Prim nodded.


   They walked outside and Poe was already in the pool, floating on his back in a 'T' position. While Becky was in the hot tub with a bottle of butterbeer. Hermione went by the stairs and got in, but Prim had another idea. She walked a far distance from the pool and ran as fast as she could before jumping in. 


"Why'd you do that?!" Poe exclaimed as he wiped some of the water from his eyes.


"She's her own spirit, if she wants to jump in the pool like that, then let her." Becky said as she took a sip of butterbeer.


"But she could've gotten hurt." said Poe.


"The likelihood of her getting hurt jumping into the pool is lower than her tripping down the stairs." said Becky, Poe sighed.


   Then the four of them just swam in the pool way longer than they should have. By the time it was time for dinner and they all had to get out, their skin was as shriveled as a raisin. Each of them had changed back into casual clothing and ordered pizza as dinner. Once dinner had ended, they had changed into their pajamas and went to their rooms for the night.


"G'night Prim." Hermione said while laying down on the air matcheras that was at the foot of the bed.


"Night 'Mione." said Prim. She turned off the lamp on her bedside table and drifted away into a dreamless sleep.




"How much do you wanna bet that she's gonna wear a button up?" Hermione asked looking up at Becky.


"A bag of your favorite candy." Becky replied.


"Make that two." said Hermione.


"I like your style kid." Becky said as she shook Hermione's hand, completing the bet.


   Prim unlocked the door to her room and walked out wearing a black button up with pineapples on it, a pair of jeans with her checkered VANS, and her hair was up in a messy bun.


"Change." said Hermione pushing Prim back into her room. Becky closed the door after she walked in.


"What!?" said Prim.


"Look Prim, I love that your being yourself and all, but give the button ups a break just for today. Alright?" said Becky.


"That uh- might not be too easy..." said Prim. She opened her closet and about 40-55% of the hanging space were button ups.


"Hermione, you probably want to wait downstairs. 'Cause this is going to take a while." said Becky as she looked through Prim's closet for another outfit.


   Hermione walked out of the room and waited downstairs with Poe. After going through many outfits, Becky and Prim finally found one that wasn't too fancy nor too casual. They had decided on a floral long sleeve shirt with a bow in the front and a black skirt.  




(All credit goes to the artist that made this)


Only one thing left the shoes. Prim didn't have that many shoes that had either matched the outfit or fit her, that is until Becky had an idea.


”Hold on, I'll be right back.” said Becky.


   Becky walked into her room and got out a pair of shoes from her suitcase. She was supposed to send them to Prim on her actual birthday, but she forgot. Becky walked back into Prim’s room with the shoes and Prim gave her an unsettling look.


”Are you sure that you want me to wear these. I mean they're cute but, do you trust me wearing these?” Prim asked holding up the shoes. And the shoes that Prim was holding up were a pair of Converse but with a twist, they had a heel on them.



”I do trust you. Besides they're charmed so that way you won't fall.” said Becky.


"If you say so..." said Prim. She sat down on her bed and put on the shoes, and Prim felt like she wouldn't be able to take them off.  The shoes they had somehow given her a slight confidence boost.


"Alright! Get your bag now that we're ready." Becky said as Prim got off of the bed and grabbed her satchel.


   They walked downstairs and once Hermione and Poe looked at what Prim was wearing, their jaws dropped to the floor. Prim walked over to the fireplace and took a pinch of floo powder.


"Get in losers we're going shopping!" said Prim. She dropped the floo powder and said,"Diagon Alley!". Emerald green flames engulfed Prim's body and took her to her destination.


"You heard the woman, get in!" said Becky. Poe and Hermione took a pinch of floo powder, stepped in and said 'Diagon Alley'. And Becky had done the same process once the kids had left.




"Alright only a few things left..." said Poe checking off 'Quills and ink' from the checklist.


"What's next?" Prim asked looking over Poe's shoulder and on to the list. "Textbooks."


   Becky, Prim and, Poe walked into Flourish and Blotts. As soon as they had walked into the door, Becky had bumped into a friend of her's and they immediately started to go into a conversation.


"C'mon let's get our stuff, in and out." said Poe as they walked up the stairs and on to the second level.


"You might want to rephrase that statement." said Prim. She had pointed to a boy with gelled back platinum blonde hair that was wearing Slytherin robes. "Damn, he got tall over the Summer.".


The twins heard a chuckle from the boy and he said,"I could say the same to you two as well.". He turned around and it was none other than Draco Malfoy. 


