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-Draco’s p.o.v-


   Poe, Pansy and I were about to walk into the Great Hall for breakfast. I was starting to get worried as I hadn't seen Flower in the Common Room. As we were about to walk into the Great Hall we were stopped by Professor Snape.


”You three, Professor Dumbledore wants you all to go to the Hospital Wing.” said Professor Snape. 


”But Professor why-?” I was about to ask why he needed us there but Professor Snape had already left and was halfway down one of the other corridors.


”I guess we have to go then.” said Poe. He made his way in front of me and Pansy and started to walk. ”Aren’t you two coming, this could be serious?”. Poe said turning around, Pansy shrugged her shoulders before we caught up with Poe.


   We had made our way through several corridors and staircases just to get to the Hospital Wing as soon as we could. Once we finally, and I mean finally got there, I saw something that I did not want to see. Primrose was laying down in one of the hospital beds, eyes closed with a bandage on her left leg with Granger sitting next to her. She had promised that she would be safe, but knowing her I would guess that she had tried as best as she could. 


"Hermione what-?" Poe was cut off before he could finish by Granger raising her hand for silence.


"I'll explain it to you outside." said Granger. She got up from her seat and brought Poe outside of the Hospital Wing.


   I got another chair and set it next to the one that was already there. Pansy and I sat down and observed our surroundings. On the nightstand there was a bottle of medicine that would heal wounds quicker than they would naturally. Next to the bottle there was a piece of cloth that was soaking wet, and I could only assume that was the bandage originally covering her wound. Prim's shirt only had one sleeve. I put two and two together and by the looks of it, she cut off one of her sleeves and used it as a bandage.


   I looked down to Prim's wounded leg and saw it move just a bit. Suddenly, I saw it move a few inches and heard a wince.


"Don't move, it's only going to make the pain worse." said a voice Pansy and I turn around to see Madam Pomfrey.


”Will she be okay?” I asked.


”Of course she will be, she should be out by either today or tomorrow.” said Madam Pomfrey. ”Miss Scott, I need you to sit up.”


   Prim did as she was told and Madam Pomfrey gave her a one-ounce cup of medicine. She quickly shot it back as though it were alcohol and swallowed it. I could see her eyes watering and a tear was about to form in the corner of her eyes. But once it fell it wasn't clear like it should be, instead it was blood red. I recognised it from the side effects Prim got, an infusion of dragon's blood and a few magical herbs. 


"Is it supposed to be like that?" Pansy asked.


"Yes, it's somehow supposed to help the wound on her left leg." said Madam Pomfrey before she walked off to assist another patient.


"Did it hurt?" I ask making sure it didn't hurt her that bad when she took the medicine.


"Did what hurt?" Prim asks.


"You know, crying blood." I respond.


"Oh...I mean a little. Just burns a bit and it irritates my eyes." said Prim.


"Okay. So now since you've done the greater good, can you tell me what you went out for last night?" I ask.


"Yeah, and I would like to know how you got hurt so bad." said Pansy nodding her head, Prim sighed.


"Get comfortable, 'cause this is going to take a while." she said.




-third person p.o.v-



"So basically someone tried to steal a stone that would make them immortal, but you, Granger, Potter and Weasley stopped them." said Pansy.


"Yup, pretty much." said Prim.


"Okay...but you still didn't explain how you got hurt." said Poe pointing to Prim's leg.


"Well...Ron sacrificed himself at one point, I went to help him but tripped on the way. When I got up I had that wound you see now, I helped him, ran out of bandages and used my sleeve as an emergency bandage." Prim explained.


"Why did you help Weasley before yourself?" Draco asked, Prim shrugged her shoulders.


"I don't really know, instinct maybe. I don't even know the guy that well." she said, Madam Pomfrey walked over to Prim's bed.


"Good news after two or three more doses of medicine and a healing spell, your free to go!" said Madam Pomfrey.


"Okay, that's great!" said Prim.


   Madam Pomfrey gave Prim another dose of medicine, she shot it back, tears of blood fell from her eyes and down her cheeks. The process was repeated once again and Madam Pomfrey had said a healing spell that no one in the group could understand. Madam Pomfrey took off the bandage and the tan skin there that was once bloody was now back to normal.


"Alright you better be off now, breakfast is halfway through by now." said Madam Pomfrey, Prim nodded and hopped out of bed.


   Poe, Pansy, Draco and Prim walked out of the Hospital Wing and made their way to the Great Hall. Once they got there, they took their normal seats at the Slytherin table. Prim was on Draco's left, Poe on his right and Pansy was on Poe's right. A note flew on to Poe's goblet, he looked around the room in search for any owls, none were to be found.


"That's strange..." he commented.


"What's strange?" Prim asks looking over to where Poe was sitting.


"A note flew on to my goblet and there's no owl in sight." Poe responds.


"Oh that? It could just be 'Mione, she sends notes across the Hall to me every once in a while. They can get a bit off track sometimes."


"Okay." said Poe passing the note to Prim.


   ' Dear 



                    Meet me by our spot after breakfast, bring your brother with you. I want to talk to you two for a few minutes.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                   'Mione.    '


   Prim put the note in her pocket and looked across the Hall at the Gryffindor Table where Hermione was waiting for her reaction. Prim smiled and gave her the thumbs up, Hermione nodded and continued eating her breakfast.




"For the fifth time Prim, where are you taking me?" Poe asked as he and Prim were walking towards the Black Lake.


"Hermione wants to talk to us for a bit, that's all." Prim responded.


   The twins walked to a tree that Hermione was standing by that had an 'X' engraved into the bark of the tree.


"So you are probably wondering why I had asked you two to come down here." said Hermione.


"Kind of..." the twins said in unison.


"Well the summer holiday is a bit long and I'm going to miss you two, so I was wondering what your address was." Hermione explained handing Poe a piece of parchment and a quill. Poe wrote down their address and handed the piece of parchment back to Hermione, and in return she gave Prim a piece of parchment with her address on it. "I'm really going to miss you two."


"So are we. And if your parents ever let you come over, bring a swimsuit and a towel." said Prim.


"Okay!" said Hermione. She walked a little closer towards the twins and pulled them into a hug. "I'll see you guys later."


" 'Kay, bye 'Mione." said the twins waving goodbye, she waved back.


   And then, the three went their separate ways. Hermione had herbology and the twins had a free period. 




   As the last few weeks of school went on, the students workloads became smaller and smaller. The spring breeze had become a summer's heat. Today was the day that most have been waiting for and others dreading, today was the last day of school. And now, everyone was in the Great Hall for the end-of-the-year-feast. Where food would be given, as well as departures from students and teachers alike, and most importantly to the students the House Cup.


   Dumbledore tapped his spoon on his goblet three times to get everyone's attention. Everyone in the Great Hall became silent and looked up to the staff table where Dumbledore was sitting.


”Thank you, ” said Dumbledore, ” now I will announce the winner of this year's House Cup. In fourth place we have Gryffindor with three hundred and twelve points.”. Most of the Gryffindors clapped their hands. ”Third place, Hufflepuff with three hundred fifty-two points.”. The Hufflepuffs, Slytherins, and Ravenclaws clapped their hands. ”In second place, Ravenclaw with four hundred twenty-six points.”. Everyone clapped their hands. ”And in first place with four hundred seventy-two points, Slytherin.”. Everyone except most of the Gryffindors clapped their hands.


”Yes, yes, well done Slytherin, well done. However, recent events must be taken into account and I have a few last-minute points to award. First goes to Miss Primrose Scott, for putting other’s needs before her own in very dangerous situations. I award Slytherin house ten points. Second goes to Miss Hermione Granger, for the cool use of intellect while others were in grave peril, fifty points. Third goes to Mister Ronald Weasley, for the best game of chess that Hogwarts has ever seen these many years, fifty points. And fourth goes to Mister Harry Potter for pure love and outstanding career, I award Gryffindor House sixty points.” 


”We’re tied with Gryffindor.” Poe whispered to Pansy.


”And last but not least, ” Dumbledore began, ”  I award ten points to Neville Longbottom because it takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies but a great deal more to stand up to your friends. Now if my calculations are correct, ” Dumbledore clapped his hands and half of the banners in the room were emerald green and silver and the other maroon and gold, ” Slytherin and  Gryffindor win the House Cup.”


   The room burst into murmurs and whispers, from what everyone knew of no competition for the House Cup ended in a tie. Four hundred eighty-two - Slytherin, four hundred eighty-two - Gryffindor. Everyone threw their black hats into the air and both Houses cheered in victory. 


   Once the feast was over, everyone packed their trunks and headed to Hogsmeade Station. The twins, Pansy, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle and Blaise shared a compartment. Blaise was reading, Crabbe and Goyle were eating as usual, and everyone else was talking.


"Promise you will write to me over the holiday." said Pansy


"You'll probably get a letter a few times a week." said Prim.


"I know that you two," Draco said pointing to the twins," will get a good few letters."


"And I could say the same about you." Prim commented.


"So, do you guys have any plans over the Holidays?" Pansy asked.


"Well, our family doesn't really have anything planned." said Poe.


"Same." Pansy and Draco replied in unison.


   Prim looked out of the window plugged in and put on her headphones and started to listen to 80's music. As the song 'Let It Be' by The Beatles came on, she started getting sleepy and eventually fell asleep looking at the countryside. Poe looked to where his sister was sitting and took off her headphones for her. He put her Walkman in her bag and returned back to the conversation he was having with Pansy and Draco.


   Eventually, the train had come to a stop and everyone was saying their departures to all of their friends. However, this was harder for Prim as she was really going to miss everybody. 


"Hope you have a good Summer." said Hermione.


"Same to you." Prim responded, she got closer to Hermione and hugged her so tight that she slightly lifted her off of the ground.


   The twins said their goodbyes to all of their friends until one remained, and that one friend was Draco.


"See you in two months." said Poe.


"See you in two months." said Draco, they hugged for a good few seconds. Then Draco moved on to Prim.


"I guess this is it for now." said Prim.


"Yeah, I guess it is. Promise you'll write back." Draco said giving Prim his pinky finger.


"I promise, and I'll try to encourage Poe to write as much as he can." Prim responded wrapping her pinky finger around Draco's. 


"Prim, Mum and Dad are here." said Poe. Prim unwrapped her pinky finger and the twins waved goodbye to Draco as they left Platform 9 3/4 with their parents.


(AN : That is it for Chapter 8 everyone! I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions or comments feel free to comment on them. Also, happy birthday Draco Malfoy! I'm working on my Draco/Hermione fic next. P.S.- The story is just beginning.)





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