   He had walked up to the twins and gave them each a hug. However it had seemed like Prim's was a bit longer than the one that Draco had given Poe. The two had separated after Poe cleared his throat signaling that they've hugged long enough.


"So how was your Summer Star?" Prim asked as she browsed the shelves for the books that they needed.


"Pretty good, yours?" said Draco.


"Same." the twins answered in unison.


"Are you two going to try out for Quidditch this year?" Draco asked as he flipped through a red book with gold and emerald green accents.


"Yeah, I want to try out for either Seeker or Beater!" Prim replied as she finished picking out all of the books that her and Poe needed.


"I was going to try out for Seeker..." said Draco.


"Well, then let the the best player win." Prim said as she looked into Draco's grey eyes. "I'll go bring these downstairs."


   Prim walked downstairs and saw that Becky was already near the front of the line. She walked over to her sister and took the books out of her hands. 


"I'll pay for these, you and Poe can go wait outside if you'd like." said Becky, Prim nodded. While getting out of line, Prim ran into the Weasley family and Harry. 


"Hey Prim!" said Harry. 


"Hello Harry!" said Prim, Harry gave her a hug and she hugged back. Prim could feel as though she was being watched but ignored it as they were in a crowded bookstore. The sound of paper being torn came from the second floor which was followed by the sound of footsteps.


"Bey ya loved that didn't you Potter! Famous Harry Potter, can't even go to a bookstore without making the front page!" said Draco, Prim rolled her eyes. 


"Leave him alone." said an eleven year old girl with red hair stepping in front of Harry.


"Oh look Potter, you've got yourself a girlfriend." Draco said before a silver snake head had landed on his right shoulder.


"Now now Draco, play nice."a man with long blond hair said as he pushed Draco aside."Mister Potter, Lucius Malfoy.". Harry and Mr.  Malfoy shook hands," Forgive me..." Mr. Malfoy pulled Harry forward and moved his hair out of his face with his cane, revealing his scar. "The scar is legend, just like the wizard who gave it to you."


"Voldemort killed my parents...he was nothing more than a murderer." Harry said as he backed away from Mr. Malfoy.


"You must be very brave to mention his name, or very foolish." said Mr. Malfoy.


"Fear of a name, only increases fear of the thing itself." Hermione shot back. 'Yes! Roast his ass 'Mione!' Prim thought.


"And you must be...Miss Granger," said Mr. Malfoy," yes Draco's told me a lot about you and your parents. Muggles, are they?"


"Okay here are your books." Becky said as she gave Prim the bag filled with her and Poe's textbooks.


"Hello...Rebeka." said Mr. Malfoy, Becky sighed.


"Hello Lucius." she said giving him a death glare with her heterochromic eyes.


"Coincidence seeing you here. Seeing you here wearing a flag with such meaning, honestly its inappropriate and I'm glad to hear that you picked a side." Mr. Malfoy said looking at Becky's pink, purple and blue pin.


"As an independent individual, she can wear anything she wants in public as long as it's appropriate. And not to be rude Mister Malfoy, but last time I checked a pin that represents bisexuality is not inappropriate." said Prim. After she had said this, she could've swarn that Draco had given her the thumbs up behind Mr. Malfoy's back. "Also just because she has a partner that identifies as a gender that she's attracted to, doesn't mean she's 'picked a side'. She's still attracted to both sexes."


"Tall, heterochromic eyes, brown hair and hot-headed. You must be...Primrose Scott" said Mr. Malfoy. "Now let me see red hair, vacant expressions, tatty second hand books, you must be the Weasleys." 


"Children, I think we should get going." said Mr. Weasley.


"Well, well, well, Weasley Senior." said Mr. Malfoy.


"Lucius..." said Mister Weasley.


"Busy time at the Ministry, all those extra raids, I really do hope they're paying you overtime. But by judging the state of these books, I'd say not..."


   That one single comment had changed the atmosphere completely. It had went from an average mid-day conversation to extremely hostile. Mr. Weasley lunged at Mr. Malfoy, pinning him to one of the bookcases. Not much could've been seen from where the twins were standing. A few punches and slaps were thrown with the occasional hair pull. However after about a few minutes, Hagrid had come in and broke up the fight.


   The twins had said goodbye to all of their friends and left Flourish and Blots. But if there was one thing that they had learned during this visit to Flourish and Blots, it's that Karma is a bitch.



(AN: Hello everyone! That's it for Chapter 10, I hope that you enjoyed it! I'm working on my Dramione story next, so I might not update for a bit. Thank you all so much for 200 views!  Also, I hope that you have a good morning/afternoon/night and that you stay safe.)


